Sunday, 1 July 2012


It was raining this evening but I had to do my usual running regime. Hence, went to my condo at Gateway Kiaramas to use the gym. It is actually my first time there since it completed building couple of years back. I can conclude, it's the place I want to be!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I was at a seminar couple of months back and I was listening to a speaker presenting on T. Harv Eker's jar system for financial planning. A very interesting concept therefore I'm going to try and apply this and see if it works. Feel free to join me =)

The mentioned jars are as follows:

FFA - Financial Freedom Account  10% of your after tax income goes in here and is not taken out for anything other than investments to build your PASSIVE income. Put something in this account everyday...even if it's your pocket change.

NEC - Necessities - 50% of your after tax income goes in here and is used for, shelter, clothing, car etc.

EDU - Education - 10% of your after tax income goes in here to be used to improve yourself. Do you spend more at the coffee shop than you do on your education...books, tapes, seminars etc?

LTSS - Long Term Saving for Spending - 10% of your after tax income goes in here to be used for downpayments on houses or cars...big ticket purchases like furniture etc. You could have 2 of these
jars and put 5% in each.

GIVE - Giving - 10% of your after tax income goes in here to be used for charitable contributions.

PLAY  - 10% of your after tax income goes in here for fun! You spend this money every month or at the most every two months. He suggests using this money to do or buy something a wealthy person
would. A limo ride?...a massage?...fancy shoes?...a Rolex?'s up to you but make sure it's something that really makes you happy and/or is fun!

Have fun applying it!!! =)

Tuned in...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ex-es...Past, Present, Future

Most people seems to be amazed that I could actually stay friends with my ex-es. My question is...Why not?? Their question is...How the h*ll?

To me, it's simple. The main reason I get into a relationship is because I can relate to someone on a physical, emotional and mental level...someone I could call a friend, a mentor and a lover. If things don't work out on a lover level, it's okay. We can stay friends and be each other's mentor. Lets face it, there really is no happiness in forcing each other to stay together for the sake of...anything! If I get to a roadblock, I speak to him. Not shout, speak. If he feels the same way like I do, it's best we move on with our lives looking for things that would make us both happy. I would be lying if I said it was easy. It ain't. But the thing is, I know that short moment of pain will give me the freedom to be happy for a long period of time. I will definitely bare that pain.

Feelings might often be in the way, those deja vu moments, glimpse of places you've been together, belongings of each other in your possession etc. but ultimately, there's no point in dragging the past to the future if they are not willing to follow. Believe in yourself that you could always find someone who could be your friend, mentor AND lover. It is not easy but sometimes the grass is really greener on the other side. Don't settle for less but settle for what you are happy with...and I am sure no one would be happy with less.

Personally, I do not want to loose a friend and/or a mentor just because we couldn't proceed as lovers. It would be such a waste! Have respect to yourself by appreciating the fact that YOU chose that person to be your lover. If you are filled with hate and disgust towards him, doesn't it reflect upon YOU that YOU made the bad choice? Don't regret...always look on the bright side and learn from mistakes. That is how you gain experience and squeeze more juice out from the lemons of your life to make quality lemonades =)

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Don't preach what you DIDN'T practice.