Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Four in One!

Had a blast these few days. I am at JB now and I will be spending a week here. Yes, there is connection here! LOL!

On Friday, I organize a LITTLE farewell party for the three musketeers from HELP. They are none other than Adeline, Ban Hong and Zi Ning. They are leaving for States today. Like what they say; friends come and go, like it or not. Well it is sad to have to part but we are pursuing our degree and hopefully one day we will meet up and have a Psyc grad par-tay! LOL! OK back to the topic, we had a steamboat party. It was a blast, well at least for me. Not so much for Ban Hong I guess. She was about to go home when she couldn't find my place. Even worst, her car died right in front of the security check point! She was driving a Vios and it was a very hi-tech vehicle. Too complicated if you ask me. Anyway the guards helped us push her car to the side and we went up to have our very delayed dinner. We had a fish ball feast due to miscommunication and we ended up eating fish ball like rice! After dinner, typically next will be fruits. We had Apples, Pears and Grapes. We took hours slicing the apples and pears as my friends were amused by the apple slicer I bought from Australia. It cuts apples and any other fruits like apples into symmetrical pieces in two steps; 1) Position apple, 2) Apply pressure (lots). Instead of eating the fruits, they had few minutes of fame by being photographed by...No not Nigel Barker but Ching Yee and Rachel Puan! How cool is that...ROFL! Then after fruits, we had to deal with Ban Hong's car. My mum got a jumper (no, not the apparel) from her car and we used Zi's car to help start Ban's car. She was glad it was over and she was able to go home. G8 day! Owh yea, my bro has been harassing me and I have heard this, "So bad la you! I help you wash the squid till the ink stain my arm also I didn't realize and you didn't even leave a squid for me!" quite a number of times. Yes, of coz I feel bad but it was difficult for me to save some for him as it was a farewell party for me and my friends. Anyway, it is the past...

On Saturday, I drove under the influence of alcohol alone!!! Yes it might not seem to be a big deal but it is. My mum will blow my head off (yes, literally)! Well it was my high school friend, Su Yee's 19th birthday! Since I shifted away from Wangsa Maju, we decided to meet up at Hartamas. We went to Modestos Bar at Plaza Damas and it was spooky! The crowd was not there. We had a blast though. I didn't want to take alcohol as I had to drive home so I ordered a Strawberry milkshake. The waiter told me there was no milk to shake. LOL I'm kidding, he told me they don't have it. So he suggested me to take cocktails and I told him I was driving. After flipping the pages of the four paged menu, I decided to get a cocktail. So I ordered Margarita Lime which according to him, contained the least alcohol in it. Most of my friends drank beer and only two were off alcohol. Kiah is allergy to alcohol so she took juice and Grace took lime juice because...she's just innocent =p We got poker cards from the counter and we played 'Tortoise' a "thrilling" game. The 'tortoise' had to do stuff we created. The first 'tortoise' had to down a combination of chilly sauce, soy sauce, fried anchovy, french fries and chilly padi. Yum Yum. He did down it! Salute (felt guilty because I made it)! The second 'tortoise' had to lift the birthday girl off the ground for few seconds. He did it too. We had some snap shots taken =p Then it was time for the cake where the birthday girl was being played where she had to take out the candles (which we pushed in the cake) with the mouth and she had a whipped cream facial courtesy of the guys. LOL! I was feeling a little woozy when I drove home but I made it! =p

The bodyguards...LOL
Group pic. The ladies~
The gents and Bday gal. The cake...
The beers... My drink and Nick's =)

*NOTE: Pics taken from Grace's blog.

Sunday, my dad came back from JB with a lorry to bring some of the furniture from the old house to JB. We had a yummy buffet at Dorsett Regency. I can't remember how many raw oysters I ate! It might be yucky for some people but I love it! I ate alot! I took some pictures but I don't have the cable with me now so maybe I'll upload next time.

Today, my @$$ hurts like hell! Sat in a medium sized lorry all the way to JB. My brother came along too! IMAGINE! Three people sitting at the front for a quite long distance ride! Usually by car or bus, it takes only 4 hours. Due to a lot of complications with the things flapping around in the lorry and also light drizzle, it took us 6 hours! There was a sofa (cloth type) involved and we did not have the thick canvas cloth that you can see most of the lorries have. Having that will be very useful! We stopped a lot at rest houses and also on the emergency lane of the highway to check on the things and to make sure the sofa is covered. Now that I am here, I am very sleepy! Took a nap just after dinner and now...I am wide awake... blogging...Hmm...

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Lately I am making 20-30mins journey to my old house to get stuff shifted over to my new house. Then I need to go back to the new house and it takes another 20-30mins. Then most of the time I am packing either at my old house or the new one. Tough time! LOL! Never thought it would be that difficult. I realize that I have spend most of the time going to IKEA too! I used to dislike going to that side because it was quite far from my house. Now I guess it was nearer and also due to the fact that I wasn't the one driving =p The huge items were shifted in to the new house on Sunday and now the new condo is very messy. The living room is still filled with boxes of stuff. My room looks 'Semak' according to my mum and my bro say my room 'look like some disco club'. Hmm...I guess as long as I like it, it is fine! =)

The condo has got no phone line yet which is no surprise why my bro can't wait to go back to the old house to "get stuff". LOL! Yes, that also means that I could not online!!!! Which explains my MIA lately. I'm again in Starbucks using the connection. With me is a cup of Frappucino Raspberry. Owh right before coming in here, me and my mum bought this thing called the Crystal Soil. It is so cute! It is basically tiny balls of jelly-like stuff in a packet. Then you have to soak it in water for 8hours and the balls expand around ten times its size. Then you just pour the balls in a vase and stick the plant in. You don't have to water the plant because the jelly-soil will release the water slowly. How cool is that!!! I know it is out for long but I didn't bother to know =p Also, it comes in different colors!!! LOL! Pretty!

(Slurping some Raspberry Frapp) I realize I have not exercise my brain lately...I mean educationally. So I grab a book out of the many books that I bought and did not have the mood/time/energy to read. It was by Sidney Sheldon-Nothing Lasts Forever. It is an interesting book. It took some of my 'packing time' which is not good but I am glad I am reading it. My mum offered me RM10 to pack her closet! LOL! Yes, I will do it just need to find the time to do it. It's my specialty =p

Days passing by and I am going to UK soon. Can't wait to go but can't say that I couldn't wait to leave. There will be many things I will be missing and food is one of them. The variety here is too many till you just don't know what to eat sometimes. Well I just hope I won't be homesick and miss 20+ of my soft toys and my porcelain dolls! (Yes I am very feminine, TQ) =p

*PS: Will update when I can...

Friday, 20 July 2007

For the times I went missing...

Wow it's been like forever!!! Yes, it is because I'm very busy and I was sick. I am feeling better now...only use up 3-5 tissues per day (it's an improvement). For the first time, I cured (kinda) depending entirely on my own anti-body. How cool is that, preparing for the worst in UK I guess...LOL! These few days I spent most of my day over at the condo and only get back home to sleep. Contractors are suckies...well at least for the one we had. You just have to poke them in the back to make sure they are doing their work. Ok this is totally out of topic but I like the contractor's eyelashes! They are soooo long! Sometimes people have really long eyelashes that make you want to have them (I meant the eyelashes)! Anyway, the progress is fine but there are minor things like touch ups and stuff. Can't wait to have the first night in my room! I went try out the pool the other day (yes, when I was still sick) with my bro and his friend. It was awesome! I think the last time I went in a pool was when I am in Form4...that's like years ago! My bro, even worst...his last time was in primary I think..LOL! He's got the kick now and he ask me to go on a daily basis...LOL! Instead of swimming, it's more like...playing water! LOL!

One of my college mate has left to Australia and I couldn't make it for her farewell...Sorry Rachel Mooi! Wish you the best of luck in Aussie! XOXO! One of my high school friend is also going back to Aussie to continue her next semester. Good Luck Pri-La-La (It's a nickname)!

I have to bid farewell to my lovely rabbit soon. I wish I could keep her but my mum says "Who is going to clean her sh*t???"....and I put on my pout-y face...LOL! Yes I will definitely miss my dear Smokey! She's the longest living rabbit I ever owned and she is furry, fluffy, and too adorable to be called a pet! She's like my small sister!!! Her actions always make the thunderstorm go and rainbow come! When you call her, she'll run to you real fast and she can't stop in time (tiles-slippery) and she 'crash' into your legs...how cute is that?!? The feeling of loosing her is like loosing a sister...yes I don't have one but I guess the feeling is similar. Grace, if you're reading this, take good care of her OK?!? I will visit her next year when I'm back. If she's still alive when I'm back for good, can I have her back? I hope she is...I will miss her loads! Actually when I first bought her, she was completely black. Now she somehow have grey fur with brown highlights (I did not dye her fur!!!) and her paws are still white in color (super cute)! Only one word to express my feelings now....SOBZ!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Bought the peep-toe pumps!!!

Today was a tiring day. Went out early in the morning to have breakfast at...a mamak! Yea...out of so many place...LOL! We didn't have any choice because we had to wait for an electrical shop to open to get a water heater and it wasn't opened yet. So the only restaurant that was open was the mamak. Then we went to IKEA to get my mum's bed and most of my brother's stuff and VERY little of my stuff. As I would be leaving soon, I wasn't allowed to get a study table. SAD! I don't even have a dressing table! It was due to the space too. So I had a very unique room with a extremely small 'shelf' as my dressing table. I bought a pretty mirror from IKEA. It was love at first sight! LOL! I bought lots of things and I don't think I'm going to list it all. To keep it short, I think my room is going to look great (for me at least =p)! So if I'm having a house warming and IF you're invited, please come! LOL!

Owh yea...talking about love at first sight, I finally bought the shoe!!! I know there is a Vincci at IKANO so I kinda bug my mother to go there a while. I'm talking about the black peep-toe pump with silver details which I mentioned in a post few days ago. They have my size so I bought it =p but I used my own money =( LOL! Usually my mum pays for my shoes but because of the new condo, she stopped buying clothes and shoes. Well not really, she just bought a pair of red heels at Vincci the other day!!! Humph! Anyway, I bought the pumps which was still expensive (so not me) even after 10% off!!! I love it too much to let it go =p

So after that we went off to the condo to drop off the stuff for the contractor to fix. Later then we went to my mum's girlfriend's petrol station (Shell) to get empty boxes...LOL! We need a lot! Then we went yam cha with her at Kopitiam and chit chat till it was time for my mum's appointment at Puchong! So we went to the fella's house and they chit chat for some hours while me and my bro just sat in front of the TV watching Alias. We got tired of the TV and we walked out to the pool side so that my mum get the hint that "WE WANT TO LEAVE!!!" LOL! After some minutes of being irritated by mosquitoes, she finally came out. We then went to...Sri Petaling I think, to have our dinner. That was 10.10pm. Officially a record, my first time having my dinner 4 hours later than my usual time. We went to Secret Recipe =) I ate Prawn Macaroni with Cheese!!! YUM YUM! I was half dead by then and I have used up 2 packets of tissue for the day just for my flu. Like I have not enough going on, I was given constant and unconditional lectures from my mum asking me to eat more! HELLO!!! (*nudge nudge*) Which part of "I am sick so I don't feel like eating much" that she don't understand? Sheesh! Coincidentally my ex called me when I was having lunch and another time when I was having dinner. So he say "You better stop stuffing yourself"...wait till my mum hears that! LOL!

For the first half of the day tomorrow, we will be packing some of the stuffs and my mum will be washing all the shoes so that it could be brought over to the condo. LOL! Considering the amount of shoes, it is going to be fun watching...ROFL! Well I have to pack my room too. The second half of the day we will have to bring over some of the small things to the condo and we will be cleaning it up too. Another long day planned out...hopefully I will feel better tomorrow =)

Thursday, 12 July 2007


I am still sick but felt better than yesterday...I think I used up 2/3 of the tissues in a 150 sheet box. The skin on my nose is even peeling. Ya...eww...I know! Anyway something to be happy about today!!! I went to see my house and it is finally finishing up! My wardrobe and bed is finally done with a smooth and shiny polish =p They got my cute lantern lamp up too! Can't wait to move in!!! Actually I think it would be ready by next week but we still haven't pack the stuff from our old house...LOL! We just have too much junk...LOL!

I am feeling hungry...just ate rice porridge for lunch...going to eat dinner now...LOL!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Cocktail combination?!?!?

I AM SICK!!! So sad! A beautiful cocktail combination of sore throat, cough, fever and flu! Some virus! I hope I will get better real soon because the running nose is making me look like Rudolf and people must think I'm mute for keeping my mouth shut when a question is thrown at me. This has also been keeping me way slow in packing my stuff and it is not good!

I went to check up on my house again and I finally get to see my wardrobe and 'bed' fixed in. It was nice but my mum say the color of the woodwork look like there was moles growing in them!?! WTH?!?! No!!! It looks fine to me! LOL! Anyway I was quite disappointed with the space organization. After putting in the woodwork, the only empty space for me to move around is half of my balcony space! It's either we have a big balcony or I have a small room! I haven't even put in my study table! Forget about having a dressing table! SOBZ! Anyway I wouldn't be staying in the room for long so I guess it is alright.

I have started packing some of my clothes to bring over to UK. I emptied 2/3 of my closet to the luggage bag! LOL! I still have to narrow down the number of foot ware I am planning to bring over. It will be hard! LOL Owh I went Vincci that day and I saw this really pretty pumps! I wanted to get it but they don't have my size =( SAD! It was black with silver details...it was SO PRETTY! OK...I should now go and blow off the mucus that has been sitting in my nostrils since beginning of this post! LOL!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Night out at Laundry Bar...

Yesterday night was a blast. Met up with Ching, Rach, FM, Chin Wah and Jas at The Curve. We were supposed to meet up at Laundry Bar but some of us have not taken dinner so FM, Rach and Jas had pancakes for dinner! Then we did a little shopping around (what is a girls night out without shopping?!?) and we ended up in Vincci (Guys, FYI: Vincci=footwear shop). We were all walking around looking for something that might suit our taste. Then I heard FM call me...and she slipped a cutesy ribbon heel and ask me "Mel, nice arr?" and I gave some suggestions on the color and within split seconds she replied, "OK I buy!". Me and Rach was like " Owh Kay...That was FAST!" LOL! Ching was STILL walking around looking for hers. Then Chin Wah and Jas joined us. Chin Wah bought a pair too! Then Ching dump us as according to her, she need some "privacy for shoe shopping"...*SWT*. Yes, and she bought a pair of heels. LOL! (Read her blog for more details on her walking-in-heels experience)

All of us finally head to Laundry Bar to hang out. We took almost 20mins to decide what we wanted to order and we asked two waiters to give suggestions on mild cocktails! LOL! I ordered a 'West Indiana Yellowbird', Ching ordered 'Sunrise', Chin Wah ordered 'Madras' and I can't remember what FM and Rach ordered. We tried each other's drink and I think mine was the strongest! After a few sips I'm already red! Thanks to the rum! LOL! Anyway we were busy screaming (as there was a speaker facing towards us) and cam-whoring and I think the next table was kinda pissed with the flash! LOL! I had to finish up my drink as my mum was already on her way to pick me up. I shouldn't have done that! Bad choice! Luckily I was still able to walk in my 3 1/2 inch stilettos to the car. The journey home was horrible! I can hear my mother mumbling and my heart feels like it is about to blow out from my chest! I spend an hour turning around before I fall asleep!

Today I was fine! Luckily! Have a bad sore throat due to the alcohol last night. Woke up early to check up on my house (Again) and there were some progress. Went to a Kenduri lunch at my mum's friend's daughter wedding and then went back to my condo. Had a few things done there and now I am at home blogging while my brother is in the shower! LOL! Time for me to cook my dinner...might or might not update tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Yesterday and today...


Finals are finally over! LOL! Actually it was over since yesterday! Then I went meet up with my mum and her close friend. We went shopping around Plaza Damas and had drinks and did lots of chatting from floods to not-so-intelligent maids. Then we went to my new house to check on the progress. It was...Slooowww...! Then the contractor get some of my mum's 'finest lectures' and today there was major progress! LOL! Sometimes they just need a little push. The walls were painted except my room because it was too confusing for the worker to understand that I want a two tone colored room. Yes, I am being fussy about it but...IT IS MY ROOM! LOL!

Yesterday night I watched the tribute concert for Princess Diana's 10th Anniversary. It was almost 7hours in length! I only managed to get home to watched the last 5hours. It was a blast! I think it was even more grand than the Oscars or whatever award show. Prince William was and is still cute (*Blush Blush*)! I think they need to take public speaking class though...the were reading from cards and it is not that impressive for such and important icon (kinda...lol). Other than that, it was fun! I forced my eyes to open till 2am where the finale was finally in sight but it was kinda ruined! It was....Elton John! No offence to all Elton fans but he kind of got old or something and he didn't even sing Candle in the wind! WHY?!?!?! Anyway I went to bed after that. =p

Today I woke up early to do a general check up to prepare myself for UK but I was told that it was too early to get my body checked up! *SWT* So I went 'toilet-bowl-cover hunting' with my mum. We also did some 'Mel's room curtain hunting' and we went to Bangsar, then Ampang Park, then Petaling Street, then Hartamas and finally in Jalan Ipoh. We got some of the stuff we wanted to buy but I did not manage to "kill" the 'Mel's room curtain'. Sad...I think I will end up making it myself! LoL! Owh before that...I went shopping yesterday at Hartamas and I bought a lovely top!!! It was fantabulous! Me and my mum spent 2+hours there trying on almost all the clothes they have in the boutique. Such coincidence that there were no other customers there so we had all the attention =p It's a Korean Boutique called 'Mine Boutique' and my mum know the boss so we kinda get good prices =)

Probably all this intense shopping is to shift my attention away from missing 'the college days'. There is no doubt that I will miss the times there with my friends. Now I will be busy packing my stuff for new house and UK. I have no idea why I actually enquired for a job! It's the money issue =p I might or might not be working at Star Hill Gallery. Depends on the pay...Bwahahaha! Ok this post is getting too lengthy...I am going to stop here for now. Owh some pretty pics to feast on...Theme: "Final day in HUC!". Enjoy... =)

*PS: Next time la...can't upload...didn't work...LOL!