Sunday, 16 January 2011


I have an addiction........







I find it so therapeutic when I go's like a heightened sensation of pleasure =)!!!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Latest shopa du-doo~

As you can see the dates on the picture itself, my latest shopping was last year =p LOL! Anyway, I was out for some retail therapy and got some deals =) Pictures not that awesome but still viewable so...yeah =) Below are few of the dresses I bought for only 2GBP each!!! Yeah, the shop was closing down so EVERYTHING in the shop was going at 5pieces for 10pds!!! Woooooootss!
Awesome dress above...simple and sweet. LOVE the back =)
Good quality too! It's got lining under the dress!!!

This dress under was also in the 2pds deal. But the jacket is from another shop...Primany =p lol! And it was on sale for 5pds. Love the military detail!

This dress was so flowy and pretty but unfortunately, it doesn't fit! It is not really visible here but the sides are a little too wide...My arms are hiding the extra bits on the side so it looks like a perfect fit. Can't be doing that at a party now...can I? LOL! Return!!! =(


Going back to work tomorrow (acutally today) after a two week Christmas/New Year break. Hopefully I would be as hard working as my bestie, Grace Lee who turns up for work AN HOUR earlier everyday. Bless her! =) That's all from me now! XOs!