Tuesday, 28 August 2007

After such a long time...

I'm back!!!

I just got my result for 2nd application for my UK visa. I got my visa!!! LOL!!! I am exceedingly happy! A million thanks to some people who have helped me through this "wonderful" process. Now it is only like 3weeks away before I leave for UK! Can't wait! Can't wait to get some sick people out of my life! (Ok I don't sound like a psyc student here...screw it!)

I guess it is a stressful time for me now...so difficult to online to blog and express my feelings! There are so many stuff to do and yet so little time left! Owh!!! Yesterday I went to Parkson KLCC and we saw this promotion thinggie at the fragrance and cosmetics department. Anna Sui have a promotion where they do your make up and a hairdo then you get your pics snapped. Me and my mum went to do it because we want to have a portrait together...and of course with both of us looking stunning! Actually, Anna Sui's cosmetic is not that bad! It smells fantastic and the colors are dramatic. It is great! Although it is kinda costly. Will upload the pics when I can...(keep you in suspense =p)

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Doom doom doom...

Facing major down fall. (All in chronological order)

1) Marble passed away...Don't know why.

2) The come-back of an ex. (Yes it can be considered as a down fall in life)
3) My UK visa application got rejected.

4)Had to give away my beloved childhood soft toys.

5) I had to give my beloved Smokey to the SPCA today.

I took some last minute pictures at the SPCA main gate, just before I took smokey in:

My childhood soft toys! The blue bear is my brother's (which eventually became mine) and the red bear and Tammy is mine!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Missing those days with you...

Back in Starbucks! LOL! For a change of taste, I ordered a Mango Passion fruit Ice-blend. Nice. Came with my mother and brother but now both of them went off shopping somewhere.

Last night was an emotional night for me. I sms-ed a person.
Someone who's still have a place in my heart.
I didn't get any reply for the first few minutes (as usual) but he called back.
We had a long conversation over the phone.
There were some debates about things we disagreed.
It is weird that what he disagreed about was contradicting with his actions.
Anyway, the convo brought me back to those days.
After the convo, I feel like we were so close but yet so far away.
If I were to tell anyone, I am sure I will get the "Are you serious? That is silly! You shouldn't have! Forget him!".
It is just weird that what you are looking for is right in front of you but you are too blind to see.
Sad but true...
Hopefully when I am gone to UK, I will be able to leave you behind...

Thursday, 9 August 2007

The pics are here!

Went to do my visa application yesterday. Relieved it is over. Have been through a lot in preparation for this visa, didn't know it was that difficult. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be approved. Now I'm back in Starbucks again and I have finally transfer the pics from my mobile phone to the laptop. Here they are:

Combination of fresh creamy salmon, tuna and some red bean thing rolled up in artificial leaf.


Onion Rings.

Fresh scallops with melted mozarella cheese!!!

My dad's desert.

My desert...I know...very dull colored! =p

My bro's desert.
'Kueh Teow Chap' (Mixed pig parts) Ps: I only eat the meat!

The 'kueh teow' to eat with the dishes above.
The after image! LOL!

Choc brownie at Checkers (Dorsett Regency dinner buffet)

Fresh oysters!!! YUM! (Dorsett Regency dinner buffet)

Double yolk-ed egg (Madam Kwan)


Monday, 6 August 2007

Garage Sale finally here!!!

Mocha Mudslide Ice Blended! Currently in Coffeebean...would prefer Starbucks but the Starbucks in Mid Valley is under construction! SWT! It is kinda sad that I have to pay RM10 for a cup of drink just to get online. Owh well...LOL! I am having a GARAGE SALE this coming Saturday and Sunday from 10-6pm so for those who know where I used to stay, please come by if you want to get toys, deco items, furniture, household items and other stuffs with Mel's touch! LOL! All stuffs are still in good condition and it is going really cheap...from RM0.50 onwards!!! LOL! One thing good about having blogs...ad purposes! LOL! Anyway, will be busy for the whole of this week with my visa application and hopefully everything goes well...OK, I should get out of Coffeebean now!

Friday, 3 August 2007

Already feeling it...

I am leaving for KL tommorow at 0800 hours =) Part of me can't wait but the other part of me is thinking about the person I love here. It might be the last time I am here in JB before leaving for UK. Hopefully I will be accompanied by my love ones when I'm off to UK =)

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Japanese buffet in JB!

Wheee~ Ate buffet again today! LOL! This was different. Usually when I'm in JB, I have all my meals at home but tonight my dad's sis=my aunt, offered to buy us a dinner. We were given a choice between Japanese buffet or Chinese food. It was a difficult choice...actually it was one of the hardest choice I have to make in my life. Wait a minute...wth?!?! Isn't it the easiest choice ever? Of course I prefer Japanese buffet! LOL! Well we did went for it in the end. The reason there were other choices other than Japanese buffet is because my cousin psychologically couldn't take raw food. Sad. Well I used to be like that too! Actually I am still like that! LOL! Only to certain stuff I guess. If I can c that a chicken is half cooked or only 9/10 cooked, TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!! I just can't take it. I even eat beef stake well-done! LOL! I only take Japanese raw food like salmon. No raw poultry please!

Back to the story, I ate a lot!!! I don't mean it literally! LOL! I was very surprise that they have such amazing variety! The Japanese buffet I ate at KL was not authentic Japanese food! It was very...westernized. This Japanese buffet restaurant have real stuff! Here are some comparisons...

Japanese buffet in KL / Japanese buffet in JB:
1)Fish flavoured-flour paste scallops / Real scallops still stuck to their shells
2)No Udon at all! / Different variety of Udon!
3)Sushi and Tepanyaki based / Sushi, Tepanyaki, Maki, Udon, many more!
4)Three ice-cream flavours / Eight ice-cream flavours!
5)Small cups of Chawamushi / Three different types of Chawamushi (big cup)
6)Thin sliced and not fresh raw salmon / Thick and creamy FRESH salmon
7)No soft-shell crab and Unagi (eel) / Plenty soft-shell crab and Unagi

There are many more comparisons that could be made...LOL! Too long to list! Anyway it was worth it! It is even cheaper I think! I took some pics but I don't have the cable with me so I'll upload next time...(Yes, now I know how to!) LOL! Have to digest my meal by watching WWE...LOL! Laterz...