Sunday, 27 July 2008

Clubbing at Maison

Time of our lives! Yesterday we went to Maison to celebrate Su Yee's 20th Birthday. Well we intended to celebrate at a pub/mamak at Solaris but last minute change of plans, we went to Maison (a club) =.= Big difference! LOL! We decided to meet up at 8pm but being the Malaysian we are, we met up at 9.30pm but only arrived at Maison about 11.30pm! Why?! Because Boon Hui wore shorts and croc-like slippers =.= How are we supposed to go in to a club?! So we had to take him back to change...LOL! Anyway, it was quite fun actually...we bought a bottle of vodka for RM348 and all 8 of us gained entry. Before that, of course there's the IC check and a stamp on the arm with the words "Happening Club". LOL! We settled down and start on the booze...and the cake cutting ceremony with the all time fun thing to do, smash the Birthday girl's face to the cake =p

Everything was really nice...some of us danced pretty energetically =p no, they are not drunk yet...for sure! LOL! The music was great (RnB and a little trance)! Totally suitable for clubbing environment...the music in some clubs are pure boring-to-dance-in. One little ex was there too...hmm...not important! LOL! So basically we left the club at about 3.05am...and head to a mamak shop nearby to rest a little before allowing the guys to take the wheels (because we can't hear each other talking-from the loud music). Silly me took Teh-O Limau Ais (Iced lemon tea) and I lost my voice this morning =.= After alcohol, you should never take cold drinks...because alcohol heats your throat and the ice cold drink freezes it so it ain't a good combination. So if you call me and I pick up the phone but say nothing, you know why...LOL! Head home after that and reached home about 4am =p

Definitely a good experience...and one of the best clubs I've been to (not that I've been to many =p). Good service, security (substantial amount of bouncers around), music and nice in general! Tomorrow is Monday...back to work and progressing my 'Big-event' assignment...can't wait for it to end!

Friday, 25 July 2008

Some weight lifted.

Having an understanding employer is not that bad =) LOL! At least some of the weight on my shoulders are taken care of...I am still the event coordinator...sish! To release stress, I bought a pair of pink hooped earrings during lunch at Amcorp Mall. Then met up with my mum and brother at KLCC. While waiting for them to arrive, I went shopping in Isetan alone...and bought a top from Padini =p LOL! Then we had a very luxurious dinner at 4th Floor...Koryo-Won...Korean Restaurant. My first ever Korean dinner and the bill came up to RM233...LOL! Delicious but too luxurious for daily consumption...LOL! Cheers!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Jou Sei Ngor Loh!!!

On Sunday, I was working at THE Gym. Guess who walked in??? Sarimah Ibrahim!!! OMGla! LOL! I know it's no big deal as she was in HELP Uni before and many of us have seen her there...but for her to walk in to the place I was working as a receptionist...was shocking! LOL! She wore this huge sun glasses so I wasn't very sure but after a hard stare, I'm sure it was her and her name was registered as a member in our system! LOL! She came with her hubby, Andrew Browning. So thing cool about THE Gym, by working there you get to see a lot of local celebrities and artists. Anyhow, this Sunday is my last day goodbye to the hunky dudes...LOL!

Working at BarterXchange is not easy! I have just been assigned to organize a HUGE event...their FIRST trading event! A person like me...with no experience in event organizing for corporate companies is in charge of this huge thing! I had to create name tags, registration forms, drafting letters (and no, it's not like SPM letters!) and many more things like that from scratch! When I say from scratch, I meant a blank page in Microsoft Words and Excel! So yea...I even brought work home with me today...LOL! Enough of crapping, better get something done for tomorrow! Cheers!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

One long post!

Picture updates!!! LOL! Like finally! I'm at Starbucks (again) and I have work at THE Gym between that, working out in the gym =p So here are the pics I promised...
My Friends that I love sooooo much!!!
(Including Grace...LOL!)
Me and my bessie! Hugs!
My other best bud! Love u babe!
The quadruplets! LOL!
Su Yee, Jeff and Wei Hon =D
Dessert Bar, Hartamas:
Because my mum is the greatest person on earth, I bought her dessert =p Scoop of rum and raisin and green tea with azuki's not cheap! LOL!
Why I like my job at BarterXchange? I get to eat for free =p
TGI Fridays, One Utama:
Nice number...LOL!
Cranberry Fizz
Chicken something...LOL!
Barbecued chicken salad
'Three for all' (UK version: Time Square Big Share)
Local food:
Maggie Goreng
Thai food: Kueh Teow Pattaya
Home-made salad tofu
Thai food: Sticky rice with mango
Nyonya nasi lemak!
Bento!!! OMG so lovely!

Shopping leads to cam-whoring =p
New dress from Nichii Fashion City
My 'hiao' mother =p (the tattoo artist labeled her)
The crazy 4inch heels i wore on my first day of work!

First day of work attire =)

Owh...a little update on the trip to Borneo Ink...I'm getting another one!!! LOL! I paid a non-refundable deposit so no, I won't sit out on this. The shocking thing is, my mum is getting one too! The bizarre thing is, she's getting the SAME one as me...LOL! So yes, I have a lot of homework to do as I want it to be a unique one.

Time for gym and then 8 hours of boredom! LOL! Owh...before I forget; To my dear friends who're going through a rough patch in terms of relationship, stand strong my friend...there's many fishes in the sea! No, it's not easy to forget the one you love and getting to know that the person you love so much no longer loves you is of course devastating...but life's too short to be sad over such people who don't cherish your love! Love is a fragile game...if you chose to play it, you have to be prepared to face the worst feeling of defeat. Cherrios! Hugs!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Fleshy Mel finds fun on fifth day of work!

My fifth day at work and I finally have time to post something up. So much to say but so little time. So many pictures to post but no time at all! LOL! The past few days have been an adventure for me! Working 9am till 6pm is already tiring enough but I went out straight after work till late night, either shopping, visiting my grandma or out eating with my gang a.k.a. homies...LOL! Just had a steamboat buffet feast last night! If you ask me how's work? Well, there's definitely ups and downs. Monday to Wednesday are the busiest days as there are trainings held here in this tiny office! Thursday and Friday is calm and!

The only thing that I sympathize in this office is the photocopier. Poor thing! I've been working really hard but it beats me! I have been photocopying a lot and I meant A LOT of documents and materials. Not to mention, the photocopier we have could be classed as a "senior citizen"! So basically, after every 10-20 pages, it gets jammed! Like a human in the late adulthood, all kinds of problems start kicking-in. Most of the time it's paper jam. Then the photocopier technician have to come in to 'cure' the antique machine. He comes in on average, 3 times a week! LOL! So basically, I've been pushing buttons on the photocopy machine, punching holes and putting the papers in files, data entry, more photocopying, re-organizing the files on the shelves (Yeay! I get to unleash my passion for interior deco! Bwahahaha! Okla, not that I have superb talent but I like =p).

My colleagues are really nice and we have a 'kakak' who constantly boils water for us just in case we want to make a hot drink and she washes the cups, mugs and cleans the office. She's really nice too...I drank water in a glass and when I wanted to wash it, she didn't allow me to because "my hands will get wet" (no, I'm not hydrophobic)! She ask me to put it down (in the sink) and she will wash it. However, yesterday she kind of freaked me out a little...she told me she sold her radio to someone and the radio kicked her mouth. Once, twice and her front tooth dropped off...hmm.

Lessons learnt so far:
1. Make sure you work in an office that keeps up to date with the latest technology (especially the photocopy machine!)
2. Handle papers with care to avoid paper cuts (only had one-on my first day)
3. Never be alone with the 'kakak' in a room!
4. Regretted wearing 4inch heels on my first day so dress appropriately. Comfy is the priority and not physical appearance (yea right! It'll be a miracle if I learn that! =p)

After work plans: Enjoy the jam and head to Borneo Ink for an appointment to get another tattoo =D

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Humour of the day...

Mum: Semalam boleh tidur ka?
Seri: Tak da!
Mum: Kenapa?
Seri: Ada bunyi!
Mum: Hah? Bunyi apa?
Seri: Tak tauu! *Pak pak pak* gitu!
Mum: Oh...itu jam ke?
Seri: Bukan! *Pak pak pak* diam...pastu *pak pak pak* lagi! Takut saya!
Mum: Ish! Tak da la! Apa mau takut!

My grandma's maid (Seri) thought it was some spirit *touchwood* but after a good few hours, we found out what that noise was. I have a pond at the balcony. This morning, one of the fish was lying dead on the floor at least a foot away from the pond. Sad but true! LOL!

Mum: Aiyo!!! Bangunkan saya ma! Kalau you periksa, mungkin tak mati lor! Aiyo... *very sad*
Seri: Saya datangkan, mungkin dia nak alukan saya...*laughs*
Mum: *Cha dou look*


Friday, 11 July 2008

New job =)

I know...WOW! LOL! Yes, I've got a new job. This time it's something a little more related to what I am studying. I went for an interview today and I immediately got the job. I'm going to start work next Monday with a company by the name of BarterXchange. It's a trade business company. In fact, when I first heard of their concept I thought it was interesting. They are using the traditional barter system but adapted to suit the modern needs of companies to cut loss.

So basically I will be working there Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm...Loooooong hours but I'm excited to experience it as I've never worked in a business office before. So I might not be able to update my blog as frequent for a month or so. I still plan to work with THE Gym on Sundays (no, I'm not desperate for money but I feel bad for leaving the job now as they are in desperate need of staff). If anyone wants a job in THE Gym, Hartamas, let me know =) They pay good! Seriously!

Today I ate...Tau Fu Fah!!! Also, Tosai!!! LOL! Pictures coming up soon =)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Random Q.

Ego in Men.

Nature or Nurture???

This is not a gender bias question =) If it sounds like, my apologies!

Had my first Maggi Goreng since I got back.'s seriously tasty and spicy!!! One not-so-syok thing about it, it's was MYR2.80 the last time I had it (which was 10mths ago)!!! After that, I talked my brother in to sharing a piramid of nasi lemak that was beautifully sitting on a tray on the table next to us. LOL! Where to find food like this?! Only in Malaysia =D

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Picture updates...

Went to my grandmother's house that day and saw cute!!! Mini pineapple plant...LOL!
Mini pineapple plant =)
Due to the absence of Internet services, I couldn't blog with pictures. I'm at Starbucks now so this post will be full of pictures...mostly food =p Flavoured agar-agar.
Buffet first choice =D at Crown Princess Hotel.
High class Keropok Lekor, Chawan, Bangsar.
Hokkien Mee.
Cham Ping at Old Town.
Toasted bread with Kaya and Butter at Old Town.
Uncle Lim's Laksa.
Ipoh Chicken Rice.
Little Penang Cafe, Assam Laksa.
'Sweet chicken'...LOL! Translate to Cantonese.
Kim Gary's Korean noodles with ham, sausage, egg and vege.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Gym.

Just back from was some boring job! But interesting on the other hand =p Why? There are some reasons =p My shift started at 2pm and ended at 10pm. I was trained from 2pm to 3.30pm...just one and a half hours and I had to stuff everything in my brain! Which explains the headache I had few hours after that! What am I working as?

Position: Receptionist
Venue: The Gym, Plaza Damas, Hartamas

Yeap! The best part, I get to choose what music I want to play in the gym *wide smile* LOL! *Music makes me loose control* Shoot! I forgot to log myself out from the system! Diammit!!! Oh...and I got a top as a uniform...Nike...Original Nike man! No big deal but I'm just too excited about it! Such a generous management =p I don't have to pay for it! LOL! Ok...go mandi!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Went out with Kiah to eat Petaling Street's very famous fish congee on Tuesday and then went to Mid Valley and Gardens to do some shopping. Su Yee joined us too. Catching up on old times. Just found out that everyone had not been contacting each other lately. Everyone was just busy with their own things, either work or studies, and the bonds we had seem to be getting weak. Not good! I guess people change. As much as I don't like it happening, I am willing to accept it =) However, there are still a few who are real pumpkins =)

Talking about pumpkins, my Grandma's helper said:
"Lama tak jumpa, sudah berisi ya..."

My part-time cleaner said:
"Tengok-tengok sudah gemuk sikit..."

And few other people said I have PUT ON WEIGHT! Don't tell me it's okay because I'm's not! The fact that I have put on weight and my muscles have gone flabbier is not good! LOL! I am currently motivating and disciplining myself to go to the gym everyday and hopefully before I leave for London in September, I can visibly see the results!

Random thoughts: Another tattoo? LOL!