Saturday, 31 January 2009


Yesterday's dinner:
Crispy fried black pepper battered chicken with maggie goreng.
Today's dinner:

Maggie goreng with seafood. LOL!

Trying to master the art of my grandma's maggie goreng! No where near it!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Time for a new watch? =D

The reason I like Playboy brand was from the watch my mum bought for me. They have the best watches EVER! Hence, I looked up on Argos and found two I really really love!!! But I won't get it...yet. Broke at the moment =p LOL! But it's soooooooooo pretty! Gah!
This watch comes with 12 charms with different months engraved on it! And it's pink!!! *shrieks*Classy! *cries*
Cute! LOL! Plushie =)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

CNY eve and CNY

I had the weirdest reunion lunch ever! Reunion lunch with Ching Yee, Foong Mei and Kyle (a Honkee classmate/ drinking kaki) was set in a very traditionally decorated Chinese restaurant named Jun Peking. The lady was busy reading news paper so Foong Mei had to walk up to her and tell her our orders. Our orders came 10minutes later (very fast service) and I (and them) had the shock of our lives! Why?! Mainly because I ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice but was served Sweet and Sour Chicken with Ho Fun!!! Sorry but WHO ON EARTH ORDERS SUCH COMBINATION?!

Obviously she denied taking the wrong order and refused to change it. I am not rich enough to place another order and I am ‘chin chai’ when it comes to food. Hence, I ate it. Yes, they were all feeling sorry for me. The sight of the weirdly combined dish is still (an will always be) in my head!
Sweet and Sour Chicken Ho Fun =s
Then for dinner, I had Chinese take-away again and in addition to that...banana fritters in syrup! I love the toffee banana from Jun Pecking but it is rather costly so I tried this from Fu-Do.
Huge portion and super sweet!

On Chinese New Year, it was also Foong Mei's 21st Birthday. So we bought a meal+theater deal for 22.50GBP each. Dinner at La Tasca, a Spanish restaurant and Sound of Music Musical at the London Palladium.
The weird 'family' photo with FM's cake (Ish! My eyes so sepet in this!)
La Tasca Tapas menu, each of us get to choose three.
My: Ensalada Mixta (Leaf salad with tomato, tuna, onion, and free-range egg wedges, with house dressing), Calamares Andaluza (Deep-fried rings of squid, werved with roasted garlic mayonnaise and lemon) and Albóndigas a la Jardinera (Spanish-style beef meatballs, served in a vegetable & tomato sauce) with a glass of House red wine.
The deco.
A weird painting on the wall.
We were still early for the theater and the waiter kept showing gestures of 'shoo-ing' us out! So we had to order a dessert and take our own sweet time eating it. LOL! Chocolate Fondue!!!The London Palladium.
Oh! We got upgraded! From upper circle to Royal circle =)
Okay I know this picture makes me look like a ghost, it's the lighting...I swear!
The stage and the audiences.
We are at the Royal Circle, the top (with just empty seats) were Upper Circle seats.
Cam-whore during intermission =p
Outside the Palladium.
Long day out but nice =) I am deprived of sleep!!! Roar! Oh 2nd day of CNY, I was at work =.=

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ashopaholicsden is giving away bag for free!

The answers to the questions:
1. The "Miss Monster" bag series are inspired from Hong Kong!
2. Me needs a designer inspired bag from because I love colours but I am far away from home and that is where all the unique designed bags are (the bags here are dull...seriously!)!!!

Okay this is a competition to win a designer inspired bag from Some cools stuff they have =) When I'm back in Malaysia, I could sense my mum taking control over my finances...LOL!

Chinese New Year info!

An interesting site to visit:

Yes, it's got all the traditions and do and don'ts for CNY =) Because I'm so far away and all alone during the celebration, I will follow some of the superstitions =p

1. Cleaning(28th Day of Month 12)
Each household will organise 'cleaning day' involving all members of the family to clear away all dirt in the house, indicating the clearing of negativity and bringing in new spirit.
*Hence, I am vacuuming my room after this post. LOL!

2. Chinese people will also have their hair-cuts and nail-clipping on this day (28th Day of Month 12), to get rid of any sickness or negativity. It is said that hair-cutting or nail clipping during the first few days of Chinese New Year is prohibited. As hairs and nails are inherited from parents and the cutting of hair or nail during the first few days may shorten the parents life or cause ill-health.
*Hence, I cut my nails today...and don't plan to cut my hair. LOL!

3. It is believed that if children stay awake the entire night of Chinese New Year eve, their parents shall remain in good health in the coming year. This tradition is called "Guarding the Night or "Shou Sui".
*Hence, I will try to stay awake on Sunday till past midnight. LOL!

4. (15th Day of Month 1) Besides entertainment and beautiful lanterns, another important part of the Lantern Festival, or Yuanxiao festival (Lantern Festival) is eating small dumpling balls made of glutinous rice flour.
*Because there is no entertainment and beautiful lanterns here, I can only make the glutinous rice balls. LOL!

5. (4 is a bad number to stop) Erm...I will follow...the no slaughtering and breaking things on the first day of CNY. Also to avoid housework, showing sour faces (lol!), handling sharp objects, using negative words and splashing water out of Yea. LOL!

Reading the link made me CRAVE for 'nian gao' (with desiccated coconut!) and obviously...'ang paus' LOL!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Relationship stress

Advice for women:
Men primarily want to be king of their castle, to be loved unconditionally and to make their woman happy. Relationship ‘killers’ will cause your man to become stressed, frustrated or even aggressive and he will often withdraw. This destroys any chance of true intimacy.
Five ways women kill a relationship without realising it…
1. By criticising him.
2. By threatening or actually withdrawing love.
3. By not acknowledging or appreciating him.
4. By taking control.
5. By challenging him.

Advice for men:
Women may seem like complex emotional beings; Yet they are often just looking for their core needs to be met. These are to feel safe, secure and cherished. Little girls dream of being the princess rescued by her knight in shining armour who whisks her away to his castle. Meet those needs, and you’ll experience the relationship of your dreams.
Five ways men kill a relationship without realising it…
1. By being indecisive or uncertain.
2. By forgetting to compliment her.
3. By not focusing on her or the relationship.
4. By asking for help or letting her take control.
5. By any form of aggression.


I think I did three out of the five...Ops? LOL! Btw, just sharing...I'm not stressed out. Not in relationship matter at least. LOL!
My dissertation is going well...besides the fact that I have spent 25GBP on printing/photocopying materials for the research and I'm not done with it yet. Not complaining but...omfg that's ALOT of cash spent on photocopying! LOL! Chinese New Year just around the corner but Ang Pau to collect =(

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The shoes =)

Yesterday I was trying very hard to study and I managed to finish reading couple of pages =p That's a good start =D

Something just have to distract me...RAINBOW!!!
Yesterday night I made Tom Yam Bi Hoon =D
I over made the soup =p but I finished it =)

My new pair of boots! LOL! I changed the suede one I bought because it does not fit my purpose.
My Vietnam flatmate is so cute. He went back to Vietnam during the Christmas break and he bought things from his country. He gave me a box of 'cow's milk candy' because he say I help him alot =.= LOL! Well he knocks on my door every now and then because his Internet always have problems. LOL! So smells like cheese but taste like...sweet milk candy. LOL!
21 pairs in total! (Including the one he's wearing) Like...WHAT?! And I thought I had too many pairs =s20 in total. Yes, mum...that's it! No more =D
Yeay! I'm starting my research soon!!! Wheeeeeee!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Potluck at Oakwood

Potluck pictures...more on Facebook!
The super colourful cutlery and pretty!
Nasi Beryani
Beef Rendang
Chicken dish
(don't know what it's called but it's very nice)
Super yummy Salad
Dessert 1: Waffles with strawberries and ice-cream and chocolate drizzle
Dessert 2: Brownies
Dessert 3&4: Peach agar-agar cake & Hazelnut butter cake
Dessert 5: Rocky Road
Dessert 6: Grapes
Dessert 7: Clementines
FM, Me, Ching & Kak Siti (the 'Head' =p)
FM, Ching, Anwari, Veron & Me
The group!!!
From the back row,L-R: Me, Singaporean guy, Huinee, Veron, Cassing, Anwari, Arvin, Sheena, Ngeoh, Hongkee guy, Msian girl, Ching Yee, Brindha, Foong Mei, Hani, Msian girl, Ben, Chris, Kak Siti, Zarrieff.
*Hope I didn't get anyone's name wrong =p Sorry la, can't remember some names =s

Potluck and sale deal =p

Yesterday there was a Malaysian potluck at Oakwood and there were 20 of us!!! It was really fun. I made agar-agar cake.
The extra cake and agar-agar...I pour it into a bowl and when I invert it, it's so cute that I couldn't resist taking a picture of it! LOL!
Sponge cake inside.
The cake dessert for potluck.
With peaches =)
Before the potluck I went to Enfield Town to get a refund for my boots. Unfortunately I accidentally bought another one from the sister shop of Barratts, Priceless. LOL!
Then I went in to New Look and found this on the sale rail! Only 3GBP!
And this for 4GBP!!! The waist belt is detachable too!
One thing though...they are both 12-13year old tops! LOL! Give you and idea how mature the teens' dress up here. LOL! Anyway, that's the end of my shopping spree...NO MORE! =D *try very hard to say no*
Potluck was fun...met a a lot of new, funny people. No pictures with me though...they should be uploaded on Facebook soon =)