Saturday, 30 August 2008

Bali trip

On the 27th August, we went BALI!!! Bali is in Indonesia so I thought the majority of the population was Muslim people. Amazingly, 90% of the population are Hindus! Interesting...
Upon arrival at Bali Airport
Statement tees that couldn't be found in Malaysia!
The oh-so-beautiful scenery where we have our breakfast
Just love the sea!
Don't you just feel like getting lost in there?
The flowers are too pretty!
The lobby of the Hotel
The traditional Barong dance
Somethings you wouldn't find here in Malaysia =)
The view of the Restaurant where we had our lunch
Balinese style
Indian vegetarian chickpea curry
Nasi campur
Buddha's delight
Seafood fried rice
Lunch time!
Room 215, with my new hair style =D
The swimming pool
The beach!!!
The hotel reception
The Hotel lobby
One of the ancient temples
The funny looking flowers Pretty!
700 years old Buddhist temple
100 century old tree of fertility
They sell these mini cutsies at the market!!!
Another Restaurant were we had our lunch the next day
The view was just great!
Under-the-sea temple (when the tide is high)
Another under-the-sea temple
They look like hibiscus but they're not =)
Isn't this tree interesting? (Spot the interesting bit?)
Bali's onde-onde
With tapioca in it! Lovely!
Some of the stuff I bought
My mum's oh-so-lovely painting (which she can't leave the place without it!)
The eagle which she bought and was very very happy about it =)
The whole trip was a blast! Came back real tired but it was worth it.
Merdeka eve was great with my buddies =) Going to miss them loads!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Genting trip

Genting, the City of Entertainment!
The fun!
Trip up by Cable car a.k.a. Gondola
In the Gondola.
My brother said I look like a waitress in a Chinese Restaurant =.= wtf?!

When it's clear and sunny
When it's misty and cold!
Check out the tatt!!! =p
Yo! Notice how stoned my bro is =p LOL!
We had couple of bowling games after such loooooong years and my mum's still the pro she was!
I on the other hand....ain't that good =( The loss led me to fork out teh tarik after the game! (Like I'm not poor enough!!! Pfbt!)
My bro and the ball, in the longkang =p But I still lost! Damn!
Yea, I was really in the mood to swing that!
The colourful indoor theme park
She's just so cute!
The desserts at the buffet table
That vest only cost me RM29!!! And it's cute! (From a boutique in Hartamas)
The blurry picture my bro took =.="
Us on the way home in the Gondola =D
Although it was a two day trip, we had loads of fun. It's been long since our last trip there. We used to go there very often when me and my bro were younger as we lived nearer to Genting back then...good ol' times =) Can't wait for my Bali trip next!!! Beach...woohoo!!!