Saturday, 25 July 2009

5 Days in Paris

I'm back from Paris! Yes, it's been a loooooooong week! Honestly, five days in Paris is too long! It was really too much to the fact that I almost kissed the ground upon arrival at St Pancras International Rail Station in London! I guess this shows how much one can feel disturbed by when not in their comfort zone. Worst of all, EVERYTHING is in FRENCH!
The people are a little reflective of the stereotype label given to them. Not going to mention what but am sure most of you know =) However, it is cute seeing other ethnic groups speaking French...especially Chinese and Africans. It is so cute! Anyway I took loads of pictures and most of it would be on FB. Just randomly uploaded a few here. Click on to view the rest.
First meal. BREAD!
And pretty much the rest of the meals were breadful =.=
Interior of a shopping mall, La Fayette.
Republique statue
The Seine River
Part of it
The 'hiao' pose. It was spontaneous k, wasn't on purpose!
Mummy and me!
Mum on the Batobus, a shuttle boat along the Seine River.
Me on the Batobus.
Some random building with really nice architecture.
THE pyramid!
The famous glass pyramid at the Lourve
Some random arch =p
Paris eye, joking! LOL! Just a fun-fare thing.
Eiffel Tower!
Notre Dame! LOVE it!
Me and mum at Notre Dame.
When the lights lit, beautiful! When the lights blinks, FANTASTIC! I recorded a short video of the Eiffel Tower when the lights were blinking, it was really nice! I didn't know it was that beautiful =)
When the lights were not blinking anymore. Still beautiful.
Moulin Rouge!
The arch that made me stomp my feet till my mum had to go with me just to take a picture of it =p She was tired and I made hell a lot of noise and insisted that I MUST go there! LOL! It was getting late and it was quite a walk so she said 'Forget it!' I literally stomp my feet and moan like a baby!!! LOL! We went the next day =p and she said 'Wahhh so pretty!!!'. See, listen to your child! LOL!
Then we went to Eiffel Tower =)
The RER (railway station)
I stomped a little to get to this place too! LOL! My mum was like 'Nah, there...your massive Statue of Liberty' =.= I know la I haven't got the chance to see the massive one in US, I will! LOL! For the mean time, I'll be proud of the tiny one I saw =p it wasn't THAT tiny anyway! LOL!
This is...Luxembourg Palace! Pretty! Great weather too..for pictures that is. Other than that, it is humid and HOT! Hotter than Malaysia, mind you! Got sticky within 10minutes outside!
In the Lourve museum where I got my entree for free (student) and my mum had to pay =p All because of Monalisa! I wanted to see her!!! Then we stumble on this masterpiece. Men looking curiously at their curled up penis after a one night stand. LOL! Kidding. I hav no idea of the history behind it...the description was in French!
The famous pyramid. It's really huge!
The interior of one section of the museum.
My Monalisa!!!!
The massive paintings in the museum. Venus de Milo! The goddess of love!
Eros and Psyche
Some random chair. Ignore the Adidas paper bag. It was really a cheap deal to ignore =p Bought another pair of trainers. LOL! It was REALLY cheap! (I think I have about 32 pairs of shoes now...woooot!)
After three days in Paris going around, "up and down and up and down" (Wong, 2009), we pretty much went to most of the tourist attractions. Hence, we decided to go Disneyland! Woooooot! My first ever Disneyland trip! *contented* With a chipmunk!
With Lilo! Didn't get Stich! It was proper active! No one managed to take a picture with it! It kept running around, fiddling with people's stuff (like hat and stuff).
In Disneyland
With Mickey! We had to queue a long queue just for this shot! And I got a memory of it for quite some time...from the sun burn on my back and face! To make it worst, I was wearing sun now my face look like I hav goggles on! %$#&^*(@!#%
The High School Musical performance. I stood there under the HOT GLARING SUN just to take a shot of the Zac...he really looked like Zac Effron! And yes, that certainly contributed to my hidious tan lines!
The Vanessa Hudgens is a little too fair, complexion wise. She could use a tan!
Hollywood Tower Hotel!
Mickey's face! They're flowers! Empress chair. LOL!
Pirates of the Carribean
I looked happy in the Vampire thing =.=
The guy is cute. LOL! He dusted his shoulders and said, 'Oh my gawd!' because I put my hands on his shoulder!
The dark clouds waiting to pour down!
I certainly did =) The train that arrives directly at Disneyland, Paris...Gare De Marne La Vallee Chessy (on the RER line). How the hell do you pronounce 'Ankunft'?!?!?!? It is like a combination of the words 'angkut' and 'fart'!
Time to say goodbye =(
We arrived at Gare Du Nord (the train station) TWO hours earlier and sat there looking at people walking pass =p till 20minutes to departure time (mind you, they are on-the-dot punctual), we realized they didn't annouce the gate number. I saw a few people inserting their tickets in some yellow machine so I was wondering what was that. So I asked my mum to ask an attendant there. He said we have to CHECK IN UPSTAIRS! WTFSWEETANDSOURSAUCE!!!
We RAN up the escalator and showed our tickets to the ladies and they were so calm when our train is about to depart in 15minutes! Queued about 10minutes for the passport control and the Imigration officer still had time to ask if I am messing around with people's minds because now I have a degree in Psychology =.= We cut queue for the bag scanning thing! Mum was stuffing all the luggages and the security guy was like 'Opp opp! Wait wait!' LOL! We took our bags as soon it came out and RAN like those illegal stalls in Petaling Street runing away from the Bandaraya. That was not a joke! I've never ran like that before! SO the malu!
We reached the boarding counter sharp at our departure time and the dude said, 'Oh...this train is about to depart. You won't make it in time' TNMCH! I was SUPER pissed! I raised my voice at the counter (which I shouldn't have) saying that we arrived two hours earlier sitting downstairs waiting for the announcement but there wasn't any! Seriously, that was nonsense! There wasn't ANY sign saying that we have to check in upstairs. PFBT! They gave us the next train back anyway...for free. So we had to wait another 30minutes for the next train. Glad I am back in London! So is mum. LOL! In the Eurostar train. All smiles...just 20minutes left to St Pancras.
All in all, it was fun. Got a fantabulous tan at weird obvious places! Please do not talk about it when you see me/it. I will hate you! LOL!