Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Yes, I have been MIA again!

Well to be honest, I really didn't have the time to blog! Life is pretty much hectic at the moment. I am either working or relaxing on my days of or looking for jobs the rest of the time! The weather ain't helping either! It's already March!!! Change season please! Sheesh!

Anyway, life is starting to stress me out! I really didn't know coming out on my own is that much of a responsibility! Pft! Well to be honest, the past two years here, my accomodation was paid for by my mum so I had to work for my expenses only. Now, I have to work for my rent too! And mind you, it is 340pounds a month! Couple more days and my bank account is 340 short! Eeeeek! Trust me, this is REALLY stressful! Although so, I do not stinge on food (Mum, this is for you to know!). LOL! I FINALLY had the heart to buy the goddamn mahal Milo and it is so tiny =.= Oh well, tahan for now I guess. I am just used to a warm drink at night before bed =) Don't even talk about Horlicks, cut throat!

I guess I better get to bed, before I fall dead asleep in the bus on the way to and back from work (which happened today!) and miss my stop (haven't happen to me...yet!). LOL! Thank you to you loyalties that's still checking my blog! LOL! xx