Thursday, 31 May 2007

Last day of sale~

Last minute shopping! lol Universal Travellers had their last day of sale today! So I kinda bug my mum to take me to The Mall nearby PWTC to get some winter stuff =p So I bought a pair of gloves, a sweater, a hat, socks and I even bought a new pair of sport shoes! LOL! Looks like I am over prepared but I don't think so =p

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

30th May 2007

Today was normal...not really actually =p I was TOO lazy to wake up so I skipped a 8am class =p kinda feel bad...owh well! Erm...owh yea...had meeting with Kenneth Phun (lecturer) and our group assesment went well!!! YeaY! =p After that me and my group members feast on HP foodcourt food! Lol I just LOVE the western food there...especially the potato salad, chicken salad, kacang kudur?? (Rach recomended..Lol) and lettuce+cucumber+tomato. It sounds a lot but it's like the western type of economy rice where you only take a little of this and that...YUM! After lunch+meeting with my group members, I went to meet up with Ms Yeo to get a recomendation letter from her. It is really really hard to get one when you're not involved actively in college societies and clubs. So moral of the story is...GET INVOLVED! Lol Anyway she say she'll try but I got to write the letter myself first and then she'll edit. Weird way of getting a reference letter...No?!? Guess that's it for now =) Got to think about Middlesex, Bedfordshire or Teesside...

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Exams are not even here but I feel the stress already! I think I have too many things in my mind. Assignments, Uni applications, Uni choices, Mid term, Test, New house!!!! And the least I need is to be some gal's secretary taking down notes and assignments and important sh*t for her! Don't understand why people apply to be in a college if they can't attend classes! No motivation to stay? HELP door is never lock (except at night) so feel free to leave! People have their life OK! I seriously need a chill pill! Gona watch Miss Universe 2007...Miss Japan interesting...!

Monday, 28 May 2007

'Potong stim'...!

Having a crush is way better than having true feelings for someone! At least by having a crush, you can easily forget them! Luckly I am the type of person who only have crush on people I think is cute =p but sometimes a crush can be disappointing! It happen to me! I know this guy is kinda on the rocky road of his relationship but I don't know if he is available or not. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter coz I think he is cute but I don't intend to go for it. Anyway back to my story...I realize he had a girlfriend but I don't know who.

Since he is cute, I thought he might have a really pretty gf. Unexpectedly i had access to his gf's pictures. It was very very 'potong stim' for me! I would like to move on with the next crush now! I was very suprise with his taste in partnership. Don't judge a book by it's cover huh? So very true! It is sad to see your crush have such bizzare taste =p

I'm so over it!!! So potong stim larh! Anyway to people out there who are in the process of letting go some strong feelings for someone, think before you act in the future! =p Love is something hurtful if not handled properly and it might even change you or your piorities in life. So plan what you want and act based on a final decision you have made! Good Luck!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Another day...

Another tiring day passed...two actually. Supposed to study and get my CV done but did not do both! LOL well shouldn't be laughing now! I went shopping for winter clothes to bring to UK...and finally got some jeans! Not a fan of jeans as I rarely get to find the perfect fit for my body...but i'm happy with the ones i just bought.

I went out 'yam cha' with my high school buddies on Friday night and they were blown off with the news about me going to UK to further my studies. Initially I planned to go Australia =p well sometimes things don't go as you plan, right? Don't worry buds, i'll miss you guys loads!

Another interesting thing to talk about...sometimes when you're not in the mood for love,people who cares about you comes along. When you are feeling lonely and alone,no one seems to be by your side...that's life i guess =) I am not being emo k! just typing what i think =p

Saturday, 26 May 2007


This is my first post...first blog well i was not into blogging but somehow was tempted to try it out...i always believe that we should try everything while we can but of course not stuff that are dangerous to our own health like smoking, drugs, etc. lol well most of my friends blog which explains why im doing it too! lol i guess it should be fun =p yea...should get on with decorating laterz!