Monday, 31 December 2007

Shopping in Enfield Town~

Yesterday was a blast! We went to Enfield Town with Ching. My mum was all crazy over the sales! LOL! We went back with two LARGE bag of clothes! I am too lazy to take pictures but they were all pretty clothes =p I bought some too...first time spending so much on clothes here! My mum bought more than me thou =p Only the first day going out and we spend 100pounds already! Wonder how crazy my mum will go when we go Central...! LOL! Will update pictures of the clothes I bought when I feel like it =p Oh!! It is New Year's eve tomorrow!!! LOL! YEAY!

Saturday, 29 December 2007


My mum's welcome cake =) Made this for her cake =) It might sound eww but it is healthy and not fattening...LOL! Half gone now.
One-bowl date cake.

My mum arrived today!!! There were misunderstanding in terms of time of arrival but I managed to bring her to my flat safely...LOL! As she unload the two horrible heavy bags, I was jumping like a mad woman =p Things I missed sooo much!

Heong Peng.

LOVE this!
Some souvenirs for friends here.

My Xmas present from my mum's secretary...LOL!

After having lunch and tea, we went out to nearby shops and to my work place as well. My mum nearly asked me to buy the whole shop for her =.= After that, we went dinner at TGI's Friday!!! LOL! My first ever expensive and filling meal...LOL! I was totally stuffed with a 3 course meal and my mum took a 2 course meal.
I know it looks eww...only remembered to take picture of it after half way through =p Jack Daniel's chicken wings for appetizer.

My New York Strip steak with wild mushroom sauce.

My mum's Jack Daniel's grilled salmon.

My mum's desert; Strawberry and lemon sorbet in lemonade punch.

My typical choice for desert; Brownie temptation served warm with vanilla ice cream.
Some other things my mum brought for me =)
Cute bag with a big bow!!! LOL!

Pink ballet pumps, brown leather boots and a pair of ugg boots =)

My brother's gift to me...BWHAHAHAHA! Didn't know he knows my taste =p Love this! Thanks bro!
Had a lot more things but too lazy to take pictures of them. LOL! We are going to Enfield town tomorrow!!! LOL! Fun is coming to town~

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas fun =)

I made this on the 22nd of December because it was the celebration in Malaysia...I think...LOL! Anyway, Nick's ones look better =p

Tong Yuin in ginger and brown sugar syrup!

It is Boxing Day today =) Went to work straight from BC's house. This year's Christmas wasn't that bad at all. Well, besides the sad amount of gifts I got =p Anyway, the public transports were cut off on Christmas day so we can't travel around. Therefore, we went to Boon Choo's house to stay two nights...Xmas eve and Xmas day =) We had too much to eat!!! Seriously! She is always over-generous with serving food to us! Xmas eve we had Chinese style fried noodles (but using spaghetti), pork pies and a bottle of champagne she bought from France. We then had LOADS of snacks (raisins, muruku, salted peanuts) and Ching's Xmas cake =) it was lovely...both the looks and the taste...LOL! Of course we had English tea to go with =)
Raisins and Muruku snacks

Ching's Xmas cake, the Champagne and BC's Xmas gift from us (fresh flowers in vase)
The four of us celebrating Xmas together =)
Me and FM: Just before dinner on Xmas eve...Our Chinese noodles and Nightingales (orange with candies and candles)

The Champagne...LOL!

After a few drinks =) LOL!

While we were having our dinner on Christmas day, BC's friend invited us over to their place for Christmas =) We agreed to go!!! LOL! The house was HUGE! They had a swimming pool at the back of their house AND a gym AND PLENTY of space for their dog, Fred, to run around! They prepared wonderful lunch* for us =)

The dinner table

Our starters: Prawn salad =)

Roast Chicken

Front to back: Carrot and potato mash, Crunchy roasted potatoes, Roasted chicken, Roasted lamb

The dessert table =)

Fried mini raspberry munchkins

Minced pie (minced berries filling) and at the back; Chocolate meringue Yule log

Mixture of three crazy creamy and yummy cakes!!!

Vanilla sponge cake (made by the host's daughter) It was fantastic! Crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside =)

Black forest cheese mini tarts

*FYI: On Christmas day, the dinner is called lunch and it is around 4-5pm =) then it is the desserts and snacks and eventually supper =)

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!
Love, Hugs and Kisses from....ME a.k.a. MeL MeL!!!
Missing everyone in Malaysia!


Walking to work today was horrible!!! It was soooooo foggy and there were too little cars on the road so it was really creepy! There was no one (besides me) walking....! Usually there are at least 2-5 people walking along the streets...but I was all alone today. Most of my colleagues were late too! Thanks to the fog. Hopefully it won't continue like this =( The cars were also covered with icicles!! Like the ones you see in the ice cream tubs! LOL! Wanted to take picture but it was really difficult to press the button with gloves. Don't bother trying to take off the gloves! My fingers will be frozen instantly! LOL! Will try to take when I can =)

Look at how dead the roads are!

*PS: Grace, I'm working in sports retail at Sports World =)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Things that happened...

Doulos asked me to update my blog...LOL! Well I've been busy lately but not with assignments...with work =.= yeah...silly me! Despite the business, I managed to change my nails again =) I cut them short thou...damn job! LOL! it is...

Right hand...

Left hand...yes, that is Santa =)

This was what was served during our Psychology poster huh?! Tell me 'bout it! There was also champagne and orange juice! Of course I took the champagne..Duh~
Me and Ching (our poster behind us)

Super Six (one group member dropped out)

My first, expensive bread...Bran and seeds with cranberry bagel.
Ate it toasted with avocado and condensed milk =) YUM!
Baked these on Thursday...Chocolate chunks and nuts cookies~

Comes in three sizes....LOL!
Don't they look yummy?! Jam filled butter cookies...

Baked them on Friday...planning to give my colleagues at work for Christmas =)

I'm back from a full day work...very tired. Going to clean up and sleep now~

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Yum Yum...

Sweet corn soup!!! Saturday's dinner!
-sweet corn, chicken, onion, carrot and broccoli...
Sweetness and deliciousness!!! LOL!

Had this for dinner today...Looks like fast food but it is not! Spent almost an hour grilling the sausages...LOL!

Sinfulness!!! It was too cheap to let it go!
One pack one pound!!! Where can you get so cheap?! Not even in Malaysia! Seriously!!
Don't worry, I'm just stocking up...I won't finish it within a week or something like that! I WILL look the same (physically) when I'm back...LOL!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas nails!!!

Yes I painted them (quite sometime now but I only have time to blog about it now)!!! LOL! Finally got the set of (very expensive) acrylic paints!!! The reason being, I need to decorate my nails AND I might want to start a small trade =) As I'm a right-hander, I only can draw Christmas nails on the left hand and random flowers and strawberries on the right. LOL!

Right hand...
Left hand...
Everyone at work loved em' (including the customers...LOL!)
That's the Christmas spirit~