Wednesday, 30 January 2008

In love with JD Wetherspoon~

What I had for dinner yesterday?!
Country style Shropshire Pea soup.

Linconshire sausages with home-made garlic wholemeal bread and broccoli.

Today I decided to take a walk out as I have been in the room the whole day yesterday. I went to JD Wetherspoon for breakfast. It was 3.38pounds but with the student coupon from a calendar I only paid 1.99pounds =) Such a waste to not use it...Right?! LOL! Although I went alone and during the day, the pub is full of senior citizens, I really had fun! I am really falling in love with JD Wetherspoon =p

My Cafe Latte with mini shortbread~

My traditional breakfast =)
(They ran out of sausages and asked me what I want extra and I took egg =p Good in a way coz I've been eating sausages everyday for the past week!!)

After my very filling meal...
I read the drinks menu to boost my alcohol knowledge...LOL!
The order of least to most alcohol percentage in beer:
1) Foster's
2) Carling
3) Pedigree (No not the dog food =.=)
4) Heineken

After that, I went to nearby shops to take a walk and I saw lots and lots of very very nice shoes but....I have to resist! LOL! By the time I enter the 3rd shop there, I couldn't resist this very pretty pair of knitted socks! So I got them =p It was 4pounds but it was reduced to 1.99pounds to clear. It is cute~
Cam-whore with my new shorts in my room =p
Bought this from my shop for 85p! LOL!
My new knitted socks!!! LOL! Cute right?!

I think it looks great with my boots =p

Feeling hungry after chatting with mum online so I made this:
Bread with butter, kaya, banana and cheese popped in the oven to maximize crunchiness =p
(If you guys eat pizza as frequent as I do when I was in Malaysia, this was one of the dessert in Domino's. It was called banana kaya something...remember Mart?! LOL!)

Monday, 28 January 2008


Ching uploaded the pictures...therefore...enjoy =)
What does it look like to you?! HAHA!

Us in the toilet posing =.=

LOL! The hunky man and bimbo wife...hahahahha!

Posers!!! LOL!


Seriously =p


Enjoying the cake Ching made for FM~


Foong Mei's dinner: Beef burger and Chips~

My dinner: Chilli Con Carne~ YUM!
Ching's dinner: Fish and Chips~

Foong Mei's 20th!

Gosh! So long since my last post. Have been kinda busy lately...LOL! Well, not's just that time passes by so quickly! LOL! I was cleaning my room the whole of Thursday and I was working on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today).

It was Foong Mei's 2oth Birthday yesterday!!! Me and Ching decided to give her a surprise but it ter-potong stim! LOL! We went to her place but she was out in London =.=" LOL! So we had another celebration today at JD Wetherspoon (yes, the place I had my Bday celebration too). It was fun! We almost suffocate her just to bring the cake out...LOL! It was a pretty cake (made by Ching) and it was yummy too..! FM had a Beef burger and Mango Lemonade mocktail. Ching had Fish and Chips (she's anti-beef) and a pint of Foster's. I had Chilli Con Carne with Chips and a bottle of J20 (Orange and Passion fruit).

Then we cam-whored (as usual) like mad at the table and in the *ahem* toilet!!! LOL! Wait till Ching upload the pictures. She will be uploading the 'potong stim' video on youtube too! That must be really funny! LOL! Till then, I need some serious rest! Too used up lately...Goodnight!

*Ps: Thanks mum, for the cute Chinese top...gona miss CNY in Malaysia with the people and food AND the ang paus!!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crunchyroll back in my life again...

Just finished watching a movie on Crunchyroll. Look it up people, it's titled 'Angel I Love You'. I think it is a Singaporean production (Gurmit Singh is in there too =p) The link is but I think you need an account to stream it. Try anyway =) It's a very touching romance film. Lol! It is so ironic...talking about love, the three musketeers in Kansas U already have boyfriend =.= Only 4 1/2 months and they already found their other half...LOL! The most amazing thing is, they are Chinese dudes (Not China Chinese...) LOL! Makes you wonder what is wrong with guys in Malaysia....HAHAHA! No offence to guys in Malaysia =p

Anyway, I think I am beginning to adapt myself to this culture more =) It is not that bad really. The weather can be a little pissing off at times but overall it is alright. Time is really passing by so quickly that I think it is not worth focusing on negative things. Work so far is great! I really like the job, it keeps my mind busy and I get to learn more and of course meet more people =) Not that I am focusing too much at work that I am not paying attention to my studies but work really helps occupy my extra time and relax my mind from intense reading for studies...LOL!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

More pics...

Random feelings make me feel like uploading pictures....LOL! (Nah KP...happy?! LOL!). The theme for my nail art this time is...'I want candy!' LOL!
Simple design for the right hand as usual
(Ignore the bottle =p)

Left hand: From thumb-Cupcake, vanilla ice-cream on cone, lollipop, sweets, just hearts =)

Mum bought this for my room =)
(It's real...)

My current study I know...congested =p

Some clothes I bought when mum was here shopping with me =)
This grey jacket was a great deal!

Two mini skirts; the top one for two pounds and the bottom one only one pound =)

One of my favourite!!! Topshop mini skirt.
(Ching say it was kinky =.=)
Woo Hoo~

My new pajama to wear in Malaysia of course =p

New ring...

Another new! My mum chose it for herself but it ended up with me =p

Nice ride~ Taken outside my workplace car park...
Oh I just realize I have not taken a picture of my workplace I will try tomorrow...

Friday, 18 January 2008

The upsetting letter...

Too much drama going on =.="

Yesterday, as I left for work, the accommodation staff was in my flat giving out letters to us. I took it and went down the stairs. It is not a pleasant reads:

"Dear Residents,

As I am sure you are aware, there were several fire alarm activations in the early hours of Thursday 17 January.

Fortunately an actual fire had not broken out at 01:30 hours but fire panels in blocks 39 - 46 were smashed maliciously. The fire extinguisher in flat 41 has been emptied also.

The fire service attended, replaced the fire panels and left the site at 01:48 hours. At 01:54 there was a fire alarm activation again, this was caused by the replaced fire panels being broken.

At 02:24 there was another fire activation - this time in blocks 19 - 28. The fire service were on site but refused to attend.

At 03:15 hours there was another fire activation - blocks 29 -38. The Security Officer called for back-up and the fire panels were replaced.The residents of flats 29 - 38 will be charged for the replacement of the fire panels.

The residents of flats 39-46 will be charged for the DOUBLE REPLACEMENTS of the fire panels.

bla bla bla...

Several residents did not evacuate when the fire alarms sounded. We will be writing to those residents separately and they will receive a written warning. I can understand that those who did not evacuate after the second fire activation believed vandalism was taking place and it was not a real fire (Duh~) but as per point 13.3.2 of the Terms and Conditions of your residency you...bla bla bla...


The weather...hmmm...

The weather here is seriously madness! LOL! There was thunder!!! First time since I got here and it was raining very very heavily with winds strong enough to blow me away (I'm sure)! So I decided to not go to work as it was a 5-8pm shift.

I was typing on my mobile:

'Hi Lucy, this is Melissa here. From the window of my lecture room, I don't see how I can walk to work. Will you have enough staff if I don't come in today?'

By the time I finished typing (no, I don't take a loooong time to type!), the rain started to drizzle =.=" So, I saved the text in the draft hoping it will rain heavily again and I will send it out. I continued doing my assignment and just 10minutes later, THE SUN IS OUT!!! Wth is that?! I have no idea! So it is very bright now (specially directed to mum =p) and I shall leave for work!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Back to Uni experience AGAIN...

First week back to Uni and it feels like the very first week I came. Crazy, immature students partying like donkeys in love! I don't know what the h*ll am I saying because it is 2am in the morning and I am partially deaf and I am friggin' pissed!!! I was busy doing my assignment till around half past 1 and I am too tired so I decided to stop. Took a shower and when I was about to get out of the shower, the damn fire alarm blew off =.=" I was not clothe yet!!! I quickly dress up and wore my wind breaker and uggs and went out the room.

I'm suppose to leave my room and get out of the building within 3minutes. I think I took 5minutes to dress up and get out of my room! Then I did not get out of my flat because it was horrifying!!! A group of 10 or more drunken senseless males were outside my flat (at the stairway) singing to a guitar being played. Their faces were sooooooo red which shows how drunken they are! I dare not open the flat door to go down!!! I went to my kitchen to look around, waiting for my flatmates to get out of their room. Out come Tony...then Steve and a girl. All of us went down then.

I called Ching Yee (woke her I mean) and asked her to let me in her flat because it was freezing cold!!! She let me in and I waited in her room for about 10-15minutes. Then I thought we were allowed to go back to our rooms so I left Ching's room. Unfortunately, we wasn't allowed in yet. I waited in the cold for about 5minutes before the firemen allow us in. As I was about to open my room door and "PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". The damn fire alarm blew off AGAIN!!! I saw Tony went back to his room and so I thought 'What the heck, it is another false alarm!' and I stayed in my room. BIG MISTAKE!!!

The alarm is seriously loud so it is really hard to ignore it and go to bed. So I put on the headphones and turn the music louder! Just about 3minutes and I heard someone knocking on my room door shouting "Anyone in there? Open up!". I opened the door and the security guy with four firemen was outside my door and the security dude was like,

"Why are you here? You are supposed to go down!"

"I went down just now!!!"

"No, you have to go down now!"

"F*cking h*ll" (softly while walking down the stairs...I think one of the fireman heard...LOL!)
The security guard took down my flat number. I think I will get a warning letter soon =p Don't care! LOL! Anyway, I went down and there was very little people outside. I think most of them are in their room. DUH~ Amazingly, I met Ching downstairs =.= Her flat's fire alarm blew off too...LOL! This time I went out without my uggs and just with my home slippers. It makes a damn huge difference!!! I am shaking like mad!!! This time we were out longer as they went in every room and toilet (some hid in the toilet) to check if everyone was out! I think I freaked a Hong Kong girl out because I was cursing non-stop when I went down for the second time. LOL! How can you not curse after what happened?! ERGH!!! Tony came down not long after I came down...LOL!

Two fire engines who came...twice =D I bet they will love us more!!!

It is 3.13am in the morning now and I shall retire to bed! Hopefully the senseless idiots will stop partying like mad dogs and NOT TRIGGER THE DAMN ALARM AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oriental City and Flat 29 Kitchen...

Some pictures taken in Oriental City (The shopping complex for Asians):

Frozen lew-lian~ LOL!

The meal that made us skip dinner! LOL! I had roasted duck and char siew rice...

The food court (in Oriental City) with all kinds of Asian food...including Malaysian food!!!

Tiramisu (original ones...with alcohol in em'), Home-made by Boon Choo.

Me and mum at Boon Choo's place.

These are taken my kitchen flat...LOL!
Do we look alike?!

Mum: peeling clementine, Me: peeling lemon =p

Me and mum busy preparing dinner...Ching buntut gatal took this =.=

Hiak..."Eat Ravioli for a satisfying dinner!" LOL!

Finally her turn to cam whore =p

Mum made this...Hak Loh Mai...LOVELY!!!

Me sms-ing with my new mobile =p and new rings...HAHAHA!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Trip to Central London.

Some of the pictures taken recently:
Me and mum with extended relatives after dinner at Mayflower Chinese Restaurant.

Me and mum at Chinatown, London.

The three of us having ice-cream during winter =.= LOL!

In Harrods: Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed's memorial in Harrods.
The wine glass was the last drink Diana had before the accident and her lipstick mark is still on the glass!!! That ring below is the 'engagement ring' Dodi gave her.

My teddy!!! Bought in Harrods...LOL! It was on sale owh-kay!

Mum at Prudential head office, Holborn.

The three of us in British Museum.
Some pictures taken in the British Museum: