Tuesday, 29 September 2009

X jobless.

Because I am bored...because I am concentrating too much on unnecessary things (more like THING)...because I need a life!

I got myself a job =)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

A smile on the face!

Internet shopping make me happy! LOL! Kind of...I WANT!!!! LOL! Yes, I have a fetish towards playboy watches!

Saw this beautiful heels on the US Playboy Website. Damn! Sexeh to the max! *hearts* One day...ONE DAY!!!

Optimistic pessimism?

My first interview went well. It was a full time job thou...as in one day off in a month kind of job. Well, I am not sure if I am able to commit myself to a full time job as yet but I would definitely be glad if I would be given the opportunity to engage in an environment with children =) After all, I might go into Child Psychology in future. I am still awaiting the confirmation from my first interview and we'll see how it goes. Other than that, another interview from another teaching center is coming up...Monday! We'll see how that will turn out =)

Yesterday another interesting happened. I came back from a date *cough* with a friend and as I entered the elevator, two lady was in there with me. One of them said to me "Oh I was just admiring your hair. Is it real?" and I replied "Oh thanks. Yeah it's real". Basically she asked if I would be interested to earn some money at the mean time. Would you say no?! LOL! Well she lives in the same block as me and yeah, I gave her my mobile number. LOL! I hope it is what I think it is but at the same time...good things don't happen that easily. Optimism with a slight hint of pessimism.

Having to battle out pessimism with optimism is never easy. Things happen out of our intentions and as much as we would like to stop doing that stupid ridiculous thing, a certain part of us just do not have the will power to over come that pessimism. People around us could only advice us and remind us what we are getting ourselves into, we have to take charge from there. Do I have the will power to change something I know is wrong and make it right? I honestly do not know.

Ever been in a state whereby you think you knew it all and that you could control yourself to do what is right but you just couldn't when you are in that situation? Yeah, it certainly feels horrible. Never been in that situation? Well, imagine if you're given a chance to give your love and care to someone, would it be on 5 needy children or on your prince charming. Who would you plant your tlc on? People out of that situation might think that it is wiser to give it to 5 needy children than on one person. If you have a prince charming, would you sacrifice all your tlc for THE ONE and give it to 5 other strangers? If you say yes, who are you kidding?! Like...honestly?!

I've learnt that life's not a bed full of roses, somewhere in the bed of roses is a mistake one made...a thorn left to hurt us to remind us that we are in the real world. Never to assume that there is no thorns left in the bed of roses made for us. Watch out for a thorn after indulging in the scent of a beautiful rose, to just be prepared to handle the thorn that might be hiding under the bed of roses...

Monday, 21 September 2009


Selamat Hari Raya to all!!!

First day of Raya and I am at my brother's office the whole day! LOL! He had to feed the cat...office cat =.= LOL! But it is shooooo cute!
Jump (damn kau high!)
It licked me!!!
Tinkerbell is her name =)
We had a belated dinner celebration in conjuction with my brother's 23rd Birthday. We ate at TGIF, two-course meal. Could not compare with London!
Clam chowder (full of potatoes, no clams to be seen)
Boneless chicken wings (Not crispy at all!)
Chicken something...the chicken is so over cooked!
Chicken something also...not nice larh!
Maybe I'm too fussy! LOL!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Double news =)

Yesterday it was my brother's Birthday. Happy 23rd Birthday! LOL! Kinda slow in updating blogs but I did celebrate with him =) Thanks to the jet lag (external LOC =p), I totally forgot his birthday was coming up in the next two days! That was on Tuesday. I went to the gym and with the excellent treadmill that could only go up to 4.9km/h max, I fast walk and could actually write and draw at the same time! So I took down notes on what to do and how to do it in two days!

Everything planned out so next step, get the venue. I know who his boss was but I don't have his number. I remember my brother gave me his name card. I called up his office and enquire =p Venue sorted! Next, food! Special thanks to Nick and Su Yee for accompanying me to MV to get the stuff.

The day of his Birthday, he went out to work at 8ish (I assume). I woke up at 9.30am and head towards the kitchen to begin. Ohh before that, the night before I slept at 3.30am just to finish his "Happy 23rd Birthday" sign =p So yes, cooking...just 10minutes in and the gas went out on me! *ROAR* Luckily there was a spare gas tong! One problem...how on earth to change the head?! Gas is deadly if mishandled! And no, I am not ready to die! Hence, *riiiiiiing* Nick =p Thank you so much babe for flying to my place after my call! LOL! Food done!

I was a little behind time with all the cooking but it seemed okay. Got his colleagues to kick him out of the office while we quickly set up the place. Then we were waiting for him to come in and get surprised himself =p the video is proper funny! He did looked blurr: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=136009778999&subj=532728999

It was all good. Thanks to everyone for making it happen =) Special thanks to Nick (yes, again) for helping me out so much! You're the best bud a person could ever have! =)

That aside. Yesterday I was also busy sending out emails and application forms for jobs. Yes, I have started after just a week here. Today, I got a call from Children's Technology Workshop =) I was invited for an interview tomorrow! Wheeeeeeee! Wish me luck! =) I have always wanted to work in an environment with children and youths as I am planning to take my Masters in Child Psychology or Youth Counseling.
It struck me how important initiative is....which lack in many these days. People, especially university students or fresh graduates should take the initiative to plan their future. Yes, live life as it is but planning a few years ahead is important too. Imagine having a life in the future but lack finances or shelter...hmm not a pleasant sight. Then again, I am not saying you have to bust your as$ for a million dollar making job before you can enjoy. Enjoy and have fun but at the same time make sure you have something standby for emergency use. Being at 20, I feel that it is so important to be prepared for my future. Everything is getting more and more expensive (A bottle of Nutella cost RM23!!! I can't get over that!)!
Sometimes it makes me feel sad to see people around me, friends, who have absolutely no idea what they want in life. Just living by the day itself, having debts, depending entirely on loans, have a part-time job that is no way related to their future career. It is just sad. Maturity, exposure and initiative is so important!
"I wish you knew what you want. I wish you knew I wanted to help. I wish you knew how important your future is. Then again, they are all my wishes"

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Complicated?! Make it simple!

Sometimes people do too much thinking. With our god-given brains, is it wise to think about every single thing before making decisions? Think of every option, possible alternatives before making a conclusion? Hmmm....I don't know. Of course it is good to have more options and choices but in the end, we will only choose one. Is there any point in making 101 choices and options then?

Personally I think having options are important but having too much options might just bring u down. I think people should be less analytical. Maybe thinking deep is better than thinking wide? Instead of thinking of 100 silly solutions and alternatives, why not think of 10 smart/wise solutions?

To some people, being analytical is a habit and they tend to take it over the top at times. Which could obviously be annoying to others around them! Why does something so simple be made so complicated? In this modern era, people are inventing new things that help simplify our daily tasks. Yet, we are making things more complicated when it comes to decision making.

Make it simple people! Narrow it down and once you decide, do not look back! Waste of time! Do it with no regrets thou. Peace out! LOL!

Friday, 11 September 2009


I am BACK! Woooooooooooooooooooot! I already feel that I put on some weight =p

The flight home was not too bad as the plane was quite empty so I had reasonable amount of space to move around. Heck, I even got to lay down on three seats in a row! Okay now that does not happen very often to me =p so yeah it was nice.

Upon touch down, I already felt my armpits perspiring and few minutes later, my whole body was perspiring! Dayum! It is haaawt! Then I went through the passport control thing and went to get my luggage. Sightings of moustached and prosperous belly-ed policemen and immigration officers really gave me a hit in the head that I am finally home =) It is really weird to say this considering I am a Malaysian but it is like Culture Shock!!! LOL! I feel so "new" all over again. Things have indeed changed.

Thou one thing that did not, the kiasu-ness of our dear rakyat jelata. At the conveyor belt where we were supposed to collect our luggage, it was so obvious that the first half of the circle was packed...with Malaysians =) and the other half, a mere three individuals waiting patiently for their belongings. Interesting. Guess who was the first person waiting at the beginning of the conveyor belt???????? ME! Duh! I'm sweating like a pig! =p No other reasons *halo on head*

As I walked out through the green lane, bravely, I literally skipped when I arrived at the glass door whereby million (over-exaggeration) pairs of anxious eyes staring towards my direction. Then a saw a tall head in black suit poking out from the crowd of people and I thought to myself, "That must be my bro!". Few more steps and I saw another familiar face...my mummy!!! I skipped even quicker and higher in excitement! She bought me flowers!!! With a little graduation teddy, like she promised before =) When I came to hug my mum, another THREE familiar faces popped out from behind! All I could say was..."OMG!" Hence, I repeated it over and over again for like...loads of times! These people being there made me feel like the whole crowd was there for me! They really mean the world to me =) a lil shout out: "I LOVE U GUYS!"

With their little creative minds...they...

Did this!

Look how princessy I look =p with my little tiara, curly hair, pumped up sexy lips, long lashes *blink eyes rapidly*, super elongated body and my all time fav, a skirt =) That is ME! Kudos to the drawing, Gracey and everyone else for the effort! *hugs* Me and family =)Me and bessies =) Me and my bouquet of flowers and Grad teddy! Wooooot! Super excited when I got this, something I wanted for a long time! Well during my undergrad years that was =p

Now...I will have to get used to the weather. I am already used to the food =p Duh! LOL! It's HUMID and STICKY!!! MY long hair ain't helping either but it is too precious to crop it off =(

And...damn those blood-sucking mozzies!!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Coming home =)

A little over 24hours and I am back to Malaysia! Woooooooot! Excited!

The down side, two and a half hours of nothing-to-do at Dubai Airport =.=

My arms and legs...and pretty much my whole body is about to break! Moved most of my stuff to a friend's place to store this morning and went out the whole day to get last minute bits and pieces. Now I am paitiently waiting for the shipping guy to take the balance of my stuff back to Malaysia. Packing for three different destinations is no fun! Anyway, I would be glad once this load is gone too. Everything else left will be chucked into my luggage! Simple!

I am crapping but I don't care because I am so tired that I feel like eating Malaysian KFC once I touch down...wtf?! I know! =.=

See you in Malaysia!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The fun is here!

Finally here are the pictures!
Nasi Lemak night at Babbit's house in Arsenal. His rent is like twice of mine so you could imagine the luxury of his place!
Yes, we tend to take crazy pictures together. That's the fun of it =)

Sushi night at Wood Green.
Rolling, rolling, rolling!Our not-so-pretty-looking sushi =pWe went to play basketball at 10.30pm =.=
It was darn cold! But warmed up in seconds! Fun!
Kak Z's 27th Birthday!They insisted I lay on them!!!Clearly it wasn't working at all!Hence, a decent picture... and a subsequent 7shoot-in-a-row:Yeah, we're passing the banner from the back to the front. It kinda worked?! LOL!
Kuih-raya day!
We made loads of Almond London cookies!
Peanut butter cookies!
Mexican Bun!
My tiara for my 21st! LOL!