Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I need to bake!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

What's right and what's wrong?!?

I might've blogged about this before but it would be ages ago. Just have to bring it up again. Most people think what they do is right and that they expect others to react or behave the way the expect them to. But in reality, every individual is different! Not even twins would choose the same food, same guy, same course, same job or same hairstyle!!! Well my point is people should understand and accept others for their choices. If I want to drive a pink car, I am driving a pink car...not you! You are not in the car, you are not driving the car, you are not buying the car, you are not using the car...it's none of your business!!! Just look for something to do that's related to YOUR life.

Just because you've once chosen the wrong path, doesn't mean the path you once chose will be wrong for another person. The consequences will be different as time change, things change. It is so very important to have the value of acceptance and an understanding heart to ensure you have a healthy mindset. Yes, it is naturally human nature to talk about others and not realise we are the ones behaving the way we object. But it doesn't have to be that way, we can change. We can change for the benefit of the future of humankind. Stop objecting what people do and concentrate on your own life. If advice is not asked for, keep your advice to yourself. This is 2012. A 23year old is an adult...especially when they don't get pocket money no more!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ignore this.

Testing blogdroid...blogging from my phone.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Tall, dark and super manly
Puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
To save the world or go to work
It's the same thing to me

He's got his mother's eyes, his father's ambition
I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him
I hang on every word you say

You'll smile and say "How are you?"
And I'll say, "Just fine"
I always forget to tell you I love you
I'll love you forever

I watched Superman fly away
You've got a busy day today
Go save the world
I'll be around

I watched Superman fly away
Come back, I'll be with you someday
I'll be right here on the ground
When you come back down

Tall, dark and beautiful
He's complicated, he's irrational
But I hope someday he'll take me away
And save the day, yeah

Something in his deep brown eyes has me saying
He's not all bad like his reputation
And I can't hear one single word they say

And you'll leave, got places to be
And I'll be okay
I always forget to tell you I love you
I loved you from the very first day


And I watch you fly around the world
And I hope you don't chase another girl
Don't forget, don't forget about me

I'm far away, but I'll never let you go
I'm lovestruck and looking out the window
Don't forget, don't forget where I'll be

Right here wishing the flowers were from you
Wishing the card was from you
Wishing the call was from you
'Cause I've loved you from the very first day

I watched Superman fly away
You've got a busy day today
Go save the world
I'll be around forever and ever

I watched Superman fly away
I swear, I'll be with you someday
I'll be right here on the ground
When you come back down

Come back down

This song speaks for me.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It will Rain...

Woke up to...

~If you ever leave me baby, leave some *silent* at my door~

Welcome back, Melissa to the country of censored music on the radio =) How is the word "morphine" dangerous?! I just don't get it...does refraining one from using/hearing the word morphine keep you away from the dangers of it? I think it will make people ignorant...you probably can't even get morphine over the counter anyway?! Right?! Okay I have a lot to update myself on about this country. I am not being ignorant but this is the effect of moving countries =S

How am I coping? I guess I am fine...beside the unexpected swollen limbs and overused muscles!!! Went to see the doctor on NYD and all he gave me was a cream that smelt like Tiger Balm and couple of Paracetamol pills (which you can buy in shelves in London, similar to Panadol here) #tryingtoadapttochanges

If you don't know what you want, don't expect me to wait around for you...

HAPPY 2012!!!

Greetings to people all over the world!

I am just re-starting my blog again, I mean I WILL try...

For the time being, just bare with the layout until I have the time to change it.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and may this year brings you good things in every aspect of your life!

Much <3 xx