Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 to 2009

Goodbye dear have left me plenty of thoughts about my life. Some good and of course some not so good. For some reason, I feel that you have made time flew so much faster. It's like I never knew what really happened this year. Whether to feel blessed or to feel silly for things that happened. Then again, it was my choice to do what I did. Hence, may 2009 bring out the wiser me and allow me to make the best of it.

Dear you. Thank you for bringing me into this world and taking care of me with your blood, sweat and tears for 20 years now. I know I have been a pain when I do things that make you worry about me and I apologize for that. All human beings are rebellious at some point of time =p and I thank you for your patience in dealing with this 'loud' me. We definitely have some disagreements to somethings but lets face it, it would be a boring life without them. I know you had to take some steps that I disagreed with (and still am) for the better but I will always love you, hail, storm or volcano eruption. I certainly do hope 2009 will bring us many more happy occasions and I'm turning 21, little bit more freedom, pweety pls? =p

Dear you. You played masak2 and Barbie (ok, and Hotwheels) with me when we were younger. Then we had one of the most rocky childhood which constantly ended up in tears. As we grew, tears constantly paired with anger, jealousy and hatred because we don't understand each other. That was what made us grew apart although we were in fact so close. 2008 has definitely brought a change. Me being away from home, things weren't the same...we got closer again with better understanding. A blessing in 2008 for me. I certainly do hope 2009 will continue to bring us closer and cause lesser misunderstandings. No matter how much you've annoyed me, know that you are that someone which I will always love and respect.

Dear you. You are like a Chipsmore cookie. Throughout my life, you are there one period of time and gone the next. 2008 was never the best for you and me. I certainly have missed those times when I was younger. Well, I guess people change. No matter what, you are still that someone I will always love. May 2009 brings you the best for your business and health.

Dear you. You are another blessing in my life. The passionate, caring and understanding figure I could always look up to. Thank you for being there for me when I am lost and sad, all the way from Australia. Although we are never physically near for a long period of time, I always knew you were there for me. You've always treated me like your daughter and I am truly grateful for that. May 2009 brings you never-ending laughter and joy.

Dear you. I've known you since the first year of high school and we are still the best of friends today. You understand me so much that sometimes I wonder if you're the guy version of me. Well, we definitely know alot about each other that it creeps me out at times. LOL! I know I have pissed you off on couple of occasions by emo-ing to you but you have handled it well (no, not like the time you laughed when I cried on the phone!). Bet you're denying that you were pissed off. Anyhow, you are always there for me, rain or shine and I want you to know that I will be there for you too. You are definitely a friend I would want to keep forever! I love you and may 2009 brings out the best for us (in studies and life in general).

Dear you. I first met you in primary and then we parted for years before meeting again in high school. We were quite distant when we first met in high school but years have definitely brought us closer. We have had our disagreements but we agreed on almost everything =p I know I have been too much of a mother figure (which can be annoying) at times but I just care for you and always will =) I am glad to have you as a friend and know that no matter what I said, I still love you for who you are! I am sorry if I accidentally said hurtful things to you but I didn't mean to hurt you. 2008 had been a sucky year for both of us in terms May 2009 help us get smarter and wiser with our choices in you-know-what. LOL!

Dear you. What can I say about you...we have been the loudest girls in high school. Always hanging out in NZ and Sg. Wang...doing too much shopping that needed but it was fun. We had same tastes in fashion and food too (NZ's maggie goreng)! I know we have distant a little this year because I am here and you don't have access to the net as often. But the times we spent together is an unforgettable one. I remember how we can talk and talk and never get sick of talking about...things. LOL! The final month of 2008 was not an easy one for both of us. I remember we said we will never put our all into something, we were such dominant females back then...I guess this is the season for us to be silly. Lets welcome 2009 together and hope that it brings back the strong us.

Dear you. I have known you for almost a year now. Seems so little but I've gone through so much. I have changed alot of my principles...some for the better and some for worst but I have definitely learnt alot from you. I have sacrificed certain things (I know you did too) and shed countless tears of sorrows and pain because of you. I don't blame you for that because I chose to be with you. Because I love you. I may not be the best 'someone' you've expected for (but no one is perfect) =p I apologize if I've annoyed and said hurtful things to you (if it affected you). You have given me smiles and laughter effortlessly...the kind that no one had given me before and I thank you for that. 2008 was filled with ups and downs for us. I don't know what to expect for 2009 with you but I certainly hope there's more joyful moments to come.

Thank you everyone for being there for me and being so patient with this demanding princess =p I know I have been a pain in the ass for some of you but I have also been a blessing for most of you too, right?! =D LOL! Anyway, if I didn't talk about you above, it doesn't mean you are not important in my life. I truly cherished every one of my family and friends. I apologize for any mistake or misunderstandings I might have caused and I hope 2009 will be a better year with plenty of sales to go around! LOL! I know, I just can't get shopping out of my mind now =p Another very important point...I am GRADUATING this year and I am turning 21!!! *Wheeee*

Happy New Year to all and may 2009 brings us good health and great joyous moments!!!

New kitchen!

Walked to work this morning. Freezing cold! It was very cold last night as well which explains the slippery roads and icicles on the railings and even the grass. The grass looks white instead of green. Nice =p
Not so visible in the picture.
As they were refurbishing my kitchen the whole of today, we couldn't use the kitchen. Hence, they gave us 15GBP for food =p
Well I reach work early so I went to eat breakfast in McD. Had McD's bacon, egg and cheese bagel for breakfast =p and a cup of coffee
After =) So classy horh?!?
Got a new one-headed tap too! The previous one was two-headed! So it's either boiling water on one tap or freezing water on the other. One thing thou, we don't have drawers for cutlery =.= LOL!
They painted the skirting along the corridor too!
New Years eve tomorrow!!! Nothing planned...Wish I was in Malaysia =(

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Oxford street deal

8am in the morning, I heard men talking along the corridor. They were supposed to come and refurbish the kitchen tomorrow but the amount of noise they are making makes me think that it might be today! My stuff in the kitchen (which is supposed to be packed in a box) is still in the kitchen! *EeeeK* I sprang out of bed and went to the accommodation office to get the box. I packed my stuff and obviously one box wasn't enough (but one resident is only allowed one) =.= Luckily I had a spare box with me.

I saw the maintenance guy and he say they're ripping the cupboards tomorrow but just doing some painting today. Anyway, I packed my stuff and went to take my shower. Then I had a little chat with one of my best gf and I read her blog. It hurt me so bad reading what I read. Love can really make you blind. (Ps: I know how so very much you love him, girl but CLEARLY he's not worth 1% of your love!) Seriously, that is one f*cked up guy. Don't tell me you love her and all that sh*t! Stop playing her and grow up from your immature spoilt life! Sorry but I can't stop hating you for what you did to her. And I know alot of people will hate you for that too =)

After that horrible news, it was time for me to get ready to go Oxford street and meet up with Hwei Ming =) Our Kasturi brother all the way from Manchester. LOL! Yea, I last saw him when we were in Kasturi...that's like in 2005!!! Man, we're getting old! So yea, we had Nandos for lunch and just chatted a!
I can't get over my 1pound top. It looks so....not-1pound! LOL!
Came back with a bag of...eau de parfum =D
The shop was closing down and they basically sold one whole bag of perfumes outside the shop. One man was standing on the table and shouting, 'We are closing down! The shop is closing down! So we are selling this at a very cheap price because we need the money!'. Each of us bought one bag. LOL! (I sense a koi fish from my pond, in my condo, flying from Malaysia to hit me...the fish is innocent, mum! =p)
The first's sealed so I don't want to open it but the bottle is nice!
The second...
I swear that is a picture of Scarlett Johanson and 'Lovely' is by Sarah Jessica Parker!!!

The bottle is so the cute! Using this first =)
The third...
Two in one...
Eau de parfum and luxury body lotion
The fourth...
I swear that bottle is 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker *confused*
And yes, 'Carrie' was 40GBP
Last but not least, a men's...'Curage Street Racing'
No idea what I am going to do with it...YET!
Yeap, he is 40GBP too! And there is a free 'Curage Surfing' miniature bottle inside too!
All 5 bottles of perfume and a bottle of lotion for...20GBP =) Some deal. Come to London people! LOL! Somehow there's this thing with me and 5item deals...LOL! Still waiting for my shoes! The weather is still crazy cold now!
Oh yes, finally someone from my shop called me! Morons! They told me I have a shift tomorrow. F*ck A*ses! Seriously! Their management sucks! But then again, I have good shifts this week so I will go to work =p If I get sucky shifts, I swear I will not go to work and say, "Ops...I've already made plans because the rota was not up on Saturday (it's supposed to be up by Thursday!) and no one called me when the manager say he'll call me to let me know on Saturday. Too bad but I actually have a life and SW is not even 80% of it! Thank you. Bye!". I like working in the shop as a customer service assistant but I just couldn't stand the horrible management!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

More food...

I opened my Christmas present from BC. It's seriously like Ferrero Roche! I ate four in a day! I seriously am eating alot lately...must be PMS! Damn!
Operetta from M&S
Dinner tonight (well, last night):
Tom Yam seafood spaghetti!
I made too much so I thought I could save some for tomorrow. Fat hopes. It's too delicious to escape second round >.< LOL! Don't ask me where my flabby belly came from! But seriously, you guys should try cooking this. Just some Tom Yam paste, seafood/chicken, cooked spaghetti and some vegetables. Toss it around in the pot on low heat and it's ready to eat when it's well combined!
*PS: Waiting patiently for my stuff from Barratts =D

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sales Sales Sales!

Hate my job. Why?! Because my shift was supposed to end at 7pm and we ended up leaving the shop at 9pm. I wonder how people could work there for years with that kind of management! Everyone was busy chatting away and just standing around instead of working to finish faster. Worst of all, I got the worst section to tidy. The 'Barbie' section. The clothes are so tiny and the hangers are even more tiny which allows the clothes to come off the hangers easily. By midday, half my section was on the floor! And mind you, the hangers have age stickers on them! So I had to hang the clothes using the correct hangers and arrange it back on the walls and stands according to age sizes! Paria!

However, there's no burger stall or restaurants near my working place (besides Brent Cross shopping center which takes 20mins return and will leave me with only 10mins to eat!) and I didn't prepare food to work. The only place is Starbucks which is 4shops away. LOL! My first ever purchase from Starbucks is not a cuppa coffee but a Free-range egg mayo sandwich which amazingly is reasonably priced. Nice.

Anyway, I'm cutting down my hours at work! One day a week. LOL! Today is Saturday and I still have no idea what shifts am I working next week. Thanks to the management. I asked my manager and he said he'll give me a call to let me know today. I doubt he will remember. I don't care. I won't remind him and I won't show up! That's for not putting the rota up on time =)

Anyway, sales is going crazy! In fact, I was late for work 5minutes yesterday because I was shopping =p I was in the queue to pay for a pair of boots and when the lady checked the size of the boots, the button popped out =.= and the person-in-charge say they couldn't sell it now. THANKS! I queued so long for nothing and that was the very last pair in my size *sobz* They don't even have it online now!

Product name: Utah (17GBP)

So I went online to shop and found couple of nice ones at really reasonable prices. I found more last night but I saved them in the basket. This morning, half of what I've chosen last night ran out of stock =.= So before it's too late, I placed my order on 5 items and it came up to only 27GBP! I am not posting up all the items (suspense =p) yet but I will when I get them. Sneak peak of two of the items...

Product Name : Beyonce
-Pull on part leather part suede effect ankle boot
-Cross over strap and button detail at the front
-Round toe with cone heel
-Heel height 8cm
-This fashionable boot will look great teamed with skinny jeans!
-Heel Type: Stacked Heel
-Sole Material: SyntheticProduct name: Mills
-Ladies lace up pump with rubber toe cap
-Stitch detail to upper (can change the laces!!! *wheee*)
-Heel height: 8.5cm
-Material: Textile
-Sole Material: Synthetic
-Step out in style!

Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

A little late but Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year to everyone!!!
Supper for the day before Christmas eve...
Digestives and raspberries with yogurt.
Christmas eve breakfast =)
On Christmas eve, I went to Mike's place to hang out. We had Pizza Hut before going to the cinema to watch..."I like to move it, move it, he like to move it, move it, she like to move it, move it, we like to, move it!!!"
A must watch! Super funny!
After the movie, I took a bus to BC's place and stay a night at her place as me, Ching and FM are spending Christmas with them the next day. On Christmas day, we went to BC's church for a traditional Christmas lunch and the table was set beautifully.
The pretty confetti on the table
That table piece is from live plants. And that's a bottle of sparkling white grace drink. LOL!
This is a Christmas cracker and each of us get one. We had to pull the ends with someone else and then there's a joke in it, some goodies and a Christmas hat =)
I got mini screwdrivers...super cute! LOL!
I didn't take any pictures of the meal I had so I just took it from flikr =p
Anyway, a Traditional Christmas meal includes: Brussels sprouts (mini cabbage), steamed/roasted carrots, parsnips, potatoes, turkey, stuffing, gammon (salted pork), sausages wrapped in bacon and gravy. Yum! Then we had Christmas puddings (dessert) too! Dried fruit cakes with custard cream/whipped cream/brandy butter, yule log, chocolate Victorian sponge cake and minced pies.
After the meal at church, we went to BC and Danny's friend, John and Julie's place. Their house is a mansion! LOOK! So many windows! We had another round of Christmas meal exactly the same as what we had at church but in addition to that, roast duck and lamb. That meal was madness as we had it at 9pm! Then we had a selection of cheese and biscuits at 10pm and then a home-baked cake (by John's daughter) at 10.30pm! I seriously look like I am pregnant now! It is 1.30am and clearly the food has not digested! Drank Eno but still too full to sleep =.=
Me with my Christmas hat =p
Oh! I got Christmas presents too =p
Marks & Spencer's version of Ferrero from BC, Maltesers from Ching Yee and the PJs from FM. Not to forget the Christmas dress from my Aunt Janet =)
I'm working tomorrow! Ish! Hopefully people don't go crazy on boxing day! Something impossible! LOL!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Pissed off day turn good =)

Supposed to work 10am-3pm today but the idiots changed my shift to 12pm-10pm!! No way I'm working that shift! So I called them up and told them I already made plans so I can't work that shift! What moron company change all the staff rota for the entire week and tell the staff on the very first day of the week?! Only one company I know and sadly, I'm working for them! Anyway, I decided to take a bus to Oxford Street and get my jeans changed at Zara. Too big! LOL! As I leave my flat, I check the mailbox and...
Surprised...w/o stamp as well!!! I opened it while walking to the bus stop. I laughed out by myself looking at the content. People must be thinking I won the lottery or something! LOL! Well, the feeling is just unbelievable.
You guys have no idea how much I love you lot! Thank you for doing something silly to make my day =) I HEART you; Nick, Grace, Kiah and SuYee!
The yellow thing with a Christmas tree on the card is a button. LOL! Will treasure it forever!
I still Malaysian la...can understand what you talking wan!
I really needed the tissue but not to wipe my sweat. To wipe my tears...tears of joy and gratitude =)
I wouldn't want to know what is the isi tersirat of this bill!
The tissue. lol!
The two packs of sugar, plastic wrapper for the card and 15cents (because they don't know how to divide it among guys are funny!) Went to central London in this...big mistake on the heels, I almost broke my toes! LOL! (that's straight cut jeans)
My Zara jeans with zip detail at the ankle...nice.
Cam-ho with my new jeans and shoe boot =p
Wanted skinny jeans so I could wear it with the boots...
And with pumps too (and heels).
Accidental but nice. LOL! I bought raspberries =p It expires today (on the box) but obviously it is still edible. Hence, reduced price. Ate with yogurt and digestives. Nice.
Mango reduced too!
My nasi lemak meal. LOL! That's Anwari's sambal that we take-away from the pot luck. Boiled rice with vege and hard boiled egg.
Christmas nails!
With my new gems but a simple design. Oh I squared my nails too =)