Thursday, 30 December 2010


Hello hello people! Guess who is back =) The......erm.....ME!!! Lol! I would like to make the very first come-back post about fashion but I...will have to delay that. Just have few things to get off my chest! Well like I mentioned before, this blog is going to be mainly about my fashion updates but with a little on FOOD and daily DRAMAs =)

To begin my post (the above is just a lil sneak peek), I'd like to mention that 2010 has been rather rocky for me. Too many happenings, both happy and sad....some of them I truly had that "WTF" feeling but generally everything is cool. I guess I am just the kind of girl that has learn to accept what's been done and make the most of what I have =) If you know me well by now, you should know that I don't like to "regret" on thing's I've chosen to do...I'v learnt to live by it and look on the bright side of every shit that poops on me =) Like they say...when a bird poops on you, just thank God that cows don't fly!!!

I have encountered few "types" of people lately and it is starting to tick me off! I would not want to state the gender as that would make me look like I'm generalizing and thus make me a feminist. Ops...that gave away *rolls eyes*. Sometimes I wonder how did the phrase 'Women are complicated' arrived?!?! As far as I know, men are the more complicated beings!!! I won't go into detail!!! I will speak from a third person point of view.

Sorry but I do not understand why people would kill themselves for love...lately the suicide news on Alviss Kong made me wonder why people let go of such precious life because of a failed 4mth relationship??? Is it love or just pure self confidence issue? Well I can't speak for Alvin, R.I.P. but I feel that whenever one decides to take their own life, they should think about other people. Plan-to-suicide-rs should think about their family who've done so much for them, their friends who've appreciate their company, and that there are so many more people in the world going through life with no shelter and food to eat! Here you are, wasting the food you ate, clothes you had on your back and shelter you had over your head.

To be honest, that is what kept me sane after all I've been through. I believe everyone on earth has gone through that 'What if I kill myself now? I won't have to worry bout that any more! That problem will go away!' stage. But...if you're gone, how are you going to enjoy the 'problem' not being there anymore? Makes sense? I guess it is important for us to find that something to give us the will to jump back on the horse when it does that 'ehh hooor'-raise legs thing and slams us on the ground. When I wish for that Prada bag, I am just thankful that I have 20 unbranded ones than none! When I wish for that Jimmy Choo pair of shoes, I am just thankful that I have shoes to put on my feet (I am not going to mention the number) than this. When I wish for a clean house, I am just thankful that I have a house to live in. When I wish for that love and support from a man, I am just thankful that I have my family and friends...because I know most men can't be trusted =) LOL!

See, I may not have that expensive car, bag, shoes, or 'special one' but I know as long as I live, I would have the chance to make that happen. Ohh and another thing I've learnt...don't think about pleasing the whole effing world and make yourself miserable!!! You seriously live just once and NO one knows what happens after you die so why not make use of this one life? Everyone is unique, if bad boy Jimmy don't like you, know that gentleman Joe is caught in traffic and is just around the corner. Oh and that bitchy Sarah, she will be there for Jimmy =) They are a perfect match, and you with Joe are one too. Everyone deserves to be happy no matter what makes them it a cut-throat pair of diamond earrings, or a bungalow in Malibu, a humble man, or even just a stick of cotton candy.

I guess my whole point is there is too much love to go around on Earth and if you are not getting it from where you are, adjust your antenna, just couple of inches left or right and it will give you the best channels you could get your love from. May I add, in every romantic movies, there is no such thing as 'Ohh that's just in the movies!'. Eff that! If it is in the movies, it could happen in real life! Every story is an inspiration to someone, hence, romance movies! If you are single and haven't been appreciated, keep adjusting the antenna till you find a channel. If you are attached and haven't been appreciated, change your channel (PS: 2011 is coming up!). If you are in a complicated situation and haven't been appreciated, choose the channel that tickle your fancy...doesn't matter even if it is blur and fuzzy. You deserve to be happy!!!