Sunday, 29 March 2009

Retail therapy...woops!

I finally went shopping yesterday! Monday is the day to hand in all assignments (except dissertation)...such a relief! Hence, the 'celebration'. LOL! I went to Oxford Street and thought of going to Regent Street too but...I decided to go back after 1/3 of Oxford street! The sales are too tempting =p It doesn't look like I've bought alot of stuff but I've already bought a top and a dress from so...yea...waiting patiently for it to arrive =p
*The front of the top
*And the back =D
*The dress!!!!
(*Pictures credit to Asos)
Here comes the series of cam-whore pictures...LOL!
My bright yellow lace dress @ 4.89GBP
Comes in blue, red and a very nice green!
My hair is super long! I like how it looks...LOL!
Yeap, bought matching shoes too! LOL! Yellow jelly pumps @ 1.96GBP. Now who says Primark doesn't have nice stuff? =p
Bomb of the day...Stripe Blazer from Next @ 20GBP. They were having a 2day sale and this was originally 45GBP =) Always wanted to get something like this...formal yet casual (denim-like material).
LOL! It's....*speechless*
And I bought another pair of sandal at Primark for 1.96GBP to match my Carlo Rino during summer. A little off colour but still similar =) The sandals comes in...11 colours...if I remembered correctly. Yes, it was soooo tempting to get them all! LOL!
Food section:
This is not a snowball...
Yes, it is one humongous mushroom! LOL! (dedicated to my bro =p)
Dinner some days back: Stir-fry mushrooms, minced beef, chopped white and savoy cabbage on white rice. Sedaps yo! =p
Last night had something similar but this time with spaghetti noodles and peas (reminds me of fuk kin mein *cries*)
I can go on and on and on about yesterday but to make it short:
-shopping on Saturday was mad, it was CROWDED! Didn't bother to try on clothes, the queue was just ridiculous (also the payment queue but I can't escape that, can I? LOL!)
-only went in about 5 shops? Yea...sad!
-raining the whole day and hail storm when I was in the bus on the way home (phew!)
-was drenched in rain during and after shopping =p but worth it!
-oh yea, got scouted by a casting agent when I was walking along Oxford street (hoping it is not a scam! *fingers crossed*)
-ate dinner in the dark in conjuction with Earth Hour...but had my laptop on to make sure I wasn't stuffing my nose instead.
Last but not least...
Thank you for reading this super long post! LOL!
Okay, please keep your wtf faces now...I don't pose like this all the time and never will =p Just a teaser! Laugh with me now...Ha-Ha!

Friday, 27 March 2009


I was reading Grace's blog and I came across something which I personally think does not make sense. The post was from a forwarded email so this post is not about me debating with her post but more like me debating against the concept of artificial-fairytale-like assumptions. LOL!

Holdin Hands
-> Girls : If you want to hold his hand, gently bump into it a couple of times.
-> Guys : Grab it if it happens more than once.
(I can tell you, some insensitive guys would say, "Why are you walking into me?!" Yeap, I know!)

-> Girls : When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you're cold.
-> Guys : Automatically move closer to her.
("Cold? Cover up!" I =.=""")

-> Girls : During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder
-> Guys : Lift her chin up and kiss her.
(Eyes on screen, hands in popcorn! LOL!)

Loving each other
-> Guys : When she tells you she loves you, look deep into her eyes, give her a peck on the lips, and tell her you love her too... And mean it.
(The worst thing to hear from a guy after you tell him you love him, "Thank you!"-Charlie Harper, Two and a Half Men. LOL! I wouldn't think that any guys would actually have the balls to do the above, the most they will say is "Me too", or "Cool", or "Okay", or "I know"...pfbt! If I'm a switch, you just turned me off...yea, safe the environment! Woot! =p)

Laying below the stars
-> Girls : When you're both laying under the stars, put your head on his chest and close your eyes as you listen to his steady heart beat
-> Guys : Whisper in her ear and link your hands with hers.
(First of all, it will be difficult to actually find a clean, unpolluted location to lay down. Secondly, if only they have the patience to actually stare at those couple of dots in the sky with you! They'd much rather play games and spend time on "killing the boss" pfbt! Thirdly, this is just so impossible! LOL!)

I know, I am such a hater...LOL! I am entitled to my own opinions, thankyouverymuch *wink wink* Okay I am not in my best mood because I accidentally sliced my pinkie finger when I was cutting an apple (Ching, if you're reading this, yea it was pretty much like the potato incident you had). Not to mention the PMS weather! It is like we're in a Science Planetarium project and the school kids get to come by and press buttons to see how we get tortured in different weather changes, all in one day! Yes, it is that bad! Enough of complaining, back to @$$@y$!

Thursday, 26 March 2009


More food! LOL! I just like taking pictures of's pretty to look and eat! LOL! Look at the egg yolk! *drooools*
Meatballs in gravy with baked potatoes and boiled vegetables.
Beef steak on a bed of savoy cabbage, white cabbage, carrots and mushrooms.
Boom! Just like it =p LOL!
I was watching Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show and I sort of know what dress I wanted to wear for my 21st =D I will attempt to make it when I'm back in Malaysia *fingers crossed* LOL! Need to get a sewing machine first!
I know my drawing ain't that pretty but you get the concept =p

Monday, 23 March 2009

The best damn thing...

I seriously think we will be friends till we have grandchildren (or maybe great-grandchildren)! Because...
...we keep each other strong by slapping each other...
...more than once that is!
And by giving each other "positive" advices...
Humour is the genre of our convos...
...because we talk about people's butt...
...and weird random things we have to do to cover our madness!
Have I told you we're going to grow old together?! Yea...Woot! LOL! Love you both! *winks*

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Everything is...

I did it again...hopefully this time I won't change my mind again.
(Single ladies in the house, let me hear you say, "Woot woot!") =p

I am more is for the better! Yeaahh babeh, yew can dew it! LOL! I know...I'm's the stress!

One more week to hand in those essays! And two weeks to write up my dissertation (which I have not started AT ALL)! Two days after dissertation due...EXAMS! #%&$*%($*$&#^#

I need to play go to the gym! *aauuummm*
It has been such a long time since I last saw you,
Days passed and I've missed you,
I took you for granted sometimes,
But I will appreciate you more now.
I know you have been there for me,
Waking up to your presence put a smile on my face,
Something I needed daily to make my day,
But will pull me down when taken away from me.
Please understand how much I need you,
Your brightness,
Your warmth,
My dear SUN!

LOL! I know it sounds weird, spontaneous owh-kay! It's been sunny lately and it is good! Now I have more choices when it comes to choosing clothes to wear out =p

Thursday, 19 March 2009


When I eat, I really EAT! =)
Nutty seeded bread with ham and egg sandwich
Chicken Kiev, roasted potatoes and carrots & mix veg
Spaghetti, beef steak and mix vegeYes, and I bought a box of chocolate coated ice-cream blocks!
It is Spring now and the weather is just nice =) I can wear miniskirts during the day now!!! Woot! LOL! Miss them things =p It is normally sunny throughout the day and gets a little chilly at night but it's good!
And the flowers...OMG!
Poor those people with hay fever thou =s

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Human nature...

What is your priority in life? Do you live by it? Or is it just a mere figure of speech?

Nothing is fair in learn to get by it...your way or not. That's life. Fight it or not, it will still happen. You are not alone =)

I guess stupidity is part of human nature too! Don't tell me you've never done something you thought was stupid (and not worth doing) but still did it? Yea...stupidity!

I am so sick of this but I am still hanging on...
You disappoint me time after time. I should move on...
I will try harder this time. Please give me the courage to...

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Nick sent me a forwarded email and dayum! I went mad! LOL! Look at it!!! If only I own one of these! =(
Okay maybe the last one is TOO pink =p
*Credits to the owner of the pictures.
Is racism a sign of conservative mentality? Does it circulate within the poorly educated or within the well-educated individuals too? Will racism diminish in the near future?
Certainly hope so...but doubt it! Damn you people! Can't you be more like me?! I LOVE pink but I don't discriminate or hate other colours! I love other colours too! If it is about the stigma or stereotypes attached to the 'colour', don't bull! Does me loving pink more means I am a girly soft sissy? Don't make me tae-kwon-do you! I may not reached black belt but I still remember my routines and kicks! Yes, I have enough testosterone in me to give me the balls to do so. LOL!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Go bananas! Woot!

I have been busy busy busy...with so many things =s And busy with finishing up my bananas =p
Banana cake #2
It was just too good =p
Craved for something sweet.
Banana custard and choc chips with sprinklies =)
Sliced bananas with muesli and milk for breakie
Szechuan chicken with rice, stir fried vege and roasted potatoes for dinner
Goreng pisang for supper (11pm)!
LOL! Suddenly have this craving for Goreng Pisang and I went for it! Making it was way easier than I thought. It made me wonder how I take things like this for granted in Malaysia. Buying food off stalls and shops when I could actually make my own and even alter it to be more healthy. Since it is so accessible in Malaysia, I doubt I will be as determined to do all this when I am back. LOL!
The banana was ripe so it literally melt when you bite it! Crunchy batter on the outside and kinda caramelized banana flavour on the inside *drools* Two bananas and I ate them all within 10minutes?
Damn! I am so going to put on weight! Dangerous! For some reason, my appetite has GREW and I think my stomach is expended or something...I crave for food too much! =( Stop Mel, STOP! It must be the assignments! =p
I need retail therapy!
I need McFlurry!
I need Chicken and chips!
I need a facial!
I need to thread my eyebrows!
Hmm...they're more like WANTS =p but I NEED to sleep!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Banana Madness!

Today is the Banana Madness event! I am currently with Junction 49, volunteering to help out in all kinds of awareness campaigns. Recently they're trying to create an awareness for Fairtrade Goods. Hence, they are buying fairtrade bananas from shops and giving them out to people for free. Also, they're trying to break a record too for the most bananas eaten within 24hours =) The current record is a million. No, we are not the only one doing this! We are combining our numbers with other people from different Uni as well. Me and Abhi are the project leaders of this event and unfortunately, the ONLY wo-manpower too! Yes, damn indeed!
We arrived and had three boxes of these bananas waiting for us in the store room. I couldn't carry even one box! It's THAT heavy!
(estimated 13-15bananas in each bag, each box=14/15bags)
I had to run all over Uni to find places to stick these poster up!
Apparently the caretakers were told to rip off any posters around Uni to make the Uni look more professional =.= After loads of running around, I managed to find a suitable place to stick it up, undisturbed!
The balloons to make it...'pop'?!
The task of individualizing bananas =)
When I was taking a break from running around the whole place giving out bananas because people just won't approach the "FREE bananas" booth!After hours of talking and giving out bananas, I had lunch=) Seared tuna with mango bits, some greens, broad beans and roasted new potatoes.
At the booth. I love the tee thou, so cute!
Yes, I'm wearing a yellow mini, a gold sequin head-band and gold nails too =p dress for the occasion!
Support fairtrade goods y'all!
Abhi, my partner in banana-giving (sounds weird but you get me =p)
Came back with some bananas and made banana pancakes for dinner!
My honey crystallized so I garnished it with chocolates and butter. LOL!
Overall, it was a DAMN tiring day but totally fun! Managed to get (damn, I didn't count!) about 250-300 names and signatures for the record and gave out the rest of the bananas! Had a chance to talk to hundreds of people and all of them were really nice =) Will definitely do it again...when time permits. LOL! Oh shoot! I left something in the oven!
Tadaa~ It is crunchy at the top and moist in the middle! Woot!
Banana and sultana cake =)
I am not showing off but OMG, this is SOOOO good!
You can really taste the bananas and the best bit have to be the top, it's crispy! Considering I don't have a whisk, a measuring cup, a kitchen scale, lemon juice (as the recipe called for) and adding vanilla essence (as the recipe DID NOT called for) AND it turned out this way?! Totally satisfied! If only you guys were here to try this out =( LOL! I'm crashing to bed!