Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Foot-xam mania...

OMG! Arsenal scored 6-2 against Derby County! I'm part studying and part following Yahoo! updates on Premier League Football...don't know why but working in Sports World somehow brought back the like-to-watch-football side of me. LOL! As princessy as I may be (sometimes), I used to watch football owh-kay! Thanks to my dad and brother =.=" Sadly, MU lost to Chelsea 2-1 on Saturday's match...

Anyway, one paper completed!!! YAY! Another one tomorrow. Right after our cognitive psychology paper, we went to Tesco to "release stress"...LOL! Guess what?! I bought MORE chocolates! Damn! Tesco must stop having deals!!! Bought a bag of Maltesers mini packs and a bag of Twix fun size fingers. I will try my very best to save it and bring back to Malaysia....but I opened the Maltesers already...lol! We'll see how it goes =)

Oh!!! I managed to resist myself from Gregg's choc-chip cookie today!!! =p

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Nice day =)

The weather is super nice today! I went to work in my uniform WITHOUT jumper...just short sleeved tee! Coolness! Since the weather is nice, takkan close the window right? So I opened it while studying (trying to larh!) and...

It's all quiet now...a minute ago there was a party and now it's quiet! (yea, coz' people like us need to study!!!)

The weather is so nice...we'll just chill out here.

Shut up!

Who said that?! Why did you say that? Come out here! The weather is nice! We're chilling out here.


Yeah! The weather is nice, there's no wind, it's like indoors but outside! Come on out!

No! *Mumble something*

Oh, you lazy f*cks!


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Social Psychology.

Extended contact effect.

"Knowing about an ingroup member who shares a close relationship with an outgroup member can improve one's own attitudes towards the outgroup" (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005).

Craving for Gregg's chocolate chip cookie. Went out. Bought. Came back. Ate. 50p gone!


If only exams are not next week larh!!! I would have gone to the last Half-time party in Enfield campus!!! LOL!

"Great" news for us...Monday paper need to write 5000 words essay in 2 friggin' hours!!! Mana boleh?! Giler lorh! That's only for Monday and then another essay and MCQ paper on Tuesday!!! *ROAR* Btw, essay papers in psychology need past researches to back up so it's not as easy as you think!

My butt is officially flat larh...sitting on the chair for the whole day these few days! The only time I get up is to take water, eat and go toilet (and shower) =.=" It's 2.27am now...shall go to bed and continue my study quest tomorrow...SOBZ!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Stress period calls for...FOOD!

I will not be updating that frequent this few weeks due to the (very) heavy load of assignments and final exam papers. Anyhow, work on Sunday was mad! One of our staff did not turn up for work and we were lack of staff (again)! I was UNFORTUNATELY put to the exchange/customer service till and had to tidy the BACK section for close down. SWEET! Oh well, after work I just had to take it out. Me and Ching Yee went to McD and had a Deli meal! Bwhahahhahah! The deli of the day for Sunday is super sedap!

Yummy meal =p

Chicken and bacon deli in brown bread toasted with cheese =)
(Healthy, kan?)

Lately I ran out of munching options. I decided to stop snacking on chocoloates (more like reduce, not stop =.=), biscuits, wine gums, crisps and alot more fattening stuff! So I bought a bag of....popping corn =D The sad thing is, I don't have butter (don't want to buy because I'm goin back to Malaysia soon)! So I ate it with drizzled honey only...Super not-so-fattening!!! LOL!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My fav cookie!

The well known bakery for Middlesex Uni, Enfield campus students is....Greggs. Why? Because it is just outside the Uni compound and simply because it is a BAKERY! LOL! Although some of the edibles could be pricey, some of them are reasonable and kesedapan! My personal favourite is their Choc chip cookie...wahhh!!!! Damn orgasmic! It's like Subway cookies but BIGGER and NOT TOO SWEET! If you eat it straight after you buy it, it's crunchy at the sides and chewy in the middle. If you keep it for a bit (saving the best for last), it's all over chewy which is still good! *ROAR* Have to meditate...~ummmmm~ Btw, I didn't spend my salary on this owh-kay...it came with the medication below...LOL!

That is one huge, crunchy-at-the-side, chewy-in-the-middle cookie! Me likey! =p

A very nice colleague (and friend) of mine knew I was sick and therefore, bought me medicationS as "I am too lazy to buy it". LOL! Paracetamol is like Panadol back home...super popular to cure headaches to pains and fever etc etc. Yea, and the 2 Choc Chip cookies came together...LOL! Super sweet friend =)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


11th April 2008.
We went to BC's to have dinner again =) Just a simple meal. Well we wanted to watch some TV so BC invited us to her place.
Simple stir-fry mixed vegetable.
Bacon and tofu with onions.
Mixed fruits for dessert =)
13th April 2008...7am!!!
Work was at 9am so I had to wake up at 7.30am to get ready. Guess what?! The oh-so-long-never-trigger fire alarm went off! At 7am! Just something I need huh?! NOT! We went out in our PJs and had that I-am-still-asleep look on our not-so-happy face! We were super shocked to see what happened. There was an 'accident' in one of the rooms in the flat right below ours. Look...
An argument, maybe?
That is one friggin' thick window, owh-kay!
Shattered glass on the ground below.
Some really huge chunks.
We didn't know what happened but the cops were called and the fire alarm was turned off. Of course I went back to bed for 20minutes! Which resulted to being 5minutes late for work...heck, who cares =p
14th April 2008.
Developmental Psychology MCQ paper. *ROAR* Did not feel good before the exam...did not feel any better after it! I caught a horrible virus from my colleague at work. She was at the till beside me...that's why! I'm officially having fever and sore throat. Not to worry, I had my doses of Malaysian Acti-fast Panadol. It's not working...yet! As I stare out the window at 5.30pm...
Hail storm...lol.
Anyway, I decided to spend the whole day drinking liters of water and watching:

Season 2 of Men, men, men, men, manly, men, men, men...LOL! Borrowed the DVDs from someone =p

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Another day out~

Just when you think it's not going to snow again...
Approx. 1.55am, 7th April 2008.
Yes, I was still awake to witness it =p

Something Malaysia don't have which I enjoy here =p A no-chocolate version of Kinder Bueno...Kinder Happy Hippo! LOL! I just have this thing for Kinder stuff =p Basically it is the same biscuit but with milk and hazelnut filling *Yum* LOL! I didn't buy it because I was trying to resist it but someone bought it for me so...yea...LOL!
Yea, it looks cute too =p
I have been longing to take a picture of a complete set meal of McD here but I only remember it at the end of the meal =p so here is the not-so-complete meal...The deli was already in my tummy so it's just the wrapper...and the fruit bag wasn't inclusive, I got it for free because there was some 'instant win' thing going on.
You get ketchup and BBQ sauce here for free...but no chilly sauce =s
Nothing beats a good movie after meal =p Yes, temptations led me to spend money...again =( But worth spending once in a while =) LOL! Gosh I sound so bi-polar now =p Watched...
27 Dresses.
I want to watch Awake and Funny Games but sadly, no company =( I would like to ask my 'lesbian date' to go with me but 101% she won't! Not her kind of movie...LOL!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Snow again!!!

Spring is officially here...
Flowers ONLY!!! lol.
The season for curry mee hoon? LOL!

The day before Ching Yee's first day at work, we went to BC's place to have dinner. It's a Friday and I was working so I went after work. We had:
'Satay Chicken'
Carrot, potato and swede mash.
Home-made meatball and spring onion soup =)
Boiled parsnips with onion glaze.
Due to the 'Uni come-back' from Easter break, the people have been jamming up the Internet connection =.= So me and Ching Yee was Internet-less from Friday night till Sunday evening. @&$*%#^ LOL! Anyway, today was heck of fun! Early morning Ching came banging my door (down) and shouted 'LOOK OUTSIDE!!!'. I was supposed to wake up for work but I turned off the alarm and took another 10-15minutes of sleep =p So I went to the window and OMFG!!!
So white!!!
It was snowing so heavily till the grass is covered with snow!!! Weird that it was snowing now, since it is...SPRING?! LOL! I just couldn't help it but

When you're feeling emo

Seriously too jakun already =p It was time for us to go work and we were couple of minutes late because we...*ahem* was having fun along the way =p
Coke bottle by the road side~
Uni car park.
My hand print weih!!! LOL!
Shoe print~ =p Snowball!
Peace~ (First time wearing my wind breaker out) One of the uni's courtyard.
On the way to work: Spring and snow.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Blasting Fool's Day =)

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Must watch:

Hawt! LOL!
Today I had so much fun! LOL! Well just the later part of the day =p Basically chat with my mum and bro online and then I went out 'Easter egg hunting' at Morrisons (and to Sainsbury IF there isn't any at Morrisons). Thanks to the hint from my peeps back home =.= LOL! Tesco is out of Easter eggs considering it is a week past Easter. Anyhow, I was lucky and managed to buy some eggs for you guys and girls =) I also spotted some good deals on Kit Kat...something my mum had asked me to get since she first lay her taste buds on it =p There were too many things on deal but my basket was too full so I had to stop buying (Spent 2hours there!). Some of the things I got from Morrisons:
I came back with aching shoulders =.= You guys better buy me a HUGE meal for that! LOL! For some reason, I had this crazy idea. Go cinema watch movie! Super random owh-kay! Last minute planning. Showered and went off to get tickets. LOL! The next movie was at 9.15pm so I had dinner at McD with my friend and guess who I bumped into?! There was a reunion for Yuman (he came back from his home-country) but I thought it was canceled =.=" So I bumped into them (unexpectedly)...so we took a picture:
Got back from movie late but the movie is suuuuper nice! I would be thankful to anyone who is willing to download the soundtrack and send to me =) LOL! My uni block downloading programs so I can't download *cries* I might just go crazy and get the DVD (McD gave me a voucher taking 2pounds off when spent 9.99pounds and above at HMV=like Tower Records)! But mahal right?! Sobz! One thing I like about here, the cinema tickets are damn cheap! Student price=5.50pounds AND you can use '2 for 1' voucher so it's like 2.75pounds per person!!! Imagine paying RM2.75 for a cinema movie in Malaysia...*can't imagine*

One of my favourite lunch dish:
Tortilla chips with baked beans and melted cheese~
*Peace ouT*