Sunday, 14 February 2010

14th February 2010-2in1

14th February 2010...the day we celebrate two occasions with joy with our loved ones =)

This is were most people show their true colours. To choose between a reunion dinner with the family and a candle-light dinner with that special someone is not easy. Will you spend this special day with the people that gets on your nerves because they couldn't know you any better or will you spend it with someone that makes you feel a million years younger but barely knows you? Hmmm....

Well for people like me, it wouldn't be that much of a tough choice. As much as some of my family members (actually all) get on my nerves, I still love them with all my heart =) Without them, there is no us. Then again, this could not be perceived as us owing them our lives for them bringing us into this world. I believe that every parent have to realize that they bring a child into this world is for the purpose of evolution...your child is not your pet, not your source of income when you're retired, not your companion for life! I don't mean to be rude but...what are the vows "Till death do us part" in weddings for? Those words are exchanged between partners in marriage...not between you and your child.

If you think you can't let go of your child later, do not give birth to one...if you want to give a chance to a life, give a chance for it to live it the way they want it too. It is only fair. Then again, I am not implying that children should completely cut off their parents! That's pure dumbshit act! We should be grateful to them for giving us a chance to get what we've been getting all this while...the guidance and love. I think when a parent learn to let go, that is when the child learns how much she/he cherish their parent.

Okay this was meant to be a CNY and V-day post! LOL! Anyway, you get my the people around you. Don't let a misunderstanding generate hate. Hate is not a nice word nor a nice feeling. It often end with at least an injured heart.

This Chinese New Year and Valentines Day, shower your loved ones with unconditional love and affection....occasional presents won't hurt! =p No, it doesn't have to be a diamond ring or a luxury car...a simple gift of chocolates or even a rose is enough to make it significant =) But when it comes to me, anything with Playboy on it is fine =D LOL! Sorry, I just couldn't get over that cute lil bunny!

Okay before I put you guys to sleep on this wonderful day of celebration, I should go now =) Have a blessed celebration with your loved ones, near or far, I will always have you lot in my heart =)