Wednesday, 31 October 2007


This is what my scone (pronounced as s'kon) looks like =p It is filling, cheap, delicious and healthy too! Had this for lunch today...
Sultana scone with cheddar cheese, butter and strawberry jam =)

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Honey baked chicken.

Another baking experience. Oven is my friend =) Having left four more pieces of chicken, I decided to cook two today and keep one for tomorrow's lunch or dinner =p I went to get mixed herbs from Tesco just for this recipe! As it was a Monday, I have a full day class with an hour break in between. That one hour break was a rush for me because...I marinated my chicken! LOL! I pop two sultana scones in the oven and grabbed the chicken out from the fridge. I cut the fats and skin away, washed my hands and rushed to the oven to take out the scones. I quickly marinated the chicken with honey, mixed herbs, garlic powder and some black pepper as I fear the scones *masuk angin* and go soft! Then I put the chicken in a bowl, small enough to fit in a recycled apple bag =p I don't have film wrap!!! LOL! Then I proceed to my lunch =) I cut open the scones and sandwich in between butter, strawberry jam and a slice of cheddar cheese. I made English tea to go with it as it will be a little dry =) It was great!

After class, we went out the building and *Eek* the sky was dark! It was only 5.30pm and it is dark! Scary! We walked real fast back to our halls as it was chilly. I showered and went to prepare my dinner as I was already feeling hungry. I baked the chicken with quite an amount of butter (I didn't get oil =p) and more honey =) It was a tough job trying to bake it as the butter heats up and the hot 'oil' flies when I move the chicken around! LOL! I ended up smelling like food when I'm done with cooking it! I boiled rice to go with it and also made long beans (they call it fine beans) and onion omelet.

I forgot to take a picture when it was still in the pan!!! So this is what is left for tomorrow =p

My dinner. I chuck a slice of cheddar on the chicken again =p The honey 'sauce' (more like oil) is nice with rice!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Daylight saving and food saving =p

This weekend is really weird. My flat is so...dead! I think I was the only living thing in my flat! Everyone is just away! Not really =p Well I think only Genevive is here with me but she's missing by the time I wake up and she comes back at night (work I guess). So I basically have the whole Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) by myself...LOL! I sat in the kitchen for hours and no one came in! Coolness!

Sunday morning we had to turn back an hour for daylight saving. It was so weird having the chance to experience 1am twice on that day! LOL! So I basically watched finish the whole season of Forensic Heroes (No thanks to Nick for telling me!!!). It is crazy! I finished it in two and a half days! I think I'm going mad! LOL! Anyway, just to remind you guys in Malaysia it is now 8 hours difference between Malaysia and London.

The extra creamy baked chicken I made came in handy! I ate it with a Cornish pie for lunch today and it reminds me of Dome's Gourmet pie (and Secret recipe's) but of course there is a difference =p Then I finished the last portion with some ham and bacon ravioli. The creamy sauce is just the match! Not forgetting the creaminess of some cheddar slices I added =p

Halloween is on Wednesday. Wonder to what extreme will the craziness go...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Gummy, Yummy, Creamy dinner =p

After my VERY plain and simple dinner yesterday, I made something more tasteful today. After the horrible encounter with British chicken drumstick, I decided to get British chicken thighs! LOL! Ching Yee told me it was even cheaper than the drumstick. So I went to get it and try my luck again. I figured it will cook more evenly and most of all, throughout the whole piece, in the oven than on stove top. So I searched recipes online and I found a simple and easy one. I modified a little by adding in vegetables (broccoli, long beans and onion).

While waiting for my chicken to cook in the oven, I emptied these three bags of gummies in to my recycled pasta sauce bottle (that still has the pasta sauce smell from the lid! Anyone know how to get rid of it?). LOL! I am deprived of candy floss and so this is my substitute =p

Ta-Daa~ My own modified recipe of baked chicken in cream sauce =p (Yes the portion is huge but I'm keeping some for tomorrow and maybe day after..)

Served hot on my plate with rice =)

I thought it would be more interesting to put in cheese and so...*flap* there is the cheese =) It melted and made my dinner more creamy =)

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Meals and laundry~

My breakfast for today =)
Sliced banana with cherry yogurt and cereal =p It is fantabulous!

My VERY simple dinner...

Rice with four baked fish fingers...and...
Onion and broccoli soup! LOL!
After dinner, I went to do my laundry...3 pounds...SOBZ! Yeap, I'm drying my clothes and I got bored =p

Finally get to changed my sheets!!! LOL! That is a newly washed duvet cover and the bed sheet set is new too (I brought from home) =p LOL!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Artistically deprived!

Another long day. Went for classes and had a group meeting. The assignments are getting more and MORE!!! *gasp* I'm kinda lost in some of them too =( Lately I've been staying up late and constantly being few minutes late for class (Don't worry, I'm adjusting my time) =p It used to be Prison Break that was keeping me up. Now it is the deprivation of not being able to express my 'artistic-ness'... LOL! I miss:
~Nail art + nail polish!!!

~Making cards!!!


~Drawing + sketching!!!

~Having choices to mix and match my clothes!!!

~Having choices for footwear!!!

~The colours or my clothes!!! LOL!

So, I was searching for D.I.Y. hair conditioner and facial masks recipe using cheap and available ingredients =p LOL! It is interesting really! Have yet to try =) Anyway, I shall try to sleep early today...
Owh...It is Nicholas's 19th Birthday today!!! Whee~ Happy Birthday dude! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!!! Anyway, best of luck to you yah! LOL!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My residence...

Some pictures of my Hall of Residence =)

The Building and Car park (empty because it is late evening)

Yeap...Ted Lewis Hall =)

I love this picture =) By the way, this is the 'happening field' where people have their picnics, sing and shout, throw their 'used' stuffs and exposing themselves! The room with three windows on the ground floor is the launderette.

LOL! All the way up...stairs =)

The door to my flat (Number is censored...just in case =p)

My flat corridor.
On the left: My room, Subo's, Jeremy's and the kitchen.
On the right: Genevive's, Steve's, Ramona's and Tony's.
The end: Fire door, link to another flat.
BTW, that's not a phone =) It's an intercom...LOL!
~7 wonders of the world
~7 heaven
~lucky number 7 =p
*My condolences to Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's family. Thanks to him, we Malaysians get to take a break from the polluted, steaming weather. Great man!*

Post office drama~

Shock of my life!

After group discussion today, I went to the post office with Ching Yee to check out about my undelivered textbook. According to the note, I was not in and the time was 9.30am. It is weird as I went out for class at 10am! Liars! Anyway, they did not realize that they can actually put the parcel at the accommodation office which is what is normally done for over-sized packages. So they just return it to the post office! Swt! I need to take a bus to THAT post office. I decided to ask if they can send the parcel to a post office here, down the road from where I live.

While we were queueing, there's this lady in her mid 20's (I think! They all look young!) started an argument with the post office officer. She was swearing non stop at him and some of the arguments goes:
Officer: "Excuse me, don't shout and swear..."
She: "You're mean. So F- you. You talk to me like I'm a little child!!!"
Officer: "You get out, I don't want to serve you!"
She: (A lot of F- words and swearing and discriminating) "I'll go to another post office. F- you!"
Officer: "You say so many f- word! GET OUT NOW!!!"
She: "I'm getting out...but I'll take my f-ing time to get out. So f- you!"

As she was walking out, they are still verbally abusing each other. It is in fact interesting. The dude in front of me was smiling/laughing!!! The finale~

Officer: "You are a scum! That's what you are!!!"
(The dude in front of us went forward to him)
"Yes, How can I help you?"

Isn't that weird? He changed tone real fast! LOL! It was my turn next and I was so scared he's going to be mean! But he was alright. LOL!

Then we walked back and on the way back, we saw the lady again. She was with two of her friends. All of them have children with them and the lady was carrying a motherly! LOL! So the culture is real different here. Imagine the interesting things you see daily...LOL! Of course it will still be interesting if you are not directly involved in it! LOL! I'm guessing if something like this happens back home, the police will be involved! LOL!Seriously intense...!

Then I got home and I chat with my Aunt Janet and my mean brother! LOL! My aunt thought me some simple and interesting AND nutritious recipe. Something I need! I have been eating tortellini with broccoli every night for almost a week now and also for this week. It is fattening but it's easy to prepare and yummy =p

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Printer joy~

Finally!!! I managed to the damn USB cable for the printer. Thanks to Foong Mei =) She was walking around in Enfield town and she went in the 'One Pound' store. She saw and she called me to ask if I want it. I asked her to get it for me if it is refundable just in case it is different. That was on Friday...I did not open the package (as it will not be refundable) till today! LOL! After getting my uncle's expertise, I am convinced to open it. I literally shrieked in joy when I insert the cable to the port!!! It worked!!! LOL!

Anyway, these past few days I was busy doing something...something special for my dear friends back home...two of them =) Guys if you're reading this and you know what I mean, just act surprise =p Anyway, yesterday I went mad. I watched Prison Break till 4am in the morning!!! LOL! It is addictive! Considering we DON'T have access to a TV, is our friend =p

This morning I was awakened by Ching at 12pm but I wasn't mad because she brought me something nice. HAHA! Thanks Ching. Anyway, I'm going out again to explore a little bit more about this area and also to try looking for jobs =)

Friday, 19 October 2007


Went for Research Methods class today. We are revising on z-score calculations and supposed to do some SPSS but didn't have enough time. For another subject, social psychology, we have started our research. It is weird that they chose the research topic for us!!! No freedom, no fun! Unlike HELP where we can have all the freedom to choose the research question, the methodology and the literature review, here everything is pretty much chosen for us. They just make us think of alternatives but I have a huge feeling that we will not be given a chance to use what we want!

Anyway, I went for a walk after class today. First I walked to PC World to find out about the pricing of the USB cable for the printer. The cheapest was 14.99 pounds!!! Crazy! Then I walked to Argos, where I bought my printer and is just next door to PC World. The cheapest was 2.94 pounds! Sadly, I walked out empty handed as there was no more stock! Feeling the urge to go back with something, I decided to walk to Morrisons. It is another supermarket but of higher class compared to Tesco. I walked around like a 'Si Lai' looking for deals on food and value buys. Then I reached the cheese section!!! Heaven! LOL! I have always wanted to get a block of cheddar cheese and some crackers for my supper/tea-time meals but never got the chance to. After an hour of circling the cheese counter, I finally decided to take the Canadian Cheddar as it was a value buy (1.10 pounds). Then I went to get Ritz of all is that it is only 84 pence a box AND buy one FREE one!!! Coolness! Then I went to Tesco to get a box of tea bags...I bought the Tesco brand tea bags, 80 bags for 32 pence. The cheapest you can get really! Come to think about it, it is kinda crazy that I went to so many places in 2 hours! Oh well, it has been quite some time since my last is really fun walking in the breeze at my own pace and catching very cool cars passing by =p

Anyway, after finishing this block of cheese which is very soon =p I will attempt to try the cheese with apricots and mango (i think), a sweet type of cheese! Can't remember what it is called. I tried it before in Australia courtesy of my Aunt Janet =p It is another heavenly delicacy!!! LOL! Feeling hungry...going to nibble on some cheese and crackers now~

*It is 6 degrees autumn...hmmm...

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Galleria and Pate~

Here are the pictures: The entrance of 'The Galleria'
This is where we had lunch at The Galleria =p
This is what 'The Galleria' looks like KLIA =p

That is Boon Choo...and her home =p

Hanging out in the living room while BC was preparing dinner =p
Chinese food!!! Mix vegetable (celery, carrots,leek...can't remember)
Chicken wings in black soy sauce!!!
Chinese style omelet =)
Supper =p Mature cheddar on Ritz crackers (LOVELY!!!) and Japanese rice crackers+nuts...
We actually had desert after dinner but I forgot to snap a picture of it. We had sliced bananas with home-made custard and double whipped cream =) Ching had to visit the toilet frequently after that...LOLLERS! She's lactose intolerant =p
This is what I had for brunch today...porridge!!! LOL! Another comfort food of mine =)

This is one of the craziest thing I did in my life! My flat mate, Subo was eating lunch with Kuan, one of our classmate, in the kitchen. I was there eating my porridge too. So they asked me if I ate 'Pate' before and I say no. I don't even know what is that! Then they say it is pork liver! I was like "urgh!". I don't even eat pork intestine, pork liver or any other parts of the pig other than the meat in 'Bak kut teh' back home! They say they don't eat pork liver too but this is nice! The enthusiasm coming from them convinced me. I decided to try it as we only live once =p Kuan spread some Pate on a small slice of toasted baguette and passed it to me. As I slowly land my teeth on half the slice of the French delicacy in my mouth, both Subo and Kuan was staring at me! Then I chew and swallowed! It wasn't that bad really =p I thought it would be horrible! I finished the other half slice and then I started to taste the 'pork's blood' (maybe it is in my mind)!!! I quickly shove a spoon of my porridge in my mouth! I was fine then...LOL! I am happy I tried it =p now I have another entree to put in my menu! LOL! It is kinda cheap really...a huge box that (I think) can last me three meals and only cost 98 pence excluding the cost of the baguette. Cool! LOL!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Yes I'm supposed to upload pictures but some pictures are still with Chings so I'll upload it when she's feeling less lazy (then she'll upload the pics and send to me). So! I'm missing 'wat-tan-ho', 'loh-mee', 'kaya', 'sing-chow-mai', 'siew-mai'!!! OMG!! Feeling hungry....only thing I can eat now is just...Digestive =(

Monday, 15 October 2007

Day out with Boon Choo and Danny

Went out with Ching Yee and Foong Mei to meet up with Boon Choo and Danny again. They came to fetch us from uni because I messed up the time...*sigh*! Anyway we went to 'The Galleria' where it looks like KLIA but it is a shopping mall. It is kinda far so we had to go by car. It is a nice place really...they have loads of footwear shops and also shops selling summer wear. Amazingly, we did not get anything...Personally, I think the shops in Oxford Street are cheaper! Especially Primark =p Anyway we had our lunch in McD and I took the Deli of the day which so happens to also be Meatball melts...the one I ate that day. I like it though. Then we walked around, in and out shops but sadly it closes at 5pm!!! So we did not make it to few shops that looks 'affordable'. This outing however is not that great as Boon Choo and Danny was sitting 'under the elevator' eating rice crackers and chocolates and drinking some bottled juice while waiting for us. We felt really bad for leaving them like that. The worst thing is...we came out from all shops empty handed =p When we were just about to leave, Chings bought Cranberry body butter from Bodyshop as it was cheaper than Malaysia and she loves it. LOL! That was it really. Then we went to their house for dinner. Will post more about it is 1.22am and I have a full day class but I am blogging!!! Not happening! LOL! Anyway will continue and post some pictures too! Laterz...

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Printer trouble~

I have decided to get a printer. I asked my mother and told her about the deal...she say "Get it!". LOL! So yesterday night I was browsing through a online catalogue of a huge shop just around the corner of my campus. It's called Argos. They sell a lot of things! So I saw the real cheap printer and I decided to reserve it as it was on promotion. Then it says that the reservation will only hold up to end of tomorrow which is today. So I asked my uncle about the specs of the printer and he say it is really cheap! It is not some 'chipo' brand by the is HP =p printing here is not that cheap by the costs 5pence a page which is like 35cents in Malaysia!!! Our assignments are not a one-two page thing too so I guess it makes sense to get one.

-busy opening the printer and trying to fix it to see if it works-

Ok...this is the weirdest thing ever! The printer doesn't include a USB cable! WTH?!??!!? Then how to connect to the laptop?!?!? They easily print on a paper...'Purchase a USB cable separately if it is not included'. RIGHT!!!! Thanks for telling me now! SWT!!! So I shall have a new quest tomorrow...looking for the damn cable! Wait a is Sunday tomorrow! Darn! I guess I shall leave it alone and if I can't find the cable or it is crazily expensive, I'm returning it!!! LOL! I wanted to upload a picture of the printer but my laptop can't read the camera's memory card. It is nice looking...Grey and white...classy!!!

Owh it is so quiet here...most of the students went missing...abducted by aliens?! LOL! In my flat, there is only two of us left!!! Creepy~

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Day out to Central London~

Today was a fun day! I went down to Central London with Foong Mei to do our banking (because we opened our accounts there). Then...*Cheng Cheng Cheng* we went shopping =p Boon Choo told us there are some shops on sales on Oxford Street and the clothes are cheap...Hell yea!!! So we went walking along Regent Street, Oxford Street, Holborn Street, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus...probably some other streets too but we didn't know where we were =p The cream of the crop is Primark on Oxford Street! Although it was all crazy in there because of the super long queues for both the fitting room and the cashier, it was worth it! I got these two from Primark...the top for 2pounds and the exercise pants (velvet-like material) for 4pounds!!! Owh and also 5pair of different size loop earrings for 1pound!!!

Primark...the place to be!!!

I got these two in another shop...both for 5pounds =)
It is simple but LONG! Malaysia ones are so short!

I bought a jeans...because both pair I brought with me is very loose...
This beauty is for 7pounds =)

The details on the back idea what it is =p

This might look like I spent a lot but Foong Mei spent way more than me =p Anyway, Foong Mei had cereal and I had Wheatbix for breakfast at about 10am and we had our lunch at 4pm!!! Yes it is very unusual! We were looking for Subway (Deli of the day only 1.99pounds!) but couldn't find it so we asked a policeman =p he say "It is that way but way have to walk a distance". We already walked the whole day and I was wearing my super heavy boots so we decided to settle down for McD. My first McD meal in UK!!! LOL! Time flies when you're having fun! We reach home about 7.30pm and it was all dark.
Wheatbix and a diced plum (super sweet) and of course milk!

Lunch...McD's Deli of the day 1.99pounds.

After a tiring day, I need to make pasta for dinner...I have been eating this 5days in a row for dinner as the label on the bottle of pasta sauce says "Please consume within 3days after opening". I tried but I keep having extras =p Yes, two of the days I was having 'expired' sauce...but it tasted fine and I did not create any 'slushie' in the toilet =p

*PS: Mum, don't kill me...I am still within the budget =p and I need more clothes to keep warm!!! =p

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Weird celebration...

Monday had a full day lecture but thanks to the Indocafe 3 in 1 Coffee mix (first class) that I brought from Malaysia, I was wide awake for all classes. The power of coffee!!! LOL! Well I thought of getting coffee from Tesco but it was kinda expensive so I'll K.I.V. first. I realize my posts are getting longer and longer! So I'll cut it short. LOL!

These past few days was scary. Ching Yee, the now well known culinary student-wanna-be is really trying to live her dream =p She baked:
Sunday-Butter cake
Monday-Marble cake
Tuesday-Apple cake and apple cupcakes
Wednesday(today)-She's baking chocolate cupcakes!!!
I do not know what she is doing but she is definitely not the old masculine Ching yee! LOL!

Just a moment ago, I had the weirdest experience ever! I was trying to study and there was a group of people shouting outside my window. As I am on the 3rd floor, I can basically see the small field outside where the students here like to have their picnics at. Tonight it was some celebration I guess. They were counting down to something and I pull up my curtain to see what is up. I immediately pull down my curtain at the sight of crazy students! A group of them were wearing red underwear and a red cowboy hat! YES! That's about it! Owh and of course there is a bottle of 'drink' in their hand! Alcohol, I presume. Then they were shouting again and so I pulled up my curtain. I saw a guy in his 'uniform' running around the field!!! I ignored and continued to study. And again there was noise...really disrupting! This was the last time I pulled up my curtain to see! A dude basically expose his @$$!!! I guess it was a dare or some form of 'punishment' and he just expose his @$$! I told Ching Yee there are some crazy people celebrating something in a weird way. She went out to her main door to look! She rang my intercom and I was shocked she actually came! I opened the door and she was laughing all the way up.

"You traumatized me!!!" (Ho, 2007)

Yes, it was funny looking at her face =p
Here is a 'record' of priceless experience from the kitchen window. Without flash and plus the window reflection, it was quite blur but it is visible. He was the odd one...his was grey. It was the end of the 'festival' and he was in the laundrette with his red hat.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Chicken curry and fun!

The five of us =)
From the back (clock-wise): Foong Mei, Boon Choo, Danny, Ching Yee and Me!
The kitchen where we ate like mad!

The cosy TV room =)

Interesting night! I know I said earlier that I am staying over at Boon Choo's place but we didn't. Anyway it was a nice place...small and cosy! It was all carpeted too...even the toilet! How cute is that! Anyway we arrived around 4pm and it was only a bus ride away. Real fast! Then Danny came out to bring us in. We walked in to their street and to the front door. When the front door opens, *WhooSH* the wonderful smell of curry chicken gush out the door!!! I really can smell M'sia =p Then we went in the living room where there is a television and very cosy couches. We sat and chatted with Danny while Boon Choo was busy cooking away in the kitchen. Then we had dinner at about 5pm...yes it sounds early but it wasn't really. We had a crazy feast! Curry chicken, Roast chicken, Chinese style stir fry vegetable with ginger, Roti canai and rice! The portion is definitely crazy! It was like for 8 people but there are only 5 of us! Then for desert is a beautiful American style (huge) apple tart! I ate it with double cream!!! OMG! Fantastic! L.O.V.E. it! Going to put on pounds!

Anyway then we went to their church concert and there was a musical, 'Voices for the hospice'. It was nice! It was for a good cause too! So it was great and we met a lot of people! We went back around 10pm and we sat in the TV room and chatted. We had some English tea and some honey dew =) That is all that can go! I had too much dinner already! Then we watch X-factor (British version of American Idol) and some shows till 2am! We had so much fun that time flies and the cosiness kept us in the room. When it was time to leave, we walked out and it was crazy cold! It was 8 degrees! The cars were all covered in frost! It is really difficult to see if one were to drive! On the way back, we saw a FOX! It was on the road cute!!! Bushy tail! =p In conclusion, it was a fun day! Had a lot of freebies too! Hangers, highlighters and leftovers which will be our lunch today! LOL!

Also, I have decided to not take the job at the Chinese restaurant! It is too dangerous and the pay is unreasonable! LOL! I will wait patiently for another =) The egg stains on the window, someone finally clean it! LOL! Don't know who but someone did. Great! I should leave for lunch now...

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Ko-Lee noodles and a JOB!!!

Today was a rather boring day. Woke up late...actually very late. But I was just in time for lunch =p Not really hungry yet so I went out to the kitchen to get the vacuum cleaner. Yes, I used it to vacuum my room. It was very powerful actually and I was impressed! All the visible things were sucked up =p Even sand too! Well I can't see it as the floor was carpeted but I can hear the 'tik tak' sound going through the nozzle. The horrible thing is that the smell that comes out from the vacuum cleaner's ventilation is horrible! It smells like rotten cheese that has been kept in a cupboard for a long time! EWW! Yes, my room was filled with that horrible smell! My room window could only open 2.5 inches gap at most! They screw the windows recently as people was throwing things out from the window and even climbing in and out the window! So the horrible smell was in my room for quite some time! Sick! Then I went out to make lunch. I ate toast with baked beans and scramble eggs with ham and cheese =) The whole day I was in my room working on a new Facebook account and chatting with friends online.

In the evening, Boon Choo, my 'god mother' called me and say she bought the instant noodles for me already! I was! LOL! So she asked if we can meet up at the campus car park. So I say sure and went to look for Ching and FM. Ching was not back from her day trip to Central London so FM went with me. Then they arrived in their blue Proton Wira (very patriotic =p) and passed us two boxes of instant noodles =p yeap I wanted one whole box because I miss home! LOL! So they parked their car and came out to chat with us. I guess they are lonely as they do not have kids so our conversation was endless in a way. LOL! It was crazily cold too! We talked and talked and a few times the sentence, "Ok, so we'll see you tomorrow then!" was repeated and another topic just came out! LOL! So it was really funny. Then we finally bid goodbye and agreed to meet up tomorrow at 4pm to go to their church concert. It will be fun! We will be staying over at their place after that so will blog about it on Sunday! Then I finally get to go back to my room to get my dinner prepared! I took a picture of it too =p and a picture of the dirty egg stains on the window!!!
~I just got off the phone with a dude I gave my number to regarding a job at a Chinese take-away restaurant! It is kinda cool that I have a job that fast! The sad thing is they only need me to work from 1pm-11.30pm on Tuesdays only and I am being paid 40 pounds for it. It is little!!! When I divide, it is only 3.80 pounds an hour! The minimum wage is 5.15 pounds an hour OK!!! So I'll think about it! What do you think? (Post comments pls) Haih...!

My dinner! Rice, baked beans and Chinese cabbage with carrots =p

The Ko-Lee instant packet noodles =p

The box that I bought! 2.99 pounds! Damn cheap!

The disgusting egg stains!!!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Some friend...!

The 50th post...Hmmm...I would very much like to post about something fun and happy. Guess not! The day went pretty well. In fact, it went very well...till when it was dinner time. Anyway I'll skip the horrible part for now. So my day was kinda fun. I managed to get my timetable sorted out so that is definitely one thing off my mind. Then I went to change my tights that I bought from Tesco. Amazingly, they allow me to change it and they gave me a full refund to get new ones! COOLNESS! Sadly they were out of stock so I'll go back next week to get them as they will replenish the stocks by then. Since I was there, I asked if they have vacancy and they don't =( so I went around asking for vacancies in shops and store...and also a cinema. It was all within walking distance so it was quite good in a sense. I get some "No, not at the moment", some "Owh, bring in your CV with you and I'll let you fill in a form" and some "Yea probably you can leave your number and your name?". So it didn't went that bad after all. Then I came back just in time to meet up with a Malaysian nursing lecturer, Boon Choo, whom me and my friends met at the student's bar in the first week. She is our 'God-mother' now...LOL! She's a great lady! Owh earlier today she met up with me to give each of us two packets of Ko-Lee instant noodles (Maggie size but just pour hot water to 'cook')! I ate one packet for lunch and it instantly reminded me of my cosy little home! Maybe it was due to the fact that I ate a lot and I mean A LOT of instant noodles back home. Anyway we met her partner later in the evening today and his name was Danny. He's a Malaysian too. Nice guy. They both welcomed us to their house this Saturday and they offered to take us to buy the noodles and also to bring us to a concert on that night itself. Aren't they sweet?! I KNOW! LOL!

I was all happy and glad to meet them and thinking about this Saturday. Then I went back to my room and shower. Then I decided to make dinner. In the kitchen was someone whom I thought was a kind soul. Sadly, I am not good at judging people yet. The first words shooting out from her was
"Melissa, do you happen to know who did that?"
FYI, the THAT is the horrible mess on the kitchen windows. They look like some translucent cheese sauce splatter! It was there since morning when I made my breakfast. So anyway I replied,
"No. And for sure I didn't do it!"
And she was like,
"Are you sure you didn't do it? Coz you're the only one who has eggs!".
At that very moment, I wanted to throw the new 'hunter knife' that I bought from the discount store at her spare tyres! Wondering if it will burst! After all, it was conveniently in my hands! I gave her a 'WTH' stare and say,
"Yea! I didn't do it! It is eggs? I thought it was some cheese sauce!".
I looked away and continue cutting my carrots, potatoes and onions! For what I know, she was the one who did it! The worst thing was, there was another guy in the kitchen! His name is Steve and he is one of the flat mates. He was about to leave the kitchen and when he heard what she asked me, he opened the kitchen door to hear more! That moment was horrible! The fact that she accused me based on the fact that I have eggs in the fridge! WTH?! There are eggs in the other fridge too! (We have two fridge in the kitchen) Yes I have eggs but I wasn't the only one who has access to my eggs! My eggs was even changed! Some moron(s) changed my eggs from a A grade to a D grade! It was so obvious! Half was huge and marked with some kind of stamp but the very small ones were not stamped! I shut up about that too! I guess I shall never put my eggs in the fridge any more! I swore a lot today...guess it is hard to not when it comes to things like this! I told Ching Yee and Foong Mei and they say:
Ching Yee:
"Is she in the kitchen now? If she's there, I'll come now!"
"If she accuse you again or ask you to clean it, let me know and I'll come straight away"
Foong Mei:
"Make a drink to cool off and don't care about her!"
"Try to think about boots =)"
Such cute friends =p Come to think about it, I think I better bring my Nutella back in to my room! And I'm doing it now!

Trying to get over the damn b*tch's accusation! Yes, loud trance!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Making friends...

Another day passes by. There is no more classes for this week as it was the first week and there are no lab classes for the first week. Great. So we have the whole week free and to grasp what the lectures on Monday was about. It is not easy as they have heavy ascent and a few lecturers were monotonous. Anyway, today we went to the Student Office to sort things out and it was closed....AGAIN! I think it was the third time we went to the office and it is always closed! The timings on the handbook they provided was even wrong! So we went back to our halls but I've decided to go to the 'Discount store' down the street to get some stuff. I walked in a pretty fast pace as I went alone. I was looking around and I sort of think about the fact that I am in a foreign country by independent I am =p well of course besides the fact that my parents are funding me. Anyway, I bought more hangers as I did not have enough. I got 8 for 1pound and I finally bought a knife! The knife was for 2.50pounds. It was so difficult to cut carrots and vegetable with my little fruit knife that I brought with me from Malaysia.

Then the day went by pretty fast as I was packing my room, trying to keep myself busy. Then it was dinner time. The thought of having to prepare the food and borrowing Tony's pan kinda make my butt heavier. I got up to make dinner anyway. Coincidentally, Subi was also entering the kitchen to make her dinner. Our cooker (four burners) doesn't work so we had to share a mini cooker (two burners) which Jenevive brought from her house. We have been using that since we got here! Sad! Anyway, my meal was simple for tonight. I heated up a frozen pre-packed Cornish pie in the microwave oven which we all chipped in to get (I paid 4pounds for my share...yea it is kinda cheap =p ). It smells beautiful! Basically it is beef, carrots and onion stew topped with mashed potato and cheddar cheese! YUM! I have loads of raw Chinese cabbage so I cooked a little side order for myself. A Chinese dish....stir fry Chinese cabbage with carrots.

I ate while chatting with Subi and I think I am fitting in better than expected. I guess it is always the first time the home-sick part is the worst. She kind of told me a lot about her background and about Dubai...a country that has a lot of advantages and weird disadvantages. We had fun. Then when we were about to leave, Jenevive came in. We chatted in the kitchen for a while. Then I asked her "Are 40 denier tights suppose to see through your skin?" That question ended up to a 2hour conversation! LOL! She was friendly...she showed me her tights and we talked about fashion and make up and she let me in her room to see her make up collection! LOL! So she showed me her make up and yes she has loads of it! "I just like to put on make up", she says. She's a drama student by the way so it explains. I think we can click as we have some similarities in the things we like =) so yea...we'll see how it goes!

*PS: Tights are UK version of Malaysia's pantyhose but it is thicker and the material keeps you warm so you can wear skirt in this horrifying whether =p

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Riverboat Disco (pics)

Hey people! Here are some pictures from the Riverboat Disco and my first dinner alone =p Enjoy....
Me on the top deck~
The baby that I am =p
The four of us~

Another pretty sight...

Few buildings taken from the Riverboat Disco...

Tower of the views from the Riverboat Disco trip.

Rice with British drumstick, potatoes, carrots and onions from the soup.

My first dinner meal alone =( LOL! And the not-so-cooked British chicken.