Monday, 31 March 2008


Waiseh!!! So fun walking back from work today! As mentioned yesterday, the clock was forwarded one hour. So it is SUPER bright when I walked home today (7pm). Usually it will be pitch dark at this hour! One of my colleague teased me: "Melissa, it's so bright! You can see where you're walking back to now...". One word...WHATEVER! LOL! She's one of the anjing betina =p Anyway, it was really exciting to leave the shop before sunset. It somehow makes me think it is not time for dinner yet because it is still bright. LOL!
One more week before lectures start and I HAVE NOT start my assignments. SHOOT! I am going to dedicate this final week to finish it (at least some of it)!!! *Fingers crossed*

Ching Yee went to visit BC over the weekend and she stayed over. I would very much like to go but I was stuck with work =( LOL! She came back today and ta pau-ed for me...

Bubur Cha-cha~

Some random pictures that fascinated me =p Bought it after Easter so the price was reduced and yes, I was tempted again =p

3 (chocolate) eggs in a box.

Cute-ness! (the white thing is fondant)

Look properly! They actually made the 'yolks' too! LOL!

Malaysia mana ada?! LOL!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Short update~

Working in Sports World can be such a pain in the arse at times! Seriously! Don't know why Ching Yee wants to work there =.= LOL! She's got the job by the I think she'll start soon. Anyway, I put my availability on Fridays for 10-3pm ONLY! Guess what?! I am put to a 3-8pm shift this coming Friday! Hell NO! I texted my assistant manager and told her I'm not coming for that shift. LOL! She obviously didn't reply...she never do.

Anyway, today the clock is going to be set FORWARD an hour. Damn! LOL! Means I have to go to work at 8am instead of the usual 9am =.= *ROAR* Should go to bed now...LOL! all Malaysian peeps, this means that the difference in time zone is just 7hours now...instead of the usual 8hours =)

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter weekend~

Seems like a long time since my last post =p my apologies! Ching managed to take a nice shot of the sleet on 22nd March 2008...

Nice right?! Like sugar =p
Easter Updates!!!

23 March 2008.

Me and Ching went to BC's house to stay over for Easter weekend. We decided to treat them (For once! They are always treating us =p) with a traditional Easter dinner meal =) Here goes:

Sliced chicken breast with onion and sage stuffing, boiled vegetable, chips and Yorkshire pudding served with chicken gravy.

The set up.
We over cooked! Extras at the middle...
The three bottles: Wine, English mustard and cranberry sauce (fantastic with chicken)!

The wine we had. Lambrusco. Super yummy!

Dessert: Red bean and black glutinous rice soup.
24th March 2008.
Woke up, and it was snowing again!!! =D
The room (where me and Ching bunk in) window view. Exactly facing a kindergarten play space =.="

Boon Choo's front yard.

Snow on grass =)

How can the cam whores miss this one?! =p (Yes, we're not properly dressed!)

Dinner: Tom Yam noodles (spaghetti) with prawns and pork. Super yummy! The spicy-ness made me slurp down THREE friggin' plates!!! *ROAR*

Dessert: Cocoa coated truffles.

It looks normal but it is super addictive (and fattening)!
25th March 2008.
The last day at BC's. Had a superb dinner again =p
Broccoli with oyster sauce and spring onions.

Salmon with soy sauce and spring onions.

MORE salmon!!! *wicked laugh*

Chinese style stir fry noodles (spaghetti).

Finally, SOUP! SUPER sweet soup!!! Herbal soup =)
26th March 2008 (today).
Had an interview for NI (National Insurance) number at Camden today. It's a compulsory number for working people. When I came out of the tube station, SHOCK OF MY LIFE!!! 90% of the people on the streets were gothified! The shops remind me of Petaling Street but instead of fake Prada and Gucci, they were selling kinky hand cuffs, punk rock and skeletal merchandises. I wanted to take a picture but I fear for my life =p so I only managed to take a quick shot of the Camden Market.
Somehow in this shot, the people are from the 10% (dresses normally).
I spent about 2-3hours walking along Camden High Street, enjoying the goth-ness and I finally had enough and so I went to...Central London! LOL! I came out at Chinatown and I passed by couple of phone unlocking shops. I managed to get my LG Viewty unlocked! *jumps in joy* The guy was funny (Note: The whole convo was in Cantonese):
Me: Do you unlock LG Viewty?
Him: Let me see.
Me: (shows phone) How much do you charge?
Him: 10pounds. With Chinese language. If you don't want then I'll do it for 8pounds.
Me: Oh ok...I'll come back in a minute.
Him: Ok la...I'll do it for 6pounds. "Special price" for you.
Me: (LOL) Har?! So hard to count...5pounds larh!
Him: Ok.
And now I can use a Malaysian SIM in my Viewty!!! Hoorah!

At Chinatown worh! From bottom left: BBQ chicken pie, egg tart, curry bun, ham tan soh, polo fire bun, lou poh peng =D but 6.50pounds *cries*
After that I took a bus (raining marh) to Oxford street (duh!) =p First stop, Primark! Left the shop with two tops (I know my mum is shaking her head now =p). I have the urge to spend money today *guilty look* LOL! I have two pairs of green earings but no tops to go with! So I ended up with two green tops >.<
One of my new top. Over sized green striped top with ribbon belt.

Bought these in a 99p store in Camden. Normal retail price: 1+pounds each. So I jimat-ed =p

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Snowing on Easter morning~

23rd March 2008!!! Happy Easter!!! LOL! I woke up at 7.30am today and it was snowing...heavily! Super fun! LOL! This time I managed to take couple of snaps and a video too! The video is super clear compared to the pictures =p It was really nice. I banged on Ching Yee's door to wake her up to see it sound from her so I left her alone =p Seeing and feeling (yes, I went down to 'touch' it...LOL!) snow for the very first time in my life, definately a moment to remember =) Here are some looks like rain drops but it's NOT! LOL! If any of you want to have a look at the video, let me know and I'll send you a copy =) It's REALLY nice!

Going to make a dinner meal for Boon Choo and Danny this Easter =) Will update soon!

Ok I decided to upload the video here =p Enjoy~


It snowed!!!

This morning I woke up for work about 8.30am.

Went in to the kitchen to make oats at about 9am. While I was looking out the window eating, I saw white foamy stuff drizzling and it was SNOW!!! SO syok weih! First time so you can't blame me for being such a jakun! =p

Anyway I tried to take a picture but it wasn't showing clearly so I thought of going out to feel it =p Sadly my bowl of oats was too hot and I can't finish eating it on time. So the snow stopped before I could touch it...sad.

It is predicted to snow heavily on Easter Sunday. Yeay! LOL!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Little things to remember loved ones =)

Random post...since my blog is known for too many food posts, I shall post something else. People might think I forgot my parent's Birthday since I'm all the way here but NO! I'm a good daughter, owh-kay! LOL! Anyway, since my parents won't post what I sent to them, I'll do it! LOL! My mum's birthday was on the 24th Feb and I sent her a top (I almost kept it for myself!!!) and two cards, a Birthday card and a Mother's Day card (Yes, Mother's Day is in May for Malaysia but in the UK it is on 2nd March! I just found out after I sent the cards =p)
For mum.
My dad's Birthday was on 1st of March. Got him a funny card...It says: "A Birthday Wish. Would you believe it- I had this impulse to buy you a big, expensive present- (inside the card) but it's over now...Phew!" LOL!
For dad.
It's Easter Sunday on 23rd March!!! Since we have been eating alot at Boon Choo's place, this time it is time for us (Ching and FM too) to buy them dinner =) I'm looking for recipes on the internet for traditional Easter dinner meal. YUM! LOL! Don't be surprise the next post is a food post =p

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

At Boon Choo's lately.

When I get sick of rice and noodles for dinner (Friday)...

Onion and sweet radish omelet, stir fry vegetable and jacket potato =p

My lunch for work (Sunday): Noodles with cabbage, carrot, onion, black fungus and char siew chicken =p
On Sunday after work, I went to Boon Choo's house to stay over for a night. Ching was there too but she went earlier. Anyway, we somehow ended up staying two nights there =p I ate usual *Sigh*

Stir fry pork and red peppers in black bean sauce.

Roasted chicken.

Stir fry mixed vegetable.

Smoked, black peppered mackerel (fish).
Today (Tuesday), we went to Hendon campus to check out our soon-to-be campus. We are moving campus in September because the current campus is sold to someone. So we are now merging with Middlesex Hendon Business school. It is super high tech!!!

Main foyer.

A mix of traditional and modern architecture.

The refectory! Like high class food court!
In desperate need of sleep...! Goodnight!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Easter Hols!

What is up?! Nothing much really...(besides the sky and clouds)

It's Easter Hols!!! Having three weeks break (Yeah, babeh!) LOL! But I will spend it doing my assignments....yea, I know...boring...*Yawn*

I requested to work extra hours but I did not get it =p In a way, I don't care. At least it gives me more time to catch up on my studies (Not like I'm lagging in my studies, Owh-kay!)

I went to the Cinema yesterday and watched 10,000BC. Before that, I had a quick meal at Old Orleans. A serving of Tortilla chips, baked potatoes, spiced barbequed chicken wings, salad, onion rings and two sauces (BBQ and some white sourish sauce). It was alright but I still prefer TGI's Time Square Big Share! Gosh! I'm drooooooling =p Anyway, ade orang belanja so it was ok =)

Got back from work today and I am damp =.= Damn weather! Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow after work because I'm going to stay over at Boon Choo's. I shall jump in bed to wake up early for work tomorrow...

Btw, Happy Easter to all!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Trip to Nottingham...

Back from Nottingham!!! It was fun =) Especially traveling with the group of friends I went with! Well the main reason we travel all the way there is to attend the 'Nottingham Malaysian Night 2008'. We stayed at the Nottingham Uni halls and OMFG!!! Their halls is NOTHING like ours! It's like staying in a hotel! Not kidding! (Check out the pics) Anyway, the main performance was a play entitled 'Tangisan Selendang a.k.a. The Weeping Shawl' and also several local performances- silat and traditional dances. The ticket itself cost 10pounds but it was worth experiencing =) We had a box of kuih and bandung/tea (tasted like teh tarik but wasn't tarik-ed) for refreshments. I think I over-dressed...I'll let the pictures do the talking =p
Towel, shampoo and conditioner provided!!!
Own mini fridge in the room!!!
En suite with shower screen!!!
Two on a single bed =.=
Sitting on the heater =p
The stage before play starts.
Freebie from Notts Malaysian Night 2008.
Melissa Ong and Melissa Lim =p
Me and Ming Zi.
Here goes the cam whores...
Love this shot =p
Ming Zi, Mellim, Mellong and Yong Tze.
Ching and me.
Us surrounded with pretty flowers~

We went shopping at Notts too! I saw something I couldn't resist! It was too pretty to let it go!!! I took a loooooong time deciding what colour I wanted because both was so pretty!!! LOL! I finally bought it =p Then we went to Primark too! My usual shopping paradise =p How can I walk out empty handed?! LOL!
Nice horh?!?! I have this thing for Playboy brand =p

I got a very shocking news...a very sad news...Yuman (a very very nice colleague of mine) QUIT!!! How the heck did he come up to that decision?! Ask Sports World larh! Stup*d management! He's like the most experienced and hardworking staff for the upstairs department (where I'm working in) and he had definitely thought me ALOT! I'm so gonna miss him *Cries* HAIH...can't imagine working without him around. Anyway, I came back from Notts on Sunday evening and I straight away went to McD to meet up with Yuman, Hassan and Briana for Yuman's farewell. It was such a emotional moment! Sux! Anyway, Hassan bought us all a medium set 'Chicken Legend' meal AND a McFlurry on top of that! Another nice guy =p Well I think he's got discount anyway because he's a quite high ranking staff in one of the McD. It was a very satisfying meal...especially when you don't have to pay for it =p LOL!
Me and Yuman.
Hassan, Briana and me (I'm sitting on her lap =p)

Us at McD with our McFlurries =p