Sunday, 30 November 2008

X-Factor 08

Just got back from BC's place. We went out for lunch today and it was a buffet lunch. OMFG! It was sooooo nice! It was a good price too! 4.95pounds (the price of one portion of fried rice is about 3.80pounds at Chinese take-aways) per person! They had Peking duck, delicious ribs, sweet sour chicken (hearts but can't beat Msia's), and many more! I even had ice-cream!!! We left at 3pm..that's 2hours spent there! LOL!

After that we went window shopping and head back to their place to prepare for...X-Factor! LOL! This is the first episode I watch on tv of this season...because co-incidentally Britney Spears was performing =p LOL! Anyway, the contestants were supposed to sing two songs, the first is a Britney song and the second is an American Classic song. Everyone did bad on the Britney song choice. It was so much harder for the guys, Eoghan (the pretty boy) and JLS [who're "Vain" (Chan, 2008), "Manufactured" (Ho,2008) and "Gay" (Lim, 2008)] because Britney's songs are very girly.

Anyhow, it got me matter how bad she screwed up her life, there could only be one Britney Spears! Proven! People can't sing her songs as good as herself! Alexandra and Ruth are very powerful singers in the competition but they couldn't even do it. Yes, Britney screwed up her life but she'll still have a place in my heart...I was a fan of hers when I was young! Sentimental! LOL! So yes, people say she is a bad singer but I will seriously have to disagree with that! Her voice is one of a kind (feminine, seducing, distinct) that no one can imitate her or sing her songs any better. Her swift dance moves (when she was in the lime light) makes it even better! She performed in X-Factor today and boy, I was shocked!

She did bad! Like her other tour performances she did in France and somewhere. She did the exact same choreography and very little dance moves. Her performances now is somehow lacking passion and energy. Sad to say really...I thought she is back with more to show (I don't mean physically, she's already doing it!) in her performances. Well she's gone through a lot and it is tough for her, I respect that. But lets hope she'll produce another platinum album?
(Her performance in X-Factor)

Anyway, Ruth got voted out. Sad. She's got strong vocals but like she says, it is just the beginning for her. You go girl! xx

Work 'later today'...ergh! Smelly shoes!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Changes at work.

I was at work today...after more than a week off from work =p Well because of multiple reasons. Anyhow, things changed! Usually our company doesn't do cash refunds but give a credit voucher (which is a printed receipt with cash value) which makes people pissed. Like Duh! You paid cash but if you return it, you can't get your money back...but a piece of paper. Say goodbye to credit note and welcome gift cards! They decided to go hi-tech now. Instead of a flimsy piece of paper (where the ink fades with the petrol station receipts in Malaysia), you get a gift card! It's the size of a credit card but made of thick paper with coloured Chrismassy printings. Nice. I guess they're making enough money from the customers AND STAFFS.

Another new thing at work...Nike messed up. They 'tried' out a new man-made material for the inside lining of a batch of football boots. Thank God it was only a batch! Why?! Because when people start wearing it, it gives out a STRONG ODOUR! Apparently a customer told me it was a fishy smell. No, the kids didn't have HK feet! I held my breath every time each pair comes in. Why?! I'm standing behind the freakin' customer service till! I had to do two of those today! One of the supervisors said, be prepared for more throughout this two weeks. Nice =.=

Tomorrow we're going to meet BC and Danny for a Chinese meal at Chopsix Exchange. LOL! Funny name. Anyway, it spells fun! Time spent with them is always fun! Coffee and brandy, here I come =D (It doesn't get people drunk/high! It's just nice!)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Parcel, Parcel, I heart U!

Tuesday morning I received my mum's parcel =D Yes, another one! LOL! I literally jumped out of bed when I heard the intercom buzz at 10-ish (the usual time the postman comes) and ran out to answer it. "I have a parcel for Melissa?" *Swoosh* I ran down in my skimpy PJs...LOL! Kidding. Anyway, as I was runing back up the stairs (because it was freezing! Skimpy PJs...remember?!) I counted the amount of stamps...RM22.50. Wow! I can buy a top maybe even a pair of shoes with that amount in Malaysia!
One, two, three...11, RM2 stamps!
Awww...Disney Princess Xmas card =D
As usual, there's always a surprise in there.
Someting we take for granted in Malaysia...Mai Chang! **************************
Yesterday morning I was expecting my birthday parcel from my bessies (they told me it was coming =p). As usual, the intercom rang at 10-ish. *Fiak* I flipped the duvet away and ran to my room door. Then I heard my flat mate running out of her room and out the flat door. Ceh, false alarm =.= It was her friend waiting to go uni with her. I went back to bed and slept for another 2 hours (till 12pm that is >.<). LOL!
Today at 10-ish the intercom rang! No flat mate running out. Hence, *fiak*, *click, tak* (unlocking my door), "Hello?", "It's the postman here", *swoosh*. LOL! This time as I was running up, I was empathizing at the poorly dented box =.= Very excited to open it!!!
Boxy Dumpty fell from the cargo?!
Awwwwwwwwww! Hot PINK!!!Camwhore session! (It goes well with my waist belt =D)
You guys know me well! Heart!

I was looking for something like that lately!
Nicky, Gracey, SuSu, I HEART you people!!!
And not forgetting Serene for the presents too!
Although my dissertation is mentally and physically killing me, you guys added Petronas in me...LOL! *Hugs* *Kisses*

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Someone turned 23!

I couldn't remember when was the last time I actually baked a cake! Well actually, I think the last was for Ching Yee's 20th early this year. Man, it's been ages (months =p)! My passion has not run out but time is just not enough. So is the ingredients and utensils needed! Anyway, I baked an egg-less (not because of allergy reasons, just didn't have any in my stock) chocolate cake with olive oil (because I didn't have enough butter). Turned out not bad considering I didn't have a whisk (manual or electric...had to use a fork!), no proper measuring cup, and not even a kitchen scale. How I did it? I'm still wondering! LOL!
I am just smart enough to use Smarties as decoration for the cake and hence, not enough space to put on the balance of the words =.= Anyhow, it looks colourful (like the way I like it =p) and doesn't taste that bad so *pats on the back* Good job! Who's Birthday?!
"Happy 23rd Birthday, Michael!"
If only all the words could fit in on the cake =p

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Awarded =p
Nick, who said;
3) Melissa Lim Hello it's my best friend's blog. Support la sikit kan? Haha. Other than that, her posts about foods are so yummy.When wanna cook for us la wei? LOL.

and Grace, who said;
Satu: Mel
My bestie!!! Who posts about shopping, food, work and occasional 'essays' =p It's a habit for me to visit your blog everyday!!! =D See, touched tak? =p

LOL! Just so you guys know, I visit your blogs everyday!
The four blogs I find interesting (no particular order):

1)Nick: Best boy bud. Hence, I have to keep updated with his 'interesting' UTAR life and it's just fun to read about the silly things he does at times =p

2)Gracey: Best girl bud a.k.a. fried tofu. Feel like cekik her at times for being such a tofu but deep down, I'll still heart you! The weak tofu that looses her fried tofu skin and need to be fried once in a while to get the skin back...LOL!

3)Hwei Ming: Interesting posts...random at times but interesting.

4)Doulos: Very challenging to read. Most of his post is deep in content which makes my brain work while reading it. Bagus. LOL!

To be fair, I read all blogs when I go online (which is everyday) so this was a tough one...but I still like all equally (kinda). LOL! Keep blogging people!

It snowed this morning/last night. Woke up this morning and the streets are lined with snow. Just before I am prepared to leave for work, it rained like there's no tomorrow! I had to use the plastic poncho to prevent myself from getting wet (because I don't have an umbrella) but it didn't work. I walked to Ching's flat to return her something and my trousers are already wet! I don't see how I can go to work in that weather! Hence, "gastric"! LOL!
An hour later...the rain stopped and the sun is out. %$#&$@^#@%@$ betul! Yesh...the weather here is annoying...having to take public transport to work is not any better! I miss Enfield! =(

20th Pics

Here are my Birthday pictures!!!

The pretty (and delicious) two-layered cake Ching baked for me!
Me and FM at Nando's
Me and Ching at her flat kitchen
Table #7
Three of us shared a whole chicken and chips
Us, after a delicious meal Btw, that is Kyle (born in HK but migrated here), our drinking kaki on Weds
Cut the cake, cut the cake!
I am officially 20 now!!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Retail therapy

Today we decided to go shoe shopping! LOL! Random but the sun was out and it looks like a nice day to go out. Looks can be deceiving! It's SUPER COLD! Apparently it's going to snow on Sunday! Anyway we took an hour plus bus ride to Harrow for shopping. Thank You Foong Mei, for...
The Birthday present where she bought and gave me on the spot in Primark! LOL! A set of cute pink polka dot PJs with a pair of slipper socks.
Anyway I am not supposed to spend anymore (because I spent alot on Dublin) this month*t happens! I saw this jacket on sale in Primark and it looked super tempting! So I tried it on.
Yea, I bought it! LOL! It's white but a little shiny...nice!I don't have a short, warm jacket so I bought it...and it's only 5 freakin' pounds! *jaws drop* Bought tights and foot padding for heels from Primark too (Mum, don't kill me! LOL! I didn't know they sell this here =p and it was only 50p per pack)
Last but not least, an impulsive buy from New Look! Very dark blue (looks like black at night and in yellow light) Mary Jane heels
The heel is thick enough and it is comfy =D It was on sale and it is only 10pounds!!!
It looked like I bought alot of things but I only spent 18pounds in total. I know we were supposed to go 'just shoe' shopping but only FM managed to do that =p Me and Ching bought many more stuff. Fun day out, all satisfied! We went out about 1.30pm and came back at 8pm. Never did such long shopping hours for a long time! Therapeutic =p

Friday, 21 November 2008

Pretty shoe!

I received an email from Peacocks (a fashion retail outlet) saying that they are offering 20% off on all merchandise for Xmas. So I checked it out online...and came across this...
I heart it so much! Ain't it pretty?! After 20%, plus delivery it's! Not too expensive but I have to see the real thing to decide further. Pictures can be deceiving. Plus, the heel height is 11cm (with 1.8cm platform) *faints* That's a little too! I called up 2 nearest branch to find out if they have it so I could go check it out...sadly, they don't have it in store. Maybe it is just an online stock. I've been spending too much this month! *eeeeek*

I turned 20!!!

Yesterday I had chicken potato pasta and peas baked in chicken soup. Decided to make a casserole dish as there was AGAIN 5 other people cooking in the kitchen at the same time! It was nice =)
Another successful experiment =p LOL!

Thank You to all who've wished me and Special thanks to:

Mummy and Bro for the early 'Surprise box'

Aunt Janet for the KLS-Fabulosity book

My best buds: Nick, Grace and SY for the soon to arrive box

Ching Yee for the very beautiful and delicious cake

FM, Ching Yee and Kyle for celebrating with me

Last but not least, another of my best bud...Serene Kiah for It arrived when I was in Dublin so I had to arrange for a redelivery. The postman usually comes at 10am and when it was 10.15am, I started to panic...afraid that stpd incident might happen again! The postman came at 12.30pm...SUCH A RELIEF! LOL! I was running along the corridor like a monkey from the excitement =p

Anyway, I didn't have any special plans today so woke up in the morning to stalk the postman (as usual) and he came (thank God!). Then went to Uni for lectures but one was canceled so went for only one lecture. Then came back and dressed up for tonight =D Celebration at Nando's with Ching Yee, Foong Mei and our drinking kaki, Kyle. Really had fun.

Ching baked me a cake and it was soooooooooooo pretty! She warned me how horrible looking and tasting it was but...when it comes to things like that, I just can't trust her! I don't have the pictures now, it's with her so I'll post it up when I get it. So yesh, that's my boring 20th but all the presents and ending with the celebration really made my day.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that I am VERY thankful for having such special people like you guys (family and friends) in my life! I HEART YOU ALL AS LONG AS I LIVE!!! (As cheesy as it sounds =p I mean it!) xxx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Back in LonD!

Back from Dublin!!!
It was a blast! Totally a different experience. I want more holidays! LOL! Anyway, my mobile died on me so I didn't really capture alot of pictures. Most of them are on so check it out =) Too tired to! Most memorable...the walking! LOL! We wanted to save the bus fares (2Euros per trip) so we walked alot and we weren't sure where we're going most of the time...hence, walking up and down the same street at least 3times!

We were also looking for a place that served Irish Coffee...finally a pub with "Traditional Irish Coffee" on the menu pasted outside the bar. We enter and I ordered a cup and...
Bartender: We don't serve Irish coffee here.
Me: Oh okay. But it was on the list on the menu?
Bartender: Oh...that's just a guideline...we don't serve Irish coffee.
Me: Oh okay...that's alright then...thanks! *cabut*
-No comment-

The 10 bedded dorm we stayed in wasn't bad at all. It was way cleaner than I expected! The room wasn't always occupied as well which was good. So basically the first night there was 9 of us and the second night there was only 6 of us and it was a very silent room...only the three of us making the most noise =p We had a toilet and a bathroom in the room and our room mates were very considerate people so it was in clean condition most of the time.

I love the prison tour the was very educational and interesting. Primark in Dublin is called Penneys. LOL! Spent about 180pounds for this trip but it was worth it. Motivation to work harder for next trip (studies first priority of coz!) =p Some of the pictures not on FB will be here. Waiting for more pictures from Ching Yee.
Ben & Jerry's vending machine!!! Luton Airport.
Yeay! The prison's not built for me =p It was built for people of 5foot6 on average, few generations back. The face=feel sad for them.
One of my favourite picture which got FM and Ching annoyed =p


Decided to get something for myself...I needed a new mug.

Love this! 4.99Euros *Cracked-heart*

"Does my bum look big in this?"

Yes, No?! "Buzz off..." LOL!

Love them...nice fit! Only 1.5oEuros each from Penneys.

Miniature bottled Guinness (the hand to show how small it is) and Dark Chocolate flavoured with Guinness.

I didn't buy alot of things as I spent quite alot on this trip. Hence, only pictures for you guys...Sorry! =(

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Packing for a trip!

I'm going to Dublin on Sunday!!! Wheee~ =p FM suggested us to bring 'pui mein' so we don't have to eat out every meal. So after work today I went to Asda to buy some. Coincidentally, there's a deal...5 for 2pounds (one was about 70p). Hence, I bought 5 although I'm not bringing all (Duh!).
Super Noodles! Chinese spare ribs x2, Low fat roast chicken, Curry, and Chicken Chow Mein flavour.
Dinner tonight (have to finish my chicken! If only Nick and Grace could help out =p):
TWO chicken breasts baked in herbs, spices, chicken stock (some sauce for rice) and melted cheese with peas and rice. A successful experiment =p
Yesterday was my workplace staff purchase day where we get 15% (only!) off clothes and shoes our size. Sadly, this branch don't allow us to use the % on accessories...and for clothes, the top size have to be the same with the bottom! Wtf?! Discrimination to people who're pear shaped and upside-down triangle shape! Anyway, as I wasn't working yesterday I asked my colleague to buy for me two items. A super cheap reduced skirt, one and only one (that's why it was so cheap) which was MY size! Also, a pair of working shoes...kesian my Adidas didera with the extensive weather and pressure.
Yeap! Only 2pounds...hence, 1.70!
The back...a little plain but...1.70!
My plain black shoes.
The dolled up version =p Got the laces from Nu Lycee at Petaling Street. Knew it'll be of good use =p It's going to Dublin with me!
Packed my luggage and excited to see what Dublin have for the three of us. Random: Shoot! I'm so stuck in my assignment! *Screams*