Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Weight management!

Last night I was busy packing my luggage for London day after.

As it is still quite cold now, I've got couple of thick winter clothing and I THOUGHT they were really heavy. So I decided to just pack in what I wanted and weigh the luggage to see how heavy it is. After packing in 90% of the things I wanted to bring, the scale went up to 45kgs!!!!!!!!!

I almost drop dead! Then I repacked it again and took out what is nooooot that necessary, so that is about 20% of the things chucked out. Attempt two: 42kgs!!!!!!! Watda!

Then I thought...maybe the luggage itself is heavy? So I went in to my brother's room and stole his light-weight bag (100% soft body) and shove in my clothes and toiletries. Attempt three: 40kgs =.= By that time, it was 2am in the morning and I am still struggling on what else to leave behind. I swear, I only had LIMITED clothing in my luggage and I cannot take anything out anymore! I wanted to burst in tears, I was already bursting with frustration! LOL!

Then I thought, maybe I should move it to a smaller luggage? Then I would put less things and it will be lighter? So I took another one of my trolley luggage that was half the size of my normal big-ass luggage. Filled it in and....attempt four: 35kgs! %$&%$!@*&

I stormed in to my brother's room and gave him his light-weight bag and commented "I don't know how people can survive with 20kgs!!!" and he was like "Some people can" Pfft! That helps! Then I gave up and decided to go to bed as it was 3.30am =.= LOL! Considering how small my tiny room is, the whole floor is covered with clothes and bags and what not! I just couldn't be bothered to pack anymore!

Next morning, my mum walked into a jungle of clothes. LOL! She asked me what happened and I said, that small bag of clothes is 35kgs. I don't know how to pack anymore! And she said, "Are you sure? No way! 35KILOS????!" I took a minute to think and I said "Blardy hell! I think it is in pounds! I packed the whole friggin night and I thought the scale was in kilos!" #!#$%^&@

Therefore, weighing scales should be electronic and should indicate kilos or pounds! Traditional scales should be in bins! TQVM!!! I will have to finish my packing tonight! Pftt~!

New toy =D

Considering how I am not spoilt like most kids, I need to fork out for my own mobile =p It took me quite some time to get a smart phone (don't think LG Viewty is a smart phone). Hence, hello E72 =D

Pictures might or might not appear here =p

Random: I am only allowed 20kg luggage to London...this ain't good! It's winter man! And...1kg extra costs RM178 =.= Are you freaking kidding me?! Pft u ppl!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Crabbing 101 =)

I know I have been MIA for aloooong time! LOL! Anyway, as most of you know (well, those who actually read my blog constantly) I was at Australia...taking a break =D So today's post is going to be about my wonderful experience there...crabbing! YESH! I CRABBED! LOL! Call me tomboy or whatever...I catch my own crab man! LOL!
DAY 1: Crabbing with a scoop. Getting ready...had to take a pic of this...my McDonald boots! LOL! It's curvy at the front...and it is huge!
I know my dressing ain't the best...heck no one's gonna look at you in the middle of the water! LOL!
That's the scoop we used to scoop crabs =)

So right...here's the interesting thing...I was in the middle of nowhere and...I HAD TO PEE! YES! That was such a torture I tell u! To be honest, I could've just pee in my pants and no one would know because first of all, there's no one around and secondly, my pants were already wet anyway! So no big deal, just pee...right? I TRIED! I only felt a force on my bladder but nothing came out...LOL! I know this is disgusting but I just have to share this! Then I went..."Shhhhhhh, Shhhhhhh"...."Okay you can do this! No one is looking!"...*dot dot dot* Nothing came out! LOL! Maybe I felt naked in the open water! LOL! We were about to leave anyway so I held it...I never felt so desperate before! ^%$@&!@# Luckily....
First day: THREE on size =)

DAY 2: With the kayak!Because it was fun and we only had three...we decided to go for another round of crabbing =D My Aunt has this one sitter kayak and her house is very near the estuary so we drag the kayak out for crabbing. Awesomeness =)
That red thing is a spleen. Crabs like them apparently. LOL!
Oh and those net things are drop nets...with the kayak we could go into deeper water and drop the nets so the crabs would stpdly get trapped inside =)
And so I decided to board the kayak...FIRST TIMER! I know you've seen it on TV and it was rather simple, sit and row...RIIIIIGHT!!! Well lets see...
Okay it is not visible here but it took me rather LONG to get in =)
I'm full of joy when I managed to get in without turning over =D My aunt and uncle were laughing their breakfast off and a group of family by the shore were staring at me =) Why?! Lets say....I woke up the neighbourhood! LOL! It wasn't easy as the kayak...it's just not easy! So my uncle took on the kayak and I went on foot using the scoop instead...yeah, I don't want to gulp down salt water =)
A rough estimation of the water...the tide was kinda low. The water was way higher during the first day. Anyway, I went in further till the water was a little over my knees and I stopped...you couldn't really see the crabs if the waters were too deep.
This was taken in the middle of nowhere =)
Spot that?! It's a baby one but I just took some pictures for you guys to see =)
This is its defensive stance...LOL! I walk a step nearer and this happened. lol!
This is by the shore where there were loads of crabs eating...a fish head! LOL! Someone threw a fish head (the white thing in the water) back in and the crabs are having a feast!
Too bad they were too small, else we would be having a feast too =)
My uncle caught only one big one...since 8am till 11am. Many were under-sized...they would be the right size in Mid-Feb...Damn! LOL!
My aunt took this. I kinda like it...lol! It looks emo thou =S
And that's the end of my post! LOL! Thank you so much Aunt Janet and Uncle Hon for your wonderful hospitality and also...for the THREE crabs I ate =D Yeah I ate 3 out of 4. LOL! Also thanks to my Sai Yee and family for the time in Aust =) Oh and my cousies! Love you guys! LOL!
On another note, I applied for my visa to go back to UK today *fingers crossed*! Hope all goes well! Yesh, I'm leaving again...lol! Would be nice to go after CNY but...jobs won't wait! Oh I had Yee Sang and Mandrin Oranges! ORGASMIC! TQVM. LOL!