Friday, 29 June 2007

Eating American Baked Cheese cake and to go with is a Grande Pure Choc Frap on a quite small checked table in Starbucks. Won't have much chance to be back in this particular Starbucks outlet because I'm shifting to a further place and I am leaving for UK very soon. Kind of starting to miss the things I have here. It will be difficult to adapt but I hope I can make new wonderful friends. I really mean wonderful. It is so hard to get a friend that says what you think before you even say it out. Get what I mean? LOL! Even worst, you'll meet people you just can't stand! One reason I am taking psychology to understand why are there such UNIQUE people around. I am almost at the end of my second year and I have yet to acquire the ability to tolerate certain personalities. However, I don't look at myself as a failure. I will someday be able to do it. (Ps: Z, I know you'll be reading this. Self efficacy high or low? LOL! Just kidding!)

Just shift my place...battery was running low so I had to changed to a nearer place with plug (I can read your're saying..."Sweat!") lol. Owh I got back one of my assignment today. Was happy with the grading. Was VERY HAPPY with the comments. I actually got full marks for the creativity part and there were underlined words of positive comments (guess he was trying to emphasize it)!!! How cool is that? Most people are questioning me to why am I taking Psychology instead of something to do with arts. Well I have no regrets to what I am doing now. Perhaps I will take up arts and craft or maybe even designing in the future. I do have passion for it. Quite an amount.

Owh yes! Today was the LAST DAY of lectures for me and some of my friends. It is also the very last day of lectures IN HELP for us...sad! I will miss the times! Since it is such an important day, there were several cameras present in the lecture hall. No doubt, we cam-who red like hell! We even recorded some video of random stuff (like my multi-colored, denim Bruce Lee skirt!). Yet to see the pictures and video. I think it will be hilarious.

Ok...This paragraph is dedicated to my three beloved college mates: Adeline Low I-Leen, Hor Zi Ning and Lim Ban Hong (According to alphabetical Thank you so much for letting me be a part of The Three Musketeers. I will definitely remember you all! I had so much fun with you gals and it is not easy to get friends like you! It is weired that we can get along well in group works. I have tried with other college mates in group work and it was not as easy as how we get along. Love you girls! I know we will be going to two very distant places but I hope the memories we had will forever be with us! XOXO! See you in exam hall on Monday! LOL! For those who think this is a 'gay' post or I'm being 'emo', one word...WHATEVER! LOL! I love my friends!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Final presentation for this sem...

Had my final presentation for this semester...this was the least prepared presentation in my whole entire college life so far and I do not wish to experience this again. But it was fun! It was very spontaneous and I was not that nervous...COOLNESS! Mooi helped us record a copy of our skit...FUNNY!

Finals is next monday...should go study now...LOL! Actually my mum is bugging me to eat the apples =p so I should go now...hehe

Monday, 25 June 2007

Monkey for a Hacker!?!

For all those who read the post on Saturday...IT IS NOT ME!!! It is a person who wants to be me...Bwahahaha right, RACHEL PUAN YNG YIEN (a.k.a. monkey!)?!?! You are sooo LEMAK! I was so damn shock when I read the post today! Yes, I know many of you were shock too! Anyway she's got too many subjects to take this semester so she kind of got KOO KOO a bit...I mean A LOT!

I didn't have time to post anything during the weekends because I was busy and I can't get online. On Saturday I went out 9am in the morning to my condo to settle some stuff and finalize my wardrobe design. My wardrobe takes up half of my room space! LOL! Then I had meeting at college-mate's house for one of our assignments where I made a HUGE mistake! I used RACHEL PUAN YNG YIEN'S laptop to sign in my blog and I forgot to sign out! Now she's 'hacking' my blog...LAME! Bwahhahah =p Anyway, back to my busy day...then I went to dinner with my family and my mother's client+family at Zuho in Taman Tun. It is a great place to eat 'loh mee'. It's not the typical 'loh mee' but it is with huge fresh water prawns and crab meat. You have to try it out! Then I went back to my housing area to have drinks with my beloved high school friends. Actually, I was too full to drink so I watched them drink! LOL! Then Nick drove me home...Thanks bud =p That was like 12.30am! I showered and prepared for bed but I was too hyper and couldn't sleep! So I started packing my room to see what I want to bring over to my new house. Amazingly, I found lots of soft toy...and I meant LOTS! My whole bed was covered with soft toys and it piled up like Mount Everest! Ok I'm exaggerating...maybe like Genting Highlands! LOL! I LOVE SOFT TOYS!!!

Then on Sunday I was busy finishing up my final assignment paper for one of my subjects! Finally! LOL! Then that very night I thought of someone that I have been thinking of frequently. So I sent him a sms to see if he's awake. He replied! (He sometimes don't reply) Anyway after few sms-es I went to bed...too tired already.

TODAY! Woke up kinda late and rush out to college for 8am class. Amazingly I reach on time! LOL! Then my college friend, Zi Ning asked me, "What's with your latest post?" and I was like "What's with it?". Going back to RACHEL PUAN YNG YIEN!!! She smirked! Then she was like, "I don't go see lah...". Now I know why! LEMAK-NESS! Blurgh! Don't want to talk about it! I'll smack her tiny ass tomorrow! Back to my story...I came home early to take a good rest =p I'm suppose to study but I ended up taking a 3hour nap!!!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Time factor!

I am at Starbucks...supposed to have a online meeting but...don't want to talk about it!
I can't wait to shift (yes, again)! LOL! The connection in my current house is really killing me. Getting online resources is vital for assignments Owh-kay! I hope it is not that bad in UK! LOL!

I have a feeling that I am going to be busy for the weekends. Owh I went to buy air-cons today! LOL! I realized that moving to a new house requires a lot of purchasing...hopefully my mother know how to handle her finances (Duh~Wth was I thinking? She's a financial advisor). Anyway the last thing I need is for my parents to tell me that I can't go UK to further my studies! TOUCH-WOOD!!!

I think tomorrow I will be shopping for curtain rods and my mother's bed and my brother's 'display cabinet' and...I don't know...many more things! I can't trust my mother and brother's taste for certain things =p Bwhahahaha! Which is why I am so darn busy at the wrong time. One more week to freaky-finals and due dates are next to one another! EeekK! And I haven't study for finals! Darn it! Should go back to work now...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

I'm back!

Finally!!! Didn't online for few days already...thanks to the cooperative connection in my house! LOL. I only get to check my mails and post this blog now because I am in college! My class is only at 12pm but I have a 4 hour meeting to prepare for tomorrow's presentation. We are SOOO not prepared! Eeekk! I am hungry and very very tired! I have been going to college 8am almost everyday! After I'm done here in college, I am going to check out the renovation progress at my condo. My turn to practice my presentation...Peace out!

Monday, 18 June 2007

-Pi Pu Pu-

Just finish assignment...But printer not working!!!

Seek help from Rach P who hasn't even started her paper yet...How interesting!

Going to bed...too tired...hopefully can wake up for 8am class tommorow...Goodnight!

*Ps: Thanks Rach =)

Friday, 15 June 2007

Decisions, Dinner and Laughter...

Felt like a burden taken off my shoulder after handing up an assignment today. After class, I went to my condo...yes, AGAIN! LOL! This time I was supposed to decide which design I want to have on the toilet door. If the construction is finished on time, we will have a house-warming. Those of you who will be able to see my choice, make sure you say good stuff =p It was very coconut-ish...Not my first choice but my mum bought a coconut basin first so I decided to go with the theme or it'll look weird. Then I had to choose a design for the plaster ceiling. Changed my mind couple of times but I managed to make up my mind.

When I got home, I was so tired that I actually slept for two and a half hours!!! Well last night I had only four and a half hours of sleep because I was busy decorating my assignment! Lol! Then I heated up the fish curry my mum made earlier for dinner. I cooked mixed vege usual. This time I used butter so there were no accidents to over pouring oil. LOL! My brother was like "Luckily this time it is not soaked in oil".

Owh one really funny thing happened during dinner. I finished my share first (as usual) and my brother was still eating. Then he asked me help him scoop the remaining curry from the pot to his plate. Then he asked, "What is left in the pot, besides the gravy?"...and I suddenly say "Nothing much, just a piece of shit." Then I was like, "I meant fish!" LOL! My bro was like, "Damn mean wei you! People is eating here!" LOL Freudian slip!!! By the way, it rhymes!

Thursday, 14 June 2007


Busy busy day...went looking for tiles and kitchen sink.

Now back at home...rushing to finish my assignment =(

Monday, 11 June 2007

Dinner today...

My hands smell of garlic and my house stinks too! Well not the garbage type of stink but the oily smell after cooking type of stink. Yes, I cook dinner myself for those who don't know...and I cook for the whole family too! Say what you want but I used to hate garlic but food taste fantabulous with it! I fried fishes the Chinese style and I actually wrap my right hand with a table cloth when I'm flipping the fish over! LOL I'm not being soft of anything like that but it hurts when the burning oil land on your skin! After frying the fish till golden brown, I moved on with cooking Chinese style omelet (Yes, that omelets that have no other ingredients other than french beans and eggs). Then I cooked mix veges but with only two types of vege (pea sprouts and sweet peas). It smells and taste yummy =p I have to admit though, this dish is a little drenched in oil. I accidentally pour too much oil =p Whatever, my cooking rocks! Bwahahhaha! My mum came home with McDonalds but she swap food with my bro (which is my cooking)!!! How cool is that?! LOL I lovie my mummy! =)

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Buffet and...Floods?!

I just got back from a buffet dinner at Seri Pacific Hotel (formerly known as Pan Pacific hotel)! Ate madly...kinda =p It was a great dinner after such long time on a low carb diet =p I had fresh (and raw) oysters, really fresh prawns, assorted veges, beef, catfish, ulam (first time and it is not bad actually), owh and erm malaysia's version of escargo!!!! You'll usually see it at malay stalls. It was an interesting experience trying to suck the 'snail' out! Yes, it is cooked! LOL! I ate a lot more...don't think I want to list all, won't have enough space =p Well I ate all in small portions =) I even had fondue! LOL! Yum Yum...!

Anyway that was not the main reason I decided to post this considering that I should be in bed by now! LOL! I was stuck in the jam in KL due to floods! After dinner, we were stuck in the car for almost an hour in the jam! The Klang River was over flowing and also Gombak River over flowing! It is the scariest experience ever! I always pass by the rivers and the water level was like 3-4meters below the road level! Now it is over flowing!!! The water even ran out to the roads and lots of cars were stuck in it! In fact, many cars broke down! Causing more jam! Ambulance buzzing away and toll trucks too! Everyone is putting pressure on their car hons and the policemen were blowing the whistles and shouting "Sabar larh!!!" (as if Malaysians can) LOL! Anyway, be thankful you're at home reading this...LOL! Read about the floods in the news tomorrow! Some experience I'll never forget!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Time matters...

Lately I have been feeling really lazy. Well lazy to do college stuff at least...which is not good at all! Maybe it's because of the hectic schedule which I am going through after classes most of the days. If I am not out shopping for lights, I am out looking for furniture or meeting contractors and 'air-con' man! The feeling of having a new house and moving in to a whole new environment (sort of) is exciting but the process through it is madness! It just feels like...climbing Batu caves! You are so excited to find out what is there at the top, in the cave but you have to climb 300+ steps up. So in the end you really did climb and you're feeling the 'pain' of it...hopefully when I reach the top, it is worth my effort.

Today I went Sungai Buloh after meeting the 'air-con' man to scout for a small pond with a fountain concept. My mum says the sound of running water is relaxing so it is a must. There's also a small fountain in my house now which I think will make Pearl and Marble live longer...that is if the running water helps! Or maybe they'll be even more stressed thinking that it is always raining! They are very close to the fountain. Btw Pearl and Marble are my hermit crabs =p don't ask me which is which because they decided to have the same colored 'homes' and they changed to very very similar shell color and design.

Before deciding to update my blog, I was watching 'The perfect guy' starring Hillary Duff. The show have such meaningful content. Sometimes people run when new people with intentions to get intimate (emotionally) come looking for them. Well i guess it is hard to blame those who ran. Probably they have been hurt countless times (or countable times) and this makes them feel so insecure. It is a hard decision for them to make as they fear risking their heart but they really want to look for the perfect guy. I guess with time, it is possible for them to accept but that is only if the seeker is willing to wait long enough (usually they'll just come and go). To me, guys like this don't exist anymore (sorry if I'm generalizing it)! Probably they do but it is like finding a needle in a hay stack! Or unfortunately those people I know are the come and go type =p

I should now leave this for you to think and I'll get back to my assignments! Take care people! Hugs and Kisses!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

New Pet!!!

Lack of sleep...can't seem to pay attention in class. Well I can but I kind of feel sleepy in the middle of lectures and today I was alone in Human Comm class...thanks to Rach P and FM! Lol So I kind of shut my eyes for few minutes when Zan was lecturing =p lol Owh well.

After classes I intend to go home to get studying for Human Mot mid terms but I was told to wait for my brother so he can go back home with me. I waited for like two and a half hours!!! Then we went meet up my mum to get a new refrigerator for the new house. We went back home quite late and I felt too sleepy to study =p

The best part for today is I GOT A NEW PET!!! Lol! After purchasing the refrigerator, I bring my mum to a stall outside SenQ and it's kind of a 'hint' if you know what I mean! The stall sells hamsters, fighting fishes, scorpions, blue-crabs and my new pet...hermit crab! Actually my mum bought two for me =p It is soooo cute!!! I even get two extra shells so they can change 'homes'! Lol!

Monday, 4 June 2007


After class today, I went all the way to Times Square to collect my butterfly jeans which I LOVE so much! But the China women who is the person doing the altering say it was not ready yet and she say she might not be able to loosen it that much because she cut the extras already! WTH!?! I hope I can fit in the jeans!!! It is one of a kind and I bought it from Australia!!! Sobz...

Owh and there are two new options for Uni in UK which is Sussex and Portsmouth...I told my mum and she say "Stick to one Uni...if you keep on changing your mind, you'll end up no where!" LOL It is kinda true. Anyway she suggested I stick to Middlesex. Hopefully I can stop changing my mind! LOL

Saturday, 2 June 2007


Today I went IKEA with my mum. We went looking for bedroom and toilet ideas. We found some great ideas so hopefully we can fit into our budget =p which btw is very little because I am going to UK! Yay! Anyway, can't wait to shift in!!!!!!! We are planning to have a house warming partay! But before that we will have a garage sale to minimize our belongings...LOL!

Friday, 1 June 2007

Bad day!

I had a harsh day today...woke up early for 8am class and I accidentally arrive college at 7.15am!!! Wth!!! So I kinda slept in my car =p Then after class I went to meet up with my mum to see my new condo. To my surprise...the rooms are EXTREMELY SMALL!!! I wonder if it was build according to the floor plan. Owh well that was the least of my problem. My brother took my room! Coz it was slightly bigger. To all guys out there, please understand that girls need space for their wardrobe! Anyway being the KIND younger sister, I gave him the bigger room...and gave him the silent treatment after that =p Bwhahahaha!

Then we went to visit my grandmother. I gave her siew mai to eat and we talked a little. My phone rang and it was my dad. After the LONG conversation, my eyes was filled with tears. He told me that I might not be able to go UK. I had my hopes all high and even bought winter apparel already! I was just speechless and angry at the same time.

After that I went to times square to collect my jeans that I took it for alteration days before. The lady asked me to try it on to see if it fits, so I did. I don't know what she did or I got fat (which is impossible), I can't zip up! WTH?!?! It's like 2inches gap! What was she thinking?! Now I need to make time to go all the way there to get the jeans. humph!

Can a day go any worst? Yes! After that my brother drop me at KLCC to wait for my mum and go collect the condo key from the developer. I ate lunch alone (how sad)! But that is not too bad as compared to the hours I waited at Hoca! I was SOOO tired and desperately need sleep! So I called my mum trying to hurry her (she was having a business appt). She came like 2hours later! Swt!

Then we went to the condo developer's HQ to get the keys and they say "Can't issue out yet". My mum was furious (believe me, you won't want to be there)! They discussed (more like argue) for 2hours+ and finally we got it! LOL!

After one whole day of tiredness, I finally get to relax a little. To avoid the jam, me and my mum went La Manilla at Ampang Park for dinner (bought walnut brownie for supper =p ). I told her about my UK bad news and she insisted i go! She was very supportive and this make me regain my confidence. Well hopefully everything turns out well. It was a long day today and I should take my rest...