Sunday, 30 September 2007

British chicken...

Yesterday I took a trip to central London with my friends. We went to meet up with Ching's brother as we needed his help to open a bank account. We took a bus from Ponders End that cost us 1pound to Oakwood underground tube station. Then we took a tube to Leicester Square which cost us 3.50pounds. And we are there! LOL! Then we took a fair walk to the HSBC bank and opened an account. To my surprise, their banking staffs are kinda blur! They all give customers different information. I guess it is not like Malaysia where it is essential for you to know your product before selling it. Anyway we succeeded in finally getting a bank account which is great! LOL! Then we went to have our lunch at Subway =) I know...It sounds expensive but it is only 1.99pounds for a 6" so it is worth it =) Then we took a short walk to China town! LOL! They had all kinda stuffs! They have KAYA (My fave but didn't buy because I still have 2 bottles of jam!), Milo, all kinds of packet sauce from Lee Kum Kee and they even have Durian!!! It cost like 18pounds per kg! LOL crazy! But it was fun having to look around =) Then I went back to cook my dinner. I made rice with ABC soup. The chicken drumstick was not cooked! Sad! There is the EWW-Y blood taste. The chicken blood is still leaking from the bone after the meat is cooked. I quickly took off all the meat and disposed the blood gushing bone! Filling meal!

Today we stayed in to rest. We went to do our laundry which cost 2pounds for washing and 1pound for drying. As it was a Saturday, most people do their laundry so it was kinda full. So we went to check if there is space for us. On the way back from the laundrette to Ching's room, me and Ching saw something discussting! On the pathway, there is a USED CONDOM lying on the floor! EWWWW!!!!!! Then we started to walk faster and we saw ANOTHER!!!! WTH!!! Get a dustbin! LOL! Now you should understand why the culture shock! LOL! Ergh! Don't want to think about it! Anyway after getting our laundry done, we went back to make our own dinner. I made stew! I don't know if it is just me but the British chicken drumstick is real hard to cook! I was boiling it for an hour but there is still blood! Another thing that I would EWWW about! EWWW! It sucks! Don't be surprise I turn vegetarian! LOL!

Friday, 28 September 2007

Riverboat Disco...

Went to the Riverboat Disco at the Thames River. It was fun. Everyone was drinking (usual) and dancing and singing to the songs being played. The boast was a triple decker boat where the bottom two are indoors and the top is open air. So everyone was dancing on the lowest floor (near the bar) and there was a DJ there. We on the other hand...the 'anti-social asians' were sitting on the middle deck playing charade! LOL! I know it sounds lame but it is the truth! We can't and won't dance...LOL! Anyway it was kinda fun...They had BEAUTIFUL sceneries! Took alot of pics but will upload later...too tired. Going to bed...nightz!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Drunk, alarm, drunk!

I am seriously experiencing culture shock! The people here are so different from Malaysians! I don't think Malaysians (especially college/uni students) are that...crazy! One thing you have to get used to here...drunken people! EVERY single night, you can hear students shouting, singing and screaming too! They just get drunk and make a lot of noise without caring about others. Last night, my block's fire alarm blew off and we all had to evacuate the building in our thin PJs and it is 2am in the morning. So YES IT IS DAMN COLD! The wind was blowing horribly strong and my PJs were really thin! I just grabbed a sweater but it is not good enough to keep me warm or even OK! My knees were shivering and my teeth were chattering. I basically can't speak! It is crazy that the firemen walks even slower than a model on the runway! HELLO! FIRE!!!! LOL! Apparently the students from the flat that was 'on fire' were having a party and one or some of them smoked! How smart! Well it just sucks that this is the second time that my flat alarm went off. Hopefully it won't happen again. IF it does, I'll know what to windbreaker! LOL!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Silly day in Tesco!

Free day today!!! Woke up in the morning to web cam with my mum. For the first time I am so far away and finally get to see my mum's and bro face...LOL! Well we chat on msn and I have so many things to tell her. Well I guess this is what it is like for being far away. Anyway, we went Tesco again to stock up our food. We were so happily planning for our food for the week and were so happy with the great deals like two frozen pizza for 2.99 pounds, two bottles of jam for 1.06 pounds, 30slices of ham for 2 pounds, a huge bag of pasta for 69 pence, huge can of pasta sauce for 52 pence and 8 Heinz canned cream soup for 3 pounds!!! Imagine if you saw 8 Heinz canned cream soup for RM3!!! Don't will look bad then..LOL! Anyway, we bought our own supply and when we paid, we were laughing at each other! We bought way too many stuffs that we couldn't even carry! We were struggling badly to get back to our rooms with all the things. I think we stopped about 6 times to rest our arms. I think two fella's offered to help but we denied..LOL! It was seriously crazy! We vow to never do that again...LOL! Besides, Tesco is only like 8mins walk from campus.

Then we went back to our rooms and I am doing this. Owh before that, a maintenance dude came in to all our rooms to lock the windows more! He say only can open till 6inches! OMG! Actually I'm fine with it. I only open like 2inches the most! It is too cold to open wider! By the way, there is no air conditioner here...only heater =) Owh yea, I dropped my manicure set in the wardrobe and it is seriously INSIDE! There is no way that I can think of to get it out. I tried sticking my hand in the hole that it fell into but my arm is too huge. I was VERY sad when I lost happened few days ago. So I asked the maintenance dude if he can help. He say there is no way to get it out...and then he move the board around and drawers and all and then one of the planks actually moved! So he asked me to move my stuff so he can remove the plank. I did and he reach in for my manicure set!!!!!!! I got it back! I literally jump like 'chun li' at the sight of my manicure set! I thanked him and he was like "Are you happy now?" LOL! And I was like "YEA! VERY!!! Thanks!" Lol! So now I am going to my friends' flat to make dinner...will update again soon!


The beginning of induction programme. It is somewhat like an orientation. Went around the campus to see where classes will be and where the canteen is. Ok this might sound weird but the canteen is in the same hall as the student bar. So in the morning it is canteen and pool/snooker but at night it is bar and pool/snooker. Interesting. Well we will be offered free drinks this Thursday...both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I will definitely take the non-alcoholic since I'm not in me home country =) Yes I am a good girl! LOL! Anyway I am feeling tired now. My eyes feel swollen due to some tears that ran free when I was reading a email my mother sent to me. Yes, of course I miss home! Well I can't change my mind now that I am here. Will have to be strong for at least the first year to pass. All I can do now is to pray for blessings and to make the best of my time here. Will update soon! Take care people!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Brighton Pier...

Went to Brighton today! Had so much fun! Finally get to go to a beach. I thought I will never have a chance to go to one for 2years!!! This beach is far more unique. Instead of sand, the beach is full of pebbles! Nice~

Us: Ching-MeL-Fm-Petra...

View from Brighton Pier...

Cam-whoring on the beach...

Brighton Pier~

Ps: More pics on Friendster...

Saturday, 22 September 2007

In the UK...

Finally at UK! In my own en suite room! It is kinda like my room back in Malaysia but this is with an attached bathroom so it is bigger. LOL. Had a horrible day yesterday. Reached Heathrow Airport at about 7pm and went through a horrible immigration 'health' check till about 10pm. Then we had to wait for other students to arrive before the coach bus can take us to our campus. We waited and waited and waited till about 12am and we were on our way. There are many halls of residence and sadly we were the last ones to be sent to our accommodation. We reached close to 1am and we're all tired and cold! LOL! Well we requested to be in the same flat but somehow Ching and FM got a side by side room in a flat and I was secluded in another flat all the way to the back of the building. Theirs are on the Ground floor and mine is on the 4th floor...and no they don't have lifts.

When I was about to sleep, I was thinking about home...I guess everybody does. I was also a little uncomfortable as there were some thoughts like "Eww, what if they didn't wash the sheets and comforter?!" and "What if someone spills something on the carpet-floor and leave it there?" and all the other "What if-s...". Well I managed to get to bed until...few hours later, some idiotic, inconsiderable, drunken fags were shouting, screaming, SINGING and making hell of a noise outside the halls. My window was facing there so yes it is CLEARLY heard. Some drunken idiots also came all the way up to my flat to talk to my flat-mate. SOOOO much of noise!

Didn't slept well as I woke up 7am in the morning! Then the rest of the day was kinda tiring. Had orientation, went to Tesco for necessities and also finally got a sim pack. My number is long but nice. LOL. Anyway I guess I am going to stop here. Really tired. Need sleep.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Day at beauty saloon.

Another RM10 gone to Starbucks...LOL!

I had fun today...went to "beautify" myself. LOL! I think Ching had fun too! We went to a saloon in Lucky Garden to do our new hairdo before leaving for UK. Ching cut her hair and it is VERY short. Well not boy short but shorter than what we discussed before the lady picked up the scissors. LOL! Then she had her hair dyed! Not the whole hair but like two inches wide strands of hair on one side. It is VERY brightly lit! LOL! Nice color is almost yellow but it is blonde I think. It's nice for a change.

I bought a box of D.I.Y. hair color but I did not feel like D.I.Y.-ing myself so I brought it to the saloon and asked them to dye for me. It is supposed to turn out to be copper red but it is darker that what I expected due to the fact that I have very black hair (exception to those few white strands =p). But it turned out alright as I had mine highlighted. So basically my colored hair can only be visible under the sunlight..sad! But true...

After that we went to the beauty saloon just next door to do threading for my eyebrow. I asked Ching to do hers to but I did warn her about the pain she will experience. So I went first and she watched. She said "Wow! You're tearing!". Yes, I hurts and you need to literally press your eyeballs while stretching your eyelids. Thus, the tears. Anyway Ching decided to do hers...I guess watching me go first kinda take away SOME of her fears. I should have recorded her reaction. It will definitely be a great stress relieving tool for pre-examination! Her reaction kinda freaked me out but I'm not going into details to avoid her from smashing my head =p

Anyway, today was fun! Looking forward for more fun experiences with you Ching!!! =p

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Missing and Waiting...!

I got a new laptop! YEAY! It is small (kinda) and light! Something I would much prefer. The days left for me to be in Malaysia is getting lesser and lesser. Don't know if it is good or bad...

Amazingly, the things that I will be missing all starts from the letter 'F'! LOL!
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Food
4) Fashion! LOL!

Owh I received a mail from Middlesex U and they have brochures about the activities going on for the first few weeks before term starts. Believe me, it is nothing like Malaysia! It is full of color and fun and very very interesting activities. They focus a lot on socializing with people. It would be a fun experience!