Sunday, 30 August 2009

The end. Another begining.

No more waking up at 7am, swallowing breakfast in the morning, running out to catch the bus, and so on. Work is now over. Honestly, it is kind of sad...I would really miss it. Despite all of the above, I still like that job. Anyway, I was given a little farewell! We had Victorian sponge cake with strawberries, Chocolate log, and Lemon Cupcakes. It was DELICIOUS! Really thoughtful. My manager gave a little speech and said I had been a 'STAR' =) Awwwww.

Right after work that day, I had to rush to Bonda Cafe, a Malaysian Restaurant to buka puasa with the rest. Lately I have been really close with my housemates and the 'Wood Green Gang'. LOL. Wish I moved in earlier. Anyway, we all had our dose of Malaysian food (totally yummeh but mahal!) and then we decided something.

That night, I polluted my lungs. LOL! We went to Marble Arch/Edgware...a street full of night life. That whole street is filled with Arabian Restaurants and....Shi-Sha =p Yes, I did it! I was freaking scared to begin with but EVERYONE was smoking, even the most innocent girl smoked! Hence, peer pressure la...LOL! (High external LOC! =p) We had three Shi-ShaS for 10 of us but one didn't smoke at all, he had migraine. So the 9 of us shared Apple, Grape, and Mixed Fruit flavoured Shi-Sha. I don't know how many puffs I swallowed! Meaning, no smoke came out when I take in. It take quite some time for me to learn. LOL! It was really fun but I didn't feel anything (supposed to feel 'high' I heard?!) =.=

Anyway, we were there smoking till pass midnight...again, we had to run to catch the last train (yes, it happened before...with the same group of friends =p). When we heard the announcement about the last train arriving, we raaaaaan like a bunch of hooligans...actually, everyone there was running. LOL! If we missed the train, I have no idea what bus or how many buses to take to get back home! We never learn =p Then we reached the tube station nearby our house. To get to our house, we need to pass by Asda. So we went in as we needed to get ingredients for kuih raya. We shopped at 1am in the morning till 2am =.= walked 15minutes in the freezing cold weather back home. Then I Sahur-ed with my housemates. I was so hungry that I cooked maggie goreng at that hour!

Yesterday (Saturday) we woke up at 12pm and started preparing the kitchen. Kak Zela was VERY prepared. She had her laptop and speakers ready in the kitchen. When we were about to start, the songs were about to start too...when it begin, Fuh~ Semangat Hari Raya! LOL! Kak Zela played Hari Raya songs and 'Balik Kampung' songs. It totally reminded me of Kamdar in Malaysia during this season. LOL! Anyway, we made LOADS of cookies. I think few hundred Almond London cookies, three dozen peanut butter cookies, Mexican buns (aka RotiBoy), and a huge butter cake. I swear, it would make a great commercial for Malaysia. The ladies of different races in PJs baking Raya cookies with Raya songs. So the muhibah! LOL!

Pictures soon to come =) Hanni is going back tomorrow =( The house will not be the same without her. I will be flying back to Malaysia in 10days...and I haven't packed a thing! Sei lorh!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The unexpected.

I have been really busy lately. Mainly with work and a minimal amount of time thinking what the hell am I going to do with my things here in London! I am still looking for a solution.

Knowing my days in London are getting shorter, I did the most unexpected thing EVER! I went to a...bush doof?! -my Aussie cousin said. LOL! No idea what it is called but it is FUN! I would call it pary bawah-tanah but...yeah...kinda scary when you think of it =p So here's the story:

On Saturday I woke up at 2pm (yes, it was very late), washed up and got dressed, all prepared to go out. Then I got a bombastic news and it spoilt my whole day! Didn't feel like going out at all! My housemate, Brindha saw my 'reaction' towards the news and she invited me to go out with her and the rest of the Wood Green gang (another group of Malaysians). I agreed.

We went to Enfield to get a dozen Krispy Kreme because Brindha's friend wanted to get some. We got one complimentary original glazed doughnuts each as the light on the signboard was turned on. Wooot! After that we went to East Ham, an hour tube ride away to feast on an Indian buffet for 5pounds. The food was fantastic! Proper Indian curry, super spicy with tender mutton and chicken. Loves! I even had Payasem =p some dessert thing with boiled milk, sago, sugar and something else. It was fun.

After that they were all discussing where to go. FYI, by the time we finished our dinner, it was 11pm. Hence we took a tube back. However, for some reason, we got stuck in the tube twice =.= the first time due to some medical emergency from one of the passengers, the second was due to a track failure. Wasted so much time! While we were in the tube, one of our friend was trying to get hold of the 'party bwh-tnh' location. He got a call and it was in Oakwood, which is about 5minutes bus ride away from my place. We all decided to go BUT we had to go back home first as we need to change our attire.

I got a call from them and they said, 'Don't wear so nice ah! No high heels, no skirts. Wear trousers.' Owh-kay. LOL! Hence, me and Brindha went out at 3am to catch a bus to meet the rest. The road was super quiet! Once we reached, we begin our journey into the forest. It was pitch black! They brought torch light so one guy was in front with the torch, us four girls in the middle holding hands like UHU-glued together, and another guy behind us with a torch. We can barely see few meters ahead as it was really dark. It was very spooky. I kept thinking what if someone jump out of the bushes and rob us! LOL! *touchwood* It didn't happen =p

We walked and walked and walked till we finally hear some *boom boom boom* the bass =) Then we still have to walk about 10minutes? It was really IN the forest, totally reminded me of jungle treking in Malaysia! We got closer and closer and finally we can see laser lights in the bushes. LOL! Then there's a small hole in the bushes a.k.a. the 'door'. We have to bend down to get in (for free) and the smell of w**d is sooooo strong! Basically people are dancing and smoking and drinking and just chilling in general. They have 'things' there which you normally won't see on the streets or in public. You name it, they have it! *faham2 la* They even have fire performances! Sadly it was too dark to take pictures. We danced for a bit and then we found a spot a little further away from the 'dance floor' and we lay down some newspaper before sitting down.

We hung out in the jungle with great trance beats till about 6am in the morning. LOL! The sky was already bright by the time we left and the party was still on! We were so hungry and yet we have to walk 30minutes out of the location! Got a bus and reached home at 7am. Makan, mandi, and tidur till 4pm. Great day! LOL! Totally an experience. I took a video of the party but it was still quite dark.

Life in this house is damn happening! Sushi night tomorrow, Satay House to buka puasa on Thursday night, Almond London (kuih raya) night on Friday. LOL!

Monday, 10 August 2009

'Hasil' shopping =p

This is the statue my mum INSISTED on buying at the 2nd last day she was in London =.= And it was in a shop at the tube station! Keng right? Tube station also she can buy something. My mum. LOL!
It was quite huge k! Don't even mention the weight!
This is a flat I always pass by when I go to work. Totally love the concept! The 'balcony' is fully glassed from top to bottom and it is like round instead of the common squared ones.

Here comes the shopping!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Totally fell in love with this dress when I tried it on! Best of all, the tag says it was 8pounds but it was reduced to 5pounds at the tills! Woooooot! The material is thick and the bust area actually have wiring. Fantastic!
Shoe number 1 =)
Platform heels.
Shoe number 2.
Teal embroidered pumps. Comfy!
Shorts number 1.
Pink with belt.
Shorts (yes, it is!) number 2.
Black linen with a ribbon to the back.
This actually looks like a mini skirt when you wear it. Loves!
This is the shoes I went back to buy today. LOL!
Shoe number 3!
Suede flat boots. To go with a mini dress =)
Hence, I bought:
1 dress
2 shorts
3 shoes
4 bags
=p kidding bout the last one. LOL!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Break free...(just for the weekend)

Yesterday I did the freakiest thing ever! (Not really =p)

There was a drama in the house. One of my housemate and her friends had a confrontation with another girl. Well lets didn't turn out well. The house was filled with shouting, screams, tears, and a little table banging. LOL! I was in the room next door, having a first class audio (only) experience. No, I did not breach any privacy...heck I could hear it even from my room upstairs! LOL! Anyway, I was given approval to be in that room lah.

To make it short, some b*tch can really b*tch! Some of them could do it to an extent of not feeling sorry or regret for the consequences! Anyway, my poor housemate was shaken up with all the drama as she was shouting her lungs me, the audio is enough to draw the picture! So after the whole thing ended, we decided to go out and have dinner...none of us wanted to cook (duh)! My housemates are kind of a movie junkie as they have this unlimited pass where they pay 11pounds a month to watch UNLIMITED movies anytime!!! One student price ticket cost 4.90! Lucky them =.=

So they checked for movie timings and the only movie we agreed on was Orphan (yes Nick, you beat me to it!). However, the movie is at 11.40pm and it was 9pm that time. LOL! It was a Friday night and it's the best day of the week for me...after all those hours in the office! Gosh! Couldn't wait to have some fun! Adding to that, all the drama in the much more reason to go for that movie! Hence, we did.

The movie ended at 2am. Took a night bus back and we had to walk about 20minutes to our the SUPER silent housing area...after watching Orphan. Great! There was this point where one of my housemate talked about the dog opposite our house barking one night and she heard a baby crying. I swear I walked a taaaaaad bit faster. LOL! And I keep changing the topic. Heck, you would too! =p

The movie was great, as mentioned by Nick. After the movie, us girls also talked about the talented girl in the movie. She did a great job! It is not easy acting a role like that. I remember a scene where the dad tried to explain to her (Esther, the 'orphan') about what adults do in bed when they love each other alot and she said, "Yeah, they fuck." LOL!

Today was a sinful day! I did shopping! Loads of it! Bought two pairs of shoes, a dress, two shorts and a pair of shorts for my mum. I was soooooo tempted to get a pair of suede boots that I've been wanting to get for a long time which I didn't got round to as it was kinda pricey before. New Look is selling theirs for 7pounds! The cheapest I found months ago was 25pounds! Due to the fear of spending too much, I decided to not get it. I regretted. Hence, I AM GOING BACK THERE TO GET IT TOMORROW! LOL! Hopefully they still have my size! Pictures tomorrow.

Friday, 7 August 2009


Yeay! Got a gift card from New Look for the returns of my over-sized skirt. Time for more shopping! It's FRIDAY tomorrow!!! Can't wait! Love weekends! LOL! Saturday is shopping day! Wooot!

Weather these few days is HUMID! Never thought London would feel like Malaysia! It was 27degrees but it felt like 32!!! I have been wearing spaghetti strap tops to work these few days. The heat is intense! Yet, today the rain poured like no body's business =.= And that was the day I 'semangatly' went to Asda...because I was craving for spinach soup for dinner. Hence, bought FROZEN CHOPPED SPINACH from asda. Also resulted to some temptations...TWO boxes of STRAWBERRIES and a box of MAGNUM (3 inside) and a box of CORNETTO (6 cones). Bagus!

I need sleep! Goodnight.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Short update.

Been a hectic week! One of my housemate left for Malaysia yesterday and we had a surprise Farewell party for her. It was fun. We sang...a lot! LOL! I don't have the pictures at the moment as they are all in my housemates' camera.


I can't find the damn receipt to my New Look formal skirt that costed me 8pounds! I always keep receipts but for some reason, I don't have this one =(

It is too big and I desperately need to change it! Hopefully I can use my bank statement as a proof of purchase?! SW allows that! Fingers crossed!

I do not even have the time to go and change it! Working from 10-6pm everyday and most New Look shops closes at 5.30pm the latest! Tuuuuuut!


Pelham 123=THE BOMB!!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Just found out that a junior (I think from SMKS5 too) passed away. Although I don't know her, I still feel sad. It seems like a lot of people are leaving this world. Certainly not a good feeling. Life is indeed too short.

My condolences to her family and friends. May you rest in peace.

She passed away after a motorcycle accident. Let this be a lesson to all. Please use your sensibility on the road...and in everything you do. Going out at night all alone is not recommended. Be street smart. Cherish your life.