Sunday, 29 June 2008

My lovely lovely friend =)

Almost one week back home in Malaysia but I am not used to the lifestyle here...yet!
1)Weather is HOT, HOT and HOT!
2)Crime rate increasing madly!
3)Skinny girls everywhere makes me feel fat! Seriously!
4)The retail outlets are selling smaller cutting clothes! (The M is like S!!!)

Had dinner with Nick, my best bud. We sat at Old Town for about 3hours chatting and catching up. Really had fun! We could talk for hours and hours without getting bored...LOL! Great friends are really hard to come by so...I l.o.v.e you Nick! LOL! Why? Partly because he drove all the way to Hartamas to fetch me from my house and he got lost on the way. Not just that, there's a round-about on the way to my house and he forgot which one lead to my house so he tried every route! OMG la...where to find a friend like that?!

Before we left, I went to the ladies and he paid the friggin' bill! He won't even let me pay him back! WTF?! But I eventually slipped the money in his car =p LOL! Thanks for the thought, babe, but we're still students so...go Dutch =p So yea...basically this post is dedicated to beloved friend =p Don't cry when I see you next because of this post...LOL!

Diamonds are forever, so are friends like you =)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Bag crazy!

Here are the pictures!!! LOL!
23rd June 2008: Dinner-Secret Recipe.
Oreo Milkshake!
Gourmet Pie.
Tiramisu cake!
My all time favourite: Walnut Brownie.
Love at first sight!!! Bought my first bag here!
(I know, so me...LOL!)
24th June 2008: Lunch-Madam Kwan's.
Nasi Bojari.
My mum's nasi lemak.
Stir-fried kangkung.
Spiced lala (Kam Heong)
Buttered prawns.
Steamed crab!!!Eating seafood after 10months made me look at lala like that! LOL!
Dessert: Red bean paste and Yau Char Kwai.
24th June 2008: Brunch-Ming Room, BSC.
My lovely egg tarts!!! (Friggin' one pound each in UK!!!)
Varieties of Dim Sum =p
Posing with bag #2...bought on 2nd day here!
LOL! Btw, the background is my house balcony =D
Just only my second day here and I bought TWO bags already (One each day)! OMG OMG OMG...Money growing wings =S Greater motivation to work! LOL!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Back home =D

I'm back in Malaysia!!! LOL! The flight back was alright but kinda bumpy for the last 5hours as the weather was bad, according to the pilot. So yea...that was bad! Overall it was alright. I learnt a lesson. Do not get tempted with 'One pound only' deals from Tesco anymore! I bought too much food stuff (especially chocs) till I can 'open a mini market' (says my brother) =.= LOL! So yea...and my hand luggage wasn't the type with wheels so I had to carry it all the way back! The limit was 5kg and obviously mine was at least 10kg!!! My check-in luggage was supposed to be 20kg only but it went up to 28kg =s So I had to unpack it at the airport (Dejavu...same thing happened when I went to UK). Horrible! I had to leave some things behind...sad but true.

It's my second day here and I ate a lot already! Supposed to get rid of the 5kg I gained but don't think it is possible!!! Die! LOL! Oh well...I will still try =D Using my brother's computer to blog so I can't really upload pictures but I will...soon.

I saw a robbery right in front of my eyes today! That was scary! A lady was just standing outside Hartamas Shopping Complex waiting for a cab. Then a motorist made a U-turn right beside her and kinda hit her hard slightly above her chest! I thought it was molestation and I'm sure she thought so too! Then she snapped out of it and realized that her necklace got snatched! She quickly ran to the security guards and told them what happened. Obviously it was too late =.= That happened like 4pm...broad daylight! Now when i see a motorist, I grab hold of my bag tight and try to avoid them! Dangerous! So girls (and guys) be careful yea?

To my high school gang, when want mamak or yum cha?

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Final goodbye =)

Ching Yee is in the plane back to Malaysia. She took off bout 40minutes ago. It's my turn soon!!! LOL! Can't wait! Today I finally had all my stuff moved out so it's a huge weight off my shoulder. Next thing in mind, reducing my 30kg luggage to 20kg!!! Adoi!

Drop by SW today on the way back from donating some clothes. Nadine's sister, Janine was at work and I bid goodbye to her. She's so cute (right???)! LOL! She always have different hairstyles to work and they are not simple hairdos but really complicated ones! Semangat! LOL!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Last day at Sports World!

My LAST DAY at Sports World!!! It was fun =) Come to think of it, it is kinda sad =( But oh well! LOL! During my break, the security guard was having his break as well. I saw his cute! LOL! He's got the fierce look but...
Cute pink mobile! LOL!
I took some pictures with some of my colleagues today...
With Filiz, the Turkish mum who's very caring and loving!
With Nadine, one of the longest staff there (4years)
With Shamaila the 'annoying' cutesie! LOL!
(Saw her on the street on Monday without her tudung..she's seriously pretty! She's got really strong features!)
The tills where I was for most of the days.
I had to till-train another two new girls today! OMG! Super penat and had to repeat the same thing twice! Not easy! Salute to teachers!
The jeans at the back section.
2/3 of the back section which I had to tidy most of my time there! Yes, the section that I liked complaining about! LOL!
Amazingly, I actually felt that I liked tidying it today!
Lucy the Assistant Store Manager but does more than the Store Manager =p
Took a final look at the shop I had relationship with for almost 7months!
Yeah, I will definitely miss it! =)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Second last day in SW...

Today is my second last day at work. Did a full shift and I was instructed to till-train a newbie. Great! The worst thing is, only me and Hassan were the only people who know what's going on in the shop =.= the other THREE girls were new girls. Super quiet and malas...hmm...But it was funny. I was at tills the whole day as I had to till-train a girl to do exchanges. Amazingly I was put to tidy tills and not the BACK! omg omg omg! It's definitely something to omg about! LOL! Anyway, humour of the day:

Customer: Excuse me, do you know where I can find leotards for girls?
New Girl #1: Oh, I'm not too sure.
Customer: Excuse me, do you know where the girls' leotards are?
New Girl #2: I'm not sure, I'm new here.
Customer: Where are the girls' leotards?
New Girl #3: Sorry, it's my first day today, I don't know.
Customer: Do you know where the leotards are?
Hassan: Erm...
Customer: Does anyone know anything around here?! (Walks towards the tills where I was) Excuse me, do's not your first day here, is it?!
Me: LOL! (Literally) No!!! How can I help you?
Touching moment of the day:
Varun: (Hand clapping gesture) I heard you're leaving? I'm happy for you!
Me: LOL! Thanks! =) Yea, it's my last day tomorrow...
Varun: (Still have his hand clapping gesture) I'm giving you a standing ovation! Good for you! I'm going to miss you...although we've never really talked before.
Me: Aww....thank you! So sweet of you! I'll miss you guys too! (Starting to tear..Damn! I was in the lift then the door closed...wahhh! Additional effect!)
It ain't a good feeling but I will definitely miss Sports World...Hopefully the tears will hold tomorrow! I'm sure I'll tidy the back this time =.=

Friday, 13 June 2008

Farewell party turn Great!

Last night was a blast! We had a farewell party for most of us who's leaving or left Sports was meant to be at our hall's courtyard but then it was too cold and we decided to move in to Briana's kitchen. She took 20 minutes cleaning it up before inviting us in...So sweet of her! I offered to help her but she said no =p So yea...we had drinks (Fanta, Red wine, Raspberry Bacardi Breezer='OMFG-it's-so-nice', Pepsi) and food (Fried chicken, hot wings, chips) to feast and take loads of pictures! LOL! We also had music blasting with dim yea...very happening! LOL!

Ching, Briana, Me and Rebecca
Mike, Me and Edita
Rebecca and me (one of the early leavers of SW)
Me and Marta (One of my close colleague)
Kanchan and me (Another close colleague)
All of us from SW
One man, Six women and a cooking place (kitchen...LOL!)
We invited many more but some of them couldn't make it so I thought it wouldn't be that fun but it was a blast! Damn! I'm missing them already =( There's many more pictures but couldn't upload them all! LOL! But Wednesday is the end of SW for me =) Oh oh Oh! It was my last Thursday at SW for me too (staff % day) and so I spent 1, ONE hour shopping at SW after work...LOL! Bought quite a lot of things =p

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Stock Take #1

I worked almost 15hours today. Yes. First time and last! LOL! We had stock take today and my shift started at 10am. We left the shop at 12.45pm. So that was mad! Luckily we were let off as we girls (five of us) had to walk home it's definitely not nice to walk back alone at this hour! So legs hurt and my arms hurt. The damn scanner is as heavy as a brick! Imagine scanning the very-high-and-hard-to-reach clothes on the walls with that damn thing! My arms feel toned now =p LOL!

Anyway it was partly fun as we went out to McD for break at about 11pm, our dinner! We were all so hungry and McD was actually closed except the drive-through which closes at 2am. So we had to queue in between two cars! It was super funny. Bet the car behind us think we were mad!

Time to take a shower as I feel very sticky now! Yes, gross but it's the truth =p LOL! Need to rest for a 3pm-8pm shift tomorrow...ROAR! Oh there's another stock take next week for accessories and it's on a Thursday. Now I have the option to put my last day at SW on Wednesday or I can make it on a Thursday...we'll see if I'm kind enough to help out =p LOL!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Summer madness!

Second last Sunday working in Sports World. Hope it was the last! Customers are really driving me mad! The clothes are cheap enough to bring the shop friggin' 35k+ of business where each till staff receives at least 3.5k on average but they only pay each staff 45pds a day! Mader! Having a bright sunny day makes it even worst! Everyone bring their family in for a wardrobe change!

I got the back section to tidy today and I used 3, THREE hours to finish tidying it! I didn't even have a proper till! I was jumping from till to till as I had to cover breaks (which means that whoever goes on break, i'll take over their till). One minute on exchange till, one minute on a no-exchanges till...pening kepala! Having stupid, irritating, childish customers is already bad enough but a rakan-sekerja nak meng-interesting-kan hari ini dengan meng-annoying-kan rakan-rakan sekerjanya dengan menunjukkan sikap saya-kerja-lebih-lama-jadi-saya-sangat-penting-dan-kamu-kena-dengar-arahan-saya! FYI, awak sama pangkat dengan kita jadi shut the hell up, stop bossing around and do your job!

Conversation #1
Customer: I want to change this size 7 (sandle) to this size 6.
Me: Okay, can I have your receipt please?
Customer: I don't have a receipt.
Me: Oh okay. I'll try to find your receipt on the system but if I can't find it, I can't do it for you...
Customer: What? If you can't find then I can't exchange? Then what am I going to do with this (pointing to the size 7 sandles)? Throw away?
Me: Yea, if I can't find the receipt then I can't exchange it. It is up to you what you want to do with it, it's yours.
Customer: (Very pissed off-but I seriously don't care!) What? What you mean it is up to me? I can't just throw it away!
Me: (Then why do you even suggesting throwing it away in the first place? Bodoh!!! Everyone knows you need a receipt to exchange!) Well I can't access the returns screen without the receipt so I can't exchnage it.
Customer: It's the same pair (as in design)! Just change the size only! Why can't do it?
Me: Yea but I have to put it through the till...I'll try to look up the receipt but if I can't find it then I can't do anything...what was the exact day you bought that? etc.
I found the receipt anyway but he was effing rude! Not like I can control what can be exchnaged and not! Stpd customer!

Conversation #2
Dia: Melissa, seksyen ini tak payah kemas begitu perfect. Mereka boleh kemas pada weekdays anyway.
Saya: Huh? Owh...kay.... (Saya ingat dia tengah bergurau)
Dia: Kalau awak nak mengemas dengan betul-betul, kita tak akan keluar on time.
Saya: Oh...okay (baru faham yang dia bukan bergurau)
15minit kemudian...
Dia: Meeelisssaaaa...saya jumpa sesuatu kesilapan! Baju ini bukan di sini!
Saya: Oh ye ke? Habis, di mana?
Dia: Ini jenis lain, sepatutnya di sini.

Anjing betina betul! Dia yang suruh aku tak payah kemas betul-betul tapi sekarang dia beritahu kesilapan aku! Baju itu sama warna anyway! So it's not that obvious but she's just got to be bossy every minute of her life! ROAR! Luckily I'm leaving this crazy job! Oh and I was actually sweating in the shop! It was THAT hot!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Retail therapy...

I went to work yesterday. I hate customers! LOL! Anyway, my shift was a 3pm-8pm so before that I was packing some of my stuff. Preparing for home!!! LOL! So yea...I came back after work and remembered that I left my room in a mess =)
Bags and boxes of things on my bed =S
The 'China' bag my mum asked me to!
Thursdays are staff discount days at Sports World but sadly, I only can buy for myself (i.e. my sizes) so don't ask me to buy for you anything! LOL! Anyway, I spent again. Retail therapy for the stress of packing...HAHAHA! I bought couple of beachwear and exercise clothes and a top. And two pair of shoes! =p I'm so excited over the shoes I bought because I am! LOL!
Jelly Shoes. Metallic off-white colour.
Very comfy!
This is the love I've been waiting for!
My first ever pair of Adidas! (and I worked for it! Yes, I'm not that fortunate =p)
It's got bling bling at the eyelets!!!
Btw, it says 'Basketball' at the label. So much more for me to get it =p
The best part was, it's only 16.14pounds after discount! OMG right?! LOL! is real fun especially when you earn it by putting up with stupidest ever customers! Yesterday I had to walk off from my section that I was tidying to stop looking at the customers! I tidied the back, they mess up the front. I tidy the front, they messed up the back! I'm pretty sure they are not buying anything...they just want to window shop to pass time or something! It's 15minutes to the time the shop closes and they HAD to bring their football-team-family to mess up the shop! It's 7.45pm!!! Go back and eat dinner! Sheesh!
Thanks to that we finished like 40 minutes past our shift. Then the day had to end for the worst. My till was down 20pounds and the till next to mine, 30pounds. Super great! Luckily my till was shared with another colleague so hopefully I'm not the one. Got lectured by the assistant store manager and we left at 8.50pm. They better pay us for that 50minutes!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Trip to London Dungeon!

Today was a super fun day! Chat with Mellong this morning about 11am and found out that she, her friend Li Huey and Ming Z planned to go London Dungeon today. I forced her to invite me because I was bored! LOL! I'm kidding =p but she invited me because she 'sayang' me...LOL! At that moment, I got a call from Sports World and was asked if I could work today as they did not have enough staff but too bad, I could use some time off =p So I decided to follow the girls out. No regrets although the hole in my pocket went bigger =S
First stop: Four Seasons, Leicester Square.
Chinese tea.
Additional spices.
Pancakes and vegetable for... Peking Duck!
Wrap the duck and vegetable with sauce in the pancake. YUM!
Mushroom and pak choi.
My all time favourite, Sweet and sour chicken.
Second stop: London Dungeon, London Bridge.
17.95pounds but we had 2 for 1 entry voucher.
We skipped the toilet and proceed to the "tour". Welcome!
WARNING!!! Viewer's discretion advised...seriously! (Esp. Ching =p)
The anticipation of waiting to go in is scary!
It was dark so we couldn't see but with camera flash...OMG!
Some random hanging thing.
The 'waiting area'.
Baby skeleton.
Executed heads.
Water ride...we're 'traitors' being sent for execution.
Traitor's Gate.
Tak tau apa ni.
Anjing gila.
One of Jack the Ripper's victim.
Yea, he took out her intestines.
There were many more things to see and scream about but we were too busy and couldn't capture it all on!
The toilet. Had to go after the 'tour'!
Souvenir shop. Damn cute!!! But mahal!
One of the 'facilitator' in the Dungeon.
Key rings I bought. 2.50pounds for both.
This is one damn fascinating machine! That's Ming Z using the machine. Basically you pay one pound and one penny but they distort your penny to something cute! LOL! Before and after!
(It says, "I *heart* you to death at the London Dungeon" Even the back!
Third stop: Primark, Oxford Street. Shopping is SO better than boys =p
Forth stop: Chinatown, Leicester Square.
We decided to have buffet for dinner at Chinatown. We scouted around for the best shop with more food varieties. Settled for 8.40pounds per person excluding optional 10% service charge which we paid anyway =.="
My first round: Sweet and sour Chicken, Duck, Fried stuffs, Noodles, Button mushrooms and Stir fry broccoli.
Second round: Prawns, Char Siew, Spicy Tofu, 'Satay', Curry potato and Mussels.
Third round: Spicy Tofu, Fried seaweed, Samosa and Spring roll, Keropok, Mussels and Button mushrooms.
Final round: Dessert. The cake is super soft and yummy. I had four =SWalked around Chinatown to 'exercise' after our heavy dinner and we saw Ba for 2.99pounds...LOL! NO, we did not buy! Duh! =p
Overall, it was a fun day!!! Spent a lot but worth the experience =) Better than sitting in my 10x10 cubicle =p