Monday, 30 November 2009

Lil updates =)

AmCorp Mall is having a book fair till 2nd Dec!!! The books are new and awesomely cheap! Hence...we spent more than 4hours shopping at the mall and parking was only RM2 PER ENTRY!!! Wooooot! And because they don't provide us with basket or trolley or...yeah so we used a box =)
The books we bought =)
My brother bought cute! Tissue roll holder. lol!

Today we went to my mum's friend's wedding dinner at Tai Tong, Klang =)
Mum with the bride and groom.
The wedding car. Cute!
Me...being OVER-DRESSED at the wedding dinner as everyone was in t-shirt and cotton blouses! No, I am not exaggerating! Well, it's okay =) LOL!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The PINK day is tomorrow!

It is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooot!

Yesterday I received a very surprising gift from someone all the way from London =) Thank you!!! It was a bouquet of pink roses, a small teddy and a box of Ferrero Roche! I heart u!

Anyway...the prep for tomorrow is 90% done! I am super excited and hopefully everything goes well =) *fingers crossed*

I will try to record as many moments as I could for those who could not make it to my party =)


Monday, 16 November 2009

New pet in town!!!!

My new babies!!!
Jojo =)
Momo =)
They fought...
Then Momo approached Jojo...
And Momo befriended Jojo! awwww!
And this BIG beauty............
Is Tequila =)
She is HUGE! And the shell is just amazing!
New home...the pond =)
She's like a mini dinosaur! LOL!