Friday, 30 November 2007

Going nuts from assignments~

Look at the time of this post...YES! Don't need to rub your eyes =p Just finished both my assignments and it is 3.50am on the 30th of November 2007 =) I think the sleep deprivation is making me nuts! Doulos is also awake and he is educating me on quantum physics. Yes, his brain is huge! LOL! I just sneaked out quietly to the kitchen to grab some carrot and cucumber sticks and some sour cream to go with. Then I sneaked back in to my room and feast...LOL! I just realize one of my flat mate is also awake...he actually went out like 3am and came back 15minutes later. No idea where he went but it was really funny, the fact that he sneaked out too! The doors here make hell a lot of noise so we try to minimize it by spending 5seconds to open the door and another 5 to close it! LOL! It's 4am now and I shall sink in to my dent-in-the-middle bed =(

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Tong yuin~

Cravings for something sweet again...made this at 10.45pm =p I love to eat tong yuin!!! LOL!

Yea, it looks like fish balls...LOL!

Today I had my induction for my new job at a huge sports retail outlet named: Sports World. LOL! I even got my uniform today =) a collared tee, a track bottom and a jumper. Nice~ Although I have to pay for it, it is not as much as what I paid for when I was working in MCKY!!! LOL! Will be starting work next week but only on weekends thou =) Can't wait!!! Wish me luck~

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Mamak style~

Been missing the mamak food back in KL...therefore, I decided to make mamak food =p It is kinda convenient here as the curry sauces are sold in ready-to-eat bottles. I bought one bottle as it was on half price promotion. The bottle says 'Red curry' and it was supposed to be medium spicy...HMMM...Well it was really tasty as there were loads of spices in it and you can really taste the lemongrass and even the ginger. It is also very santan-ish!!! Not spicy enough thou...very mild! I added in some carrots, chicken pieces, onions and cabbage. To achieve the authentic mamak style, I bought a pack (two huge slices) of garlic and coriander naan bread (on deal as well). The naan bread might look small in the picture but it is one slice folded in half! Yes, HUGE! Again...had the same dinner two days in a row =)

Trying to avoid sore throat, I bought cucumber too! Just in case =)

Kiwi for dessert =p It looked so cute after I ate it so I had to take a picture of it! LOL!

Also, starting to feel the pain in my throat...bancuh teh bunga bermadu =p

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Workload increasing!!!

The days are passing by and the exams are getting closer. The deadlines for assignments are coming even closer!!! Isn't it fun when you have clumps of assignments due on the same day?! Interesting! Anyway, I will help you all by not secreting your saliva while reading my blog =p I will be busy with assignments and exams anyway so I won't be able to blog that often =p Yea, this time it is about food as well!!! I had beef hotpot for dinner yesterday and today I had sweet and sour chicken with rice.

Beef hotpot (minced beef with peas, carrots in gravy topped with oven baked sliced potatoes), boiled broccoli, pita bread and Cheese (the orange french-fry-like thing)~

Sweet and Sour chicken with rice and broccoli...if you can spot, there is a frankfurter too =p

Back to assignments for now...might bake later or tomorrow =p Owh! I watched a movie yesterday...interesting one. I watched it via and the tittle was 'Can it be love?'. It is about discrimination towards the Korean college students in the Philippines. Nice one =) Today I watched 'Gangster High' is alright but it's a very violent movie!!! Tomorrow...I hope I don't watch any and finish my assignment =p LOL!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

My 19th Birthday (First in the UK)!!!

Today (technically's past 12) was great! I am so lucky to have such great friends =) As most of you would know, it is my 19th Birthday today!!! So it's all about me (kinda)...Bwahahahaha! I went out for breakfast at JD Wetherspoon (a pub) and had a traditional breakfast and a cup of English tea to kick start my day =) Then I went to collect two parcels from Malaysia. Only managed to get one, the other one was missing (the postman says) but they will try to find it. So the parcel I got was from my beloved friends in Malaysia!!! Special thanks to Nick, Grace and Su Yee for that! Thanks to Kiah for the beautiful card too! Then we went celebrate my Birthday dinner at JD Wetherspoon again =p Because we are students, we go dutch!!! LOL! It is a pub afterall...
JD Wetherspoon toilet! LOL!

My meal! (Huge) Beef burger with chips (3.75pounds)
Danny and Boon Choo's meal with a bottle of Merlot (14.99pounds)
Ching Yee's meal, Fish and Chips (2.99pounds)

Foong Mei's meal, Lasagne Al Forno (2.99 pounds)

*Ahem* a pint of Carling =)

Me with Danny and Boon Choo

Me with Ching

Me with Foong Mei
And YES! I have a cake too!!! Very happy! I thought I wouldn't be able to blow 19 candles this year =p
Make a wish, make a wish =)


My Birthday presents!!!

  • Lotion from Foong Mei
  • Card and mini mannequin (jewelery holder) from Nick, Grace and Su Yee
  • Card and photo frame from Boon Choo and Danny
  • 3D card from Kiah!!!

Ching baked me this cake!!! And it is PINK!!! =)

Thank you to all of you!!! A very memorable Birthday indeed =) I was thinking of getting a cup cake and poke a candle in it but I got a humongous, delicious, very pretty cake instead =D I thought I wouldn't have presents too =p Now I am waiting patiently for the postman to find my present from my mum =) *Fingers Crossed*

Monday, 19 November 2007

Fun day out~

Went for my usual weekend grocery shopping + exercise yesterday. It is getting real cold now! Up to -2 degrees during the day!!! Anyway, I saw these houses and thought you guys might want to see how an English house looks like...These are the ones I think looks real nice =)

This is a little country look but it is nice!

Very English, right?! Love this!

Where do students celebrate Birthdays here?! The kitchen...DUH~

Alright! Here comes the interesting part where I start to brag non-stop =p Today (Sunday), Boon Choo's church was having a Gift Day and so after church service, they have this bring-and-share lunch (Malaysian term=pot luck). She invited us over so we can try varieties of English food =) Something you might not want to miss out on =p Ching was drop dead tired so I went with Foong Mei. It was really fun! The people are very friendly! There were plenty of food left too!
Actually I did not manage to take pictures of the food before it was served so I only took some shots after (over) satisfying my tummy! Well not that I am trying to be a glutton but I want to try everything! LOL! The variety is like...buffet! I did end up eating A LOT! After lunch they served desserts! OMG! The English are well known for having desserts as an ending of a meal so it is a must kinda thing. I tried on most of the desserts...I think ALL! I shared the portion with FM thou because I am too filled with the main course =p
Quarter of the variety of what is served.

Yes! My oh-so-lovely cheese and crackers =)

Another quarter of what is served...
Boon Choo cooked the Chinese style soy sauce chicken (on the left) and in the pot, pasta with Swedish meatballs (like the ones sold in IKEA).
A lot of pita breads left...I took some back =p They say it will go in the BIN!!! I couldn't let that happen!
Part of the dessert...fruits.
The red round thing on the table is actually cheese..LOL!

Pineapple turnover and raspberry strudel.

Cute little Apple pies =)

Victorian sponge cakes (two-tiered cake with double cream and fruits filling...very well known here) and other puddings...LOL!
FYI: Puddings/English Puddings are desserts. As mentioned earlier, desserts are a must to end a meal here =) It is good in a way because I have sweet tooth...BUT...FATTENING LARH! LOL! Very rich in cream *EEK*

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Urges at the wrong time...

WARNING: Food post again =)

I think my urge for cooking and baking come at the wrong time! Having a critical review assignment to hand in in a week or so and I am busy satisfying my urges! Bad huh?! Tell me bout it! Anyway, I made a modified version of Tuna Mornay (a recipe my aunt gave me). I kept half for tomorrow~

Tuna Mornay~

I told you I have the urge to bake too, right?! I did =.= It looks horrible but it tasted great =) Again, my modified version of Apple Dumpling!!! I searched online for apple recipes (my apples are wrinkling) and this looked interesting. It took me quite some time to bake this but it was worth it =)
Hot and fresh out of the oven~
(The apples have different shapes and the pie crust dough I made was not that stretchable. Hence, the not-so-pretty/uniform-dumplings.)

Served with brown sugar caramel sauce~
(Crunchy crust dumplings with apple filling, drizzled with brown sugar caramel!!!)
Exquisitely delicious!!! =p Can't blame me...I guess these are the replacements for all the Asian food I am missing! LOL!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Apple cobbler =)

I have been eating ravioli for dinner about a week straight. Today I had the same and after dinner, my cravings for something sweet made me searched online for recipes. I also overbought apples and they are beginning to grow icicles inside! The skin is also wrinkling. So I looked for apple desert recipes. I found one on the net called the Apple Cobbler. Coincidentally, I have all the ingredients except cinnamon powder. I guess it is not that important so I skipped that. An hour plus later....

Apple Cobbler is born =p

Served with vanilla ice cream~

I only ate 1/4 of it...LOL!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Happiness in the air~

Today is my day off from lectures. I went to Enfield Town with Ching Yee to get our textbooks from the post office there. Again the postman return the parcel to the post office as the postbox was too small...SWT! Anyway, we went there and then Ching asked me to help her out on finding her Ah-Ma black shoes...I mean McD work shoes =p So we went around and we saw some potential black Ah-Ma shoes...I shoes. She changed her mind 1000 times and finally settled for one not-so-horrible-looking pair. We then walked around to make the best of the 1.80pounds (two-way) we spend for the trip. I was trying on few pairs of jeans in a shop and when I changed back in to my own, the button popped! (Not because I'm too fat, Owh-kay!) So I guess it is a sign =p I bought it! It's grey and the back pockets are studded with Blings =D

Yup...that's one of the back pockets =)
Then we went to New Look to look for new stuff...HAHA! Kidding...anyway, we were looking around and I had the intention of getting a pair of knee-high boots since I got here! LOL! So I tried on a few for the fun of it =p Then I sort of fell in love with a pair and it was reasonable! Seriously! It was 25pounds. (Don't convert!!!) I gave a quick rang to my mum and asked for approval =p It was a positive reaction so I bought it! LOL! The best part of all:
I saw a little clip mark on the side of one boot so I asked if there is a new pair of that size because the mark is visible. So the lady went to check and she came back and told me "This is the last but we will take off only 10% of the price if you really want this pair." So I was thinking...HARD! Then I decided to take it =p So when the lady type in the code, it came out to be 10pounds!!! She typed the code on the other pair and it turned out to be 25pounds! So I asked, do I get the 10 or 25?! LOL! She say...10pounds!!! I felt crazy happy but try not to show it =p Ching was behind me holding the same pair but her size and thinking whether to buy or not. After what happened, she held on to it! LOL! I wanted to ask what about my 10% but I did not. Just in case she say, 'Oh if you want the 10% it will be 25pounds!' LOL! 10pounds is already a crazy deal do die for!!! =p

Nice?! Tee Hee~

This is what I had for dinner...Broccoli,Carrots and Cauliflower, Bacon and Ham ravioli with garlic herbs white sauce and cheese~

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

African style~

Monday. We can always get sick of Mondays! Long day and again I dosed off in class during the last lecture! Common! LOL! Anyway, today was a little different. We were invited by one of our group members, Aishah to a Birthday Surprise party at the Student's Forum right after lectures. She asked us to come in for a bit to experience a African party. And we did! It was really fun! She told us to be there at 5.45pm and we where the first guests to arrive. We did not bring anything for the 19th Birthday Girl, Winnie and so we decided to help out on decorating the place. We blew countless balloons and my lips were white by the time I finished blowing the last one! We expected Winnie to come in around 6.15pm but we waited till a little past 6.30pm and she was really surprised! She was even crying! Sweet!

We were busy popping party poppers when she came in. The best part of all, we had free dinner! >.< provided ="p" style="font-size:130%;">African food...fried rice and two different types of spiced chicken! Fantabulous! When we were digging in, Aishah and Co. realized they forgot the plastic cutlery! They say they're fine with using hands as it is the African style but they were pretty concerned about the only 3 China girls (us)!!! LOL! We assure them that we are fine and we ate...Malay style! Guna tangan! LOL! The pool table was filled with snacks: UK Mr. Potato Chips, UK Roller coaster chips, Cadbury fingers, Cheese flavoured biscuits, Sweets, Lollies, the Birthday cake (chocolate!!!) and last but not least, Gummies! Yes, we tried all of them! LOL! We also had Non-alcoholic fruit wine. It tasted 100% like Sparkling Ribena!

The whole time we stood near the pool table...keeping our hands and mouth busy!!! I was seriously stuffed! Never ate so much chips for a loooooong time =) We were forced to dance by the African girls too! LOL! A bubbly girl, Ester didn't allow us to leave until we did the 'lift-your-leg, raise-your-hands' move =S It was really a nice experience. There were only like 15 people (only two guys) so it is not a HUGE party.

"Come on you guys, dance!!!"

"We can't dance!"

"I can't dance too! I just go wild like this...(shakes....A LOT!!!)"

Us: Smile/laugh shyly...

"I hope you're not laughing at me!!!"


Us: Forced to...*sway left and right*!!! BWahahahha!

By the way, it's all RnB it is not that hard to dance along. Imagine if it was a cultural party...*Imagination runs wild*! Sorry but no pictures this time =( I didn't bring my phone out. Will try to get the group picture from Aishah ASAP =) Owh!!! Also, I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Black out?! Not that bad =)

Yesterday, past midnight (this morning, technically) the electricity went off. I didn't bother to check the time as I was so sleepy. The only reason I woke up was because of the stomping noise people living above me made (shocked of the sudden power cut, i guess) and the absence of the noise my toilet ventilator makes. I looked at the toilet door for a few seconds and resume sleeping! LOL! I don't think I can continue sleeping if I were in Malaysia. Electricity cut in Malaysia is like...imagine sleeping in Genting Highlands and then *poof*! You wake up and see yourself in Sahara desert during the day! LOL! Plus the horrible blood-thirsty mosquitoes sucking your oh-so-yummy blood! The power cut here is like sleeping in air-conditioned room all night! LOL!
Alright. Enough of weather...FOOD's turn =p I cooked this for dinner:
A balanced diet =p
Stir-fry Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Onion and Frankfurters, barely-fried egg and rice =)
More fireworks display...this time even more near! Gave me countless heart-attacks!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Recycle! Save the environment!!! LOL!

Again...I was busy watching Chinese drama. I think it was on Astro before. Steps. Well, I made it again...finish the whole 20 episodes in just two days!!! Something I shouldn't be that proud of huh?! LOL! I guess it is alright as I don't watch during weekdays =) It's a plus =D Anyway, I took some pictures of my current not-so-horrible-looking room =) and more FOOD!!! LOL!
One side of my study table...some of them are postcards =) FREE!
Working on my toilet door too! LOL!

Bracelets and Necklaces...yes that is an egg container!
(I recycle A LOT of things here!!!)

Seriously...I mean it! LOL!

Yesterday's lunch...simple and homely =)

The best deal!
(One for 74pence, Three for 1pound!)

Finally the urge for me to bake is out!!! Baked these today...Oatmeal Jam Squares! =) Perfect for my tea-time snack!!!