Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Relative's 30th Pearl Anniversary.

Million apologies! I have been missing lately as my schedule is hectic like....HECTIC! Moving room is so not fun! Especially when you have 10 large boxes, 6 small boxes, 4 huge bags (black garbage bags) and also two luggage! OMG! I seriously didn't know I had that many until I counted it! LOL! Anyway, unpacking takes a lot! Not forgetting to mention the super limited space here. Anyway, I am ALMOST there...I'd like to think of it that way =p
Anyway, last Tuesday, the 23rd of June 2009 was my distant relative's 30th Anniversary...PEARL =) How sweet! They had a makan2 at Dorchester Hotel and I was invited =p I went with them straight after work so yes, it was a long day. Dorchester is a 5star hotel and obviously the place we dine in was a fine dining three-course meal. My first ever fine dining meal!!! Woot!
Some expensive champagne to begin a toast =)
Uncle Peter putting on his gift, a pearl necklace (Selfridges) on Aunty Foon's neck =) Sweet. My two handsome hunky cousins...all the way from Aussie =)
Jimmy Choos!!! I meant the background.
Our starters.
Something something asparagus soup with asparagus foam...(Whut?!)
My chosen appetizer.
Can't remember what it is called...lol! Basically it is some raw fish, trout I think...in sweet sauce and some greens.
My main course.
I think it was sea-bass?! Yeah...and in herb cream sauce with some roasted veg.
This was random. It was a complementary starters before dessert. To wash our pallets I assume?!
This is a vanilla ice cream with raspberry, pomegranate and berries sauce with a caramel stick.
My dessert.
Baked cheesecake with raspberry sorbet and raspberry sauce (the bintik2).
Last but not least, chocolates =)
Complimentary surprise chocolate cake by the chef =)
The "kids"
L-R: Lucas, Le-On, Chloe, Chi, Mel
All of us that was present.
The family.
That night was really fun. Until we drove back half way and noticed a parking ticket stuck to the windscreen =.= They actually stick it on your windscreen like a club membership sticker! So it's not surprised we didn't notice it till quite some time. Drove all the way back to take pictures of the car parked in the spot. Reached back at 1.30am...crash to bed! Had work the next day.
Today was another hectic day. Had the day off as I went to uni EARLY in the morning for training as a Graduation Marshall. Then came back and unpack my boxes...madness! My legs are about to break...and my arms are about to fall of! Went to Asda to get groceries. Being the bijak me, over bought again (in terms of weight)! I need some proper rest...and honestly, I feel a little room sick! I miss my halls! So many things I took for granted! Damn!

Friday, 26 June 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Sorry for the MIA posts. I have been busy with work and I do not really get time to relax. THANK GOD it is Friday =p However, work is not that much of a pain in the ass as I am learning a lot too =)

This short but very meaningful post (from work, during lunch) is dedicated to Michael Jackson (MJ). As you all know, he passed away. I was at SOVA training yesterday and came back about 10pm-ish. The news was on and they had live broadcast all the way from LA. I was honestly shocked! They reported that MJ has passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Then the next minute they reported that MJ might just be in a coma! *Confused* This is not a joke! Although I wasn't a crazy fan of his but some of his songs are okay. I know how some people would say that the reaction from the public towards MJ's death was over-rated and they tend to get annoyed. Honestly, I am not pretending to be a fan of his at this point but I certainly do think it is sad that someone of that many achievements is no longer alive anymore.

It makes me realize that death, no matter who is the 'victim' is, would still affect people, the public, the community, the village people who have not got a clue who they are. That is why bereavement is the most stressful thing for a human being. A sense of loss that could not be replaced.

It makes me wonder...how would I feel when celebrities I know and admire (who obviously are older than me) pass on when I am still enjoying life. Honestly, it makes me feel old. Celebrities of the generation before me are...'going'?!? It certainly does not feel nice. Love or hate MJ, he is an individual that could not be replace by anyone. For that reason, people should respect his achievements and him as a person (despite rumoured or truthful allegations), whether as a black or white person.

Expressions of gratitude to you:
For your contributions to the community, to the society,
For the emotional uplift from your songs,
For the embedded positive messages in your songs,
For voicing out on behalf of those unheard,
For the courage you instill in us to be who we want to,
May you rest in peace,
Michael Jackson.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The importance of parenting

It is Strawberries season!!! Usually a box of strawberries cost about 3-4pounds? But now Asda is selling it for 1pound a box! Same amount of FRESH RED JUICY STRAWBERRIES!!! Took pictures but haven't upload because I have packed up most of my things. Hence, the laziness =p Will upload soon. Anyway I'd like to talk about something interesting today...about life...about creating a life...what does giving birth to a child actually means.

As usual, today I went out to catch a bus (a little too early but better earlier than late, considering the irregular buses lately due to road works) to work. Yesterday I was marginally on time =p Anyway, I usually sit in the same spot, one seat behind a seat for disabled/senior citizens/mothers with prams as the space in front is for pram parking in the bus. Lately the weather has been sunny sunny and VERY sunny! Occassional chills but all in all, way better than winter and loads of scorching sun! So yesterday, I witness something that disturbed me...adding to what I saw today, it mezmorised me!

Yesterday a mother with a pram with a child in it sat in front of me. The mother parked the pram in a way that the child is facing the bus window. Not forgetting, the sun is SCORCHING! The poor child was SCREAMING away! No, I'm not exaggerating! Every one in the bus was looking but no one said anything. I was blasting music with headphones but I could still hear the poor kid screaming in pain and the child's skin was RED! Guess what the mother did?! She just did an occasional 'Shhh...' (which was less than 3 times throughout the 20mins journey!) and gently touch the child's face. HELLO!!! What difference does it make?! The child could barely talk! What more to understand your 'Shhh..' Pft! It really pissed me off but I could not tell people how to 'treat' their child?! But the mother is nonsense!

Today, I saw a totally different side of some mothers. The same situation as yesterday. Typically prams are parked so that the child face the window for easy exit of the pram at stops. Anyway, today it was as hot as yesterday (me sitting by the window makes me feel 10shades darker!) so you could imagine the heat! The child wasn't happy (duh) and started making faces. Immediately the mother used her hands to block the sun from the child's face. With no effect, the mother took of her jacket and hung it against the railing so that it blocks the sun off. Minutes later, she realize it wasn't working as well as the sun exposure was too wide and the poor child was squinching her eyes. The mother immediately got up when the bus stopped and she turned the pram the other way round so the child would be away from the window.

This is what I call effective parenting. Not letting ur child to scorch in the hot sun and leaving them to scream their lungs out in a public situation where people could easily sue you for child abuse! Then it got me thinking...it is so easy for people to make babies and children but do they first think about parenting? Throughout my Uni years and experiences, I can never look down on the importance of parenting skills. It takes so much to be a good mother/father, to provide for your child, to treat your child with unconditional tender loving care, to be there when your child needs you, to think about your child's interest before yours. It takes so much! It somehow makes me fear of being a mother in the future. Being unable to bring up a proper human being.

It is easy for people to say that reproducing is essential for evloutionary purposes but what if you fail to bring up a proper child with decent values? It is easy to say 'This is right. This is the best for my child' but how sure are you?! What if it is not? According to studies, the first 5 years of a child's life is essential in the development of the child's future. Everything the child experience, sees and learnt are for life. Actually personally, I think a child's whole childhood period is important. They are like a sponge that absorbs everything. Who and what (in terms of values) a person is is highly reflective of their parents. Negative or positive, a child takes it all in.

Some people would argue that the teen/adult should know what is wrong and what is right so they should judge for themselves at that age. Then again, it is easy to say but it is human nature to have a sense of conformity. "If my parents did it, it should be okay for me to do it too" Why is it that devient individuals usually have a bad family background? Which direction is the causality? Bad individual->bad family conditions or bad family conditions->bad individual? I believe in high internality, meaning people should have a high internal locus of control instead of external. Having said that, parenting is essential in building a foundation for the values of internality. With the wrong values embedded in one, internality or externality, doesn't make a difference. An individual is scared for life. People take actions based on their values and beliefs which are learnt throughout their childhood years.

People tend to forget how important BOTH parents are to a child. To us, it is easy to say 'If the relationship is not going well, get a divorce'. Yes, but what about the child? There is so much going on in their little heads. I feel sad for them...having to go through something they don't understand, to accept the way something is just because mummy or daddy says so. Adults make divorce look so easy but it is never easy for the child. As much as we hide things away from children, they are human after all, they would be smart enough to guess what is going on. Then?! What should parents do when they are stuck in a passionless relationship?

Either hang on till the child is mature enough or TALK to the child. Yes, they might hate you (for couple of days max) or scream at you or storm away...but don't ever blame them. Don't slap them for being rude. Those reactions are normal. It always struck me hard when I think about the mixed feelings a child go through as an effect of his/her parents. Why get married and have a child when you can't afford to bring the child up in a loving environment?! Bringing a child to life then defeats the purpose of creating a beautiful life. This is not a trial and error thing...practice does makes perfect but not in this situation. We can't trash the 'default' and create a new one. Imagine if people 'create' 5 children and only manage to bring up a child properly out of the 5? Bringing a child in to this world is a huge responsibility!

I don't understand teenage pregnancy-did you even think of the emotional responsibilities of bringing up the child? I don't understand divorce-why get married in the first place? I don't understand infidelity-WHY?!Stop being so horny and greedy! I don't understand marriage-how sure are you that you would still be with this person years after?

Life is a journey of risk to take. We tend to make mistakes and never learn from it. It is sad to see people we know being victims. It is sad to listen to the pain people go through in life. It is sad......but it is life. Having said so, I would very much like to help children and teenagers get a better understanding of the crazy world out there. Emotional support is so important...to everyone. There is a reason why someone does something. We can't judge their actions based on our values. We won't know what they've been through and so we can't say "I know exactly how you feel" because we don't.

Lashing out on someone takes a split second, the effect.....is for a lifetime. Before you say something hurtful, think about where they've been and the possible reasons that brought them to choose what they chose. There is always a reason to an action...........

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Urban Fete Party.

This is a long one but mostly pictures (I hope =p) LOL! Okay to start off, the random and super delayed food post. LOL! I don't know if I've mentioned about their sausages here...it is way different than Malaysia. Firstly, it is purely minced meat which means it is super MEATY (*hint hint* Grace =p) unlike the ones in Malaysia which are processed. The sausages in Malaysia are called frankfurters here. So yeah. I bought a pack of sausage with some herbs thing in it...lovely =) However, I have to finish it by this week before moving in to my new place in Southgate. Reason? Respect. Anyway...can't remember when but I had...
Two sunny side up, two oven baked sausages (you can fry it but baking is more healthy =p) and a random tortilla wrap.
Packed away most of my jewellery that was on display in my room (hardly wear them!) and those above are to be given away. For some reason, earrings are not my thing anymore. Maybe because I have a big hair now so it doesn't matter even if I wear them, it's hidden =s

I am super excited to tell my super long story of today's event =) I was involved in the Junction 49 project in my uni couple of months back...Banana Madness??? Rings a bell? LOL! So yes, it is a volunteering organization by TimeBank and it is super interesting. Basically we are given a chance to make a change by volunteering to conduct a project to raise awareness for anything. So today is the Urban Fete celebration where all Junction 49ers from different Universities, TimeBank staffs, and even school children were present to celebrate our achievement for the year. One word...AWESOME!
I even got a cert that was totally unexpected =p
Sadly I won't be here long, I'd certainly love to volunteer in more projects. Maybe next year =)
This is where it was held...In Proud Camden Gallery, in Camden Stables Market (a little like Pasar Seni).
The stables are pure CUTE! Super country-like.
Artistic zebra high up.
The bar. It was 'closed' until the school children leave, it resumed business.
Here, (alcoholic) drinks are the only thing that could keep a party going.
The stables are divided to couple of statement projects..this is the Share stable occupied by the Swapshop project. Basically people bring items they do not want anymore and swap it with someone else. A way to save the earth =) I wonder if it will work in Malaysia! I might try to run something like this in Malaysia *inspired*
This is the create room. I had so much fun in here! They prepared loads of recycled tote bags and fabric pens. So we are allowed to design the bags to our heart content. Yes, it is so my thing! LOL! Wish I had more time thou.
The front of my first bag...'Flower power'
The back, 'Girl power'. I am not looking down on men but just voicing out on behalf of the women who are stereotypically looked down on.
The front of my second bag...sadly, I didn't have time for the back. I wanted to write "...because she is always right!" LOL! I will do it when I have the time. Thus, this bag was not well decorated =p but you get my point! LOL!
This is the Change stable where people are given a chance to make a change and there were various posters on how people are making a change.
This is the Debate stable where people are given a chance to debate on what they think about volunteering and whether it has changed people's life or not. Overall the event was really nice...they had loads of food (didn't take picture because 'malu') and unlimited flow of drinks!
Then I was given this random card holder before I left. Oh oh oh! The event was from 1-5pm and they said there would be an after part at an 'undisclosed' venue...well until the end of this party that is. Amazingly, I had so much fun till I stayed till the end! So they told us the venue for the after party...it was in a bar opposite the Stables Market. I was with my friend, Abhi (who did the project with me) and we went to the after party.
To the after partehh!!!
The after party was awesome because we are given complimentary two alcoholic drinks and two soft drinks! Clearly, I only managed to drink three =p
This was the devil that got me drunk! Seriously, I was dozing off in the tube on the way back! It wasn't JUST a Corona! I had Vodka orange before that. Hence the elevated heartbeat! When I reach home, I straight away dozed off in bed! Woke up couple of hours later and made maggie mee (for supper). LOL! Anyway, the bar was a nice place too.
We have a DJ and a performer (the guy in red) both Junction 49er. The guy in red is a rapper and he wrote an album full of songs rapping about knife crime and how we should put a stop to it. Meaningful.
The view of the top balcony were we hung out. The sun was directly in my face. I felt it burning but I still sat there because...socializing marh...LOL! Wonder if I am tad bit darker!
The Stables Market from the Bar's open top seating area.
Yah, awesome view lah! And nice weather too...so the panas!
Camden is well known for it's artistic statements. Hence, I love it! LOL!
The signboards are 3D. How cool is that!
Need I say more?!
Double woot! LOL!
Massive scorpion and trainers.
Finally, the booze started to kick in...I was damn merah! Actually I was pink due to the alcohol la but then I was malu because I was pink kan so it became red. Hence, I wasn't red due to the alcohol *denial* LOL! All in all it was great. We even made some friends...all the way from Leicester! Oh oh oh and we played this board game with them...it's called Four in a row. It filled our time there. I won twice in a row! *bangga* LOL! I think I put on weight just today...with the alcohol and all the food (chicken wraps, sandwiches, finger food, cupcake!, and FIVE choc chip cookies-it was too delicious to miss out on it!!!). Eeek!
Back to work tomorrow. Damn, forgot to make lunch. Too lazy to anyway =p Will woop something up in the morning.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quick update

I think I am getting the hang of going to work. It is indeed hectic as every night I would have to prepare lunch to bring to work the next day. Having limited amount of groceries, I am not spoilt for choices (haven't been in a long time!). Well I thought it is no point for me to buy groceries for the time being as I would be moving out very soon. Hence, trying to finish up food that has pork. Respect. LOL!

Anyway, I am still packing...I am living out of my suitcase now as I've shoved all my clothes in the suitcase. So I would say half my things are packed. Just need couple more boxes for my cutlery and cookware, toiletries and other food stuff. Oh and another huge box for balance of my clothes that are hanging behind my doors and in the huge ass laundry bag (which is now full with clothes). Yes, I have to wash them first and I haven't done it =p I will do it...on Friday.

Tomorrow would be an interesting day. Why?! Because...I'll update when it's over =) LOL! I am feeling so tired and sleepy but I have to pack. Damn. I need a new phone! Recommendations? Just something simple for the time being. BOTH my phones are hopeless atm. Barbiturates!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The life.

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I know why working people love Fridays and hence the TGIF! LOL! I like my job but it is just tiring. I am not complaining but I only have 6hours of sleep everyday (normally I need to have at least 8hours!) and the transportation to work is not the best. Well, welcome to the working world you say? I know. LOL!

I went to the accommodation office to enquire about the time we need to return the keys on 22nd June and they say by 10am. NICE! My friend is helping me move out in the evening of 22nd June! I asked if they would allow just till the end of the day and...lets say they are harsh mean people!!! Hmph! Anyway, I would have to ask if my friend could do it on the 21st instead. Mike is returning on the 21st itself and he would have to come and help me out. Poor thing =p

Worst of all, I haven't pack. Just 3-4 more days to move out (excluding weekdays as I do NOT have the time to pack at all!) and I only have a garbage bag sized winter clothes packed up. Great. I need to do something!

Anyway, I took half day off from work today as I had to go Uni to attend to something. Oh oh oh...Today is BC's Birthday! Woooot! But she just got back from Ireland so me and Ching Yee couldn't celebrate with her today. Either tomorrow or Sunday.

As I was typing this post, I called Ching Yee to remind her about meeting Keshia for lunch one Sunday. Then:
*Message from Ching Yee*
Results out already.

Anxiety FLOODED in! Too high till I pressed the 'END CALL' button when she said 'Hello?' =.= pai seh! So yes, I checked and.................I have every reason to be emo! It wasn't what I expected (definitely expected higher) but....it's the final class that counts?! Yeah...I'd like to think of it that way. At least I didn't fail any and......it's the final degree class that counts! LOL! There's more to life than dwelling over something you could not change. So...I am graduated?! Woooooooooot! Technically I am but still need to wait for Graduation Ceremony. I think. LOL!

Aih.....EMO larh! Luckily the pair of shoes I spotted on ASOS yesterday is gone today. If it was still selling, it's definitely added to my collection! Well the degree class was expected...just that the individual grades are a little disappointing. ROAR! Going to watch 'Apartment' and hopefully pack some of my stuff by today.


*Dabs cheek with Asda toilet paper*

Ben & Jerry's would do great at a time like this! Dorrito's Tangy Cheese (Sharing Bag) is a satisfactory replacement anyway...and I am not SHARING!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

First day at work.

First day in an insurance company for my work (experience). Well, lets say I haven't heard of the words...'premium', 'quotation', 'sum insured' and many more insurance jargon for a loooooooong time. Actually, since when I was physically away from my mum. LOL! Actually I was glad I stuck on to her like a magnet all those years when she was working as it really did helped me grasp what on earth these words meant and how the whole insurance thing work.

There were two similar aged people working there too to gain work experience (like me), one is Ken (my relative's friend) and the other is Coco (a girl whom I worked with during CNY 08). [Totally unrelated, her bf is Naija too! LOL! And she is addicted to black (no racial discrimination intended) people like a fat kid loves cake!!! No, I am not addicted to them but I don't hate them either. Colour really doesn't matter to me, the individual as a person is what matters most.] Anyway moving on, I arrived 20minutes earlier and someone finally gave me a task like half an hour later!

As usual, being at work the first day, everything was done so quickly (I am very the semangat). I kept bugging them for work to do! LOL! There was quite a lot to do if you know what to do but I am still learning as I am not familiar with the process yet. What I find most interesting is that they actually SPEAK in Cantonese to their clients. Technically, it shouldn't be a problem for me but OH MY LORD!!! I was given the most tough task EVER on my first day! I was asked to make calls to clients to remind them that their policy is due in a week time and if they want to renew it, I had to remind them to pay up. This is so high school treasurer's job...a.k.a. LOAN SHARK! LOL! Honestly, I almost pee in my pants when I was given that task. It was my first day at work, first time calling up strangers, first time speaking fully in Cantonese after ages, first time using insurance terms IN CANTONESE! HOLLY tuuuuut!

One of my colleague thought me what to do and how and she did a few examples for me to see how she spoke to clients. Then it was all up to me. Seriously, my fingers were like frozen and ready to fall off anytime! I was THAT nervous! DUH! Trust me, I bet the client was blur with what I said. Not to mention the addressing part! You know how Chinese surnames are not pronounced similar to English pronunciations?! For example, Mr. Lee=Lei Sang, Mrs. To=Dou Tai, Miss Lim=Lam Siew Che etc. Knowing I am not from a Chinese educated background, this IS my worst nightmare! Till now I still don't know how to pronounce my company's name properly in Cantonese. LOL! It's either Wan Kau or Wan Dau, similar =p

I did some minor paperwork too like filing and photocopy and also sending out letters. It is so funny how everything had to be rushed before 4pm for the postman to collect =s That was madness! Anyway, according to my work experience colleagues, I was considered lucky to have done what I did today (basically the calling up clients part) as they did not even do that on their first day! Hmm...maybe I am but the anxiety was definitely not positive! Freak the sh*t out of me! But hey, am getting the hang of it =D

Oh yea...I forgot to bring snacks and I didn't notice my appetite increased. Being the super hero, I didn't bring snacks and only had a small bowl of muesli this morning. My tummy grumbled LOUDLY just an hour before my lunch time and again an hour before off work time. Damn! I reached home at 7.30pm. I swear, I could SWALLOW a cow! Need to slowly re-train my tummy =(

This is the time to reset my biological clock. Hope this post was not boring as it was purely words. LOL! Watched 13 going on 30 (again) while swallowing my cow. Time to think what to wear for tomorrow and what to bring for lunch and...I am going to bed!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Shopping fixated hence the spree!

Early this morning I was all excited waiting for THE time. According to the weather forecast, it would be a rainy day...as in the whole day! So technically, it would be the worst day to go out. However, my ass is itching to go out! Yesterday alone I watched 4movies? Pfft! So I figured I better go out and have a walk *cough cough* (I planned to go shopping). I am starting my work experience job (not paid) in an insurance company on Monday so I needed some stuff to prepare for that. Mainly things to be used on rainy days as I would have to walk a distance to get the bus to the office. Well lets say when it comes to shopping, SOMETIMES things goes out of hand *big grin*
Finally! Been wanting to get an umbrella for ages!
This was...random! LOL!
Pink neon tights- 98pence
Fishnet tights (2pair)- 1pound.This is essential! As I mentioned couple of posts before, the sole of most of my shoes are cracked so I need a pair of boots that would be wearable during the rainy weather too.
Funny enough, this was the ONLY design of boots in Primark (all sandals and pumps). There were only 3pairs left; size 4, 5 and this is a size 7! I usually wear 5/6 but this 5 was too tight. So I took size 7, a little too big but...5pounds (RRP:15pounds)! WTF?! GRAB!
This may look random. Well I have yet to pimp it up =)
I need a pair of multi purpose and comfy pair of shoes for long distance walking. I know, you guys in Malaysia must be thinking why on earth did I bought a pair of 'prefect shoes'...well, this is THE IN thing here. A normal pair of black pumps which we Malaysians wear for shopping, is their school shoes! Ironic. LOL! The most common colours are white, black and grey. I would have taken grey but there wasn't any in my size. White needs high maintenance and it's so...school shoes! At least black is prefect's shoes. HAHAHA! Oh and only 1.96pounds (Giler cheap!)
Ohh this is the first time I bought something from H&M (I think). It is 2 for 1! They were perfect cutting too! LOVE at first TRY! I queued for over 30minutes just to try on 6pairs of shorts in Primark and NONE of them fitted me nicely! Well there was one but it was 11pounds for a super thin material. Decided that it wasn't worth the price.
Look at the shorts!!! *hearts* The material is like formal working shorts, not denim. Nice!
Ohh and I bought the top too. Unnecessary buy but...it was reduced to 1pound! LOL! (yes, the price tag is still stuck on *pai seh*)
Second pair of shorts. Always wanted a blue denim pair of shorts!
This was so random too! I saw it on the reduced rack and I took it out to have a look. Loved the material. Due to the massive queue for the fitting room, I just tried it on in front of a reflective wall with my clothes under. Totally loved how it came out! So vintage (a little Mischa Barton)! Perfect with my fishnet tights =p
Oh and it was reduced from 13pounds to 5pounds!
This was on the same reduced price rack and I tried it on with my clothes under too. Love the colour...lime green. This is so Lady Gaga...Retro! Reduced from 11pounds to only a fiver =)
Besides the shorts (H&M), everything else was from Primark. Who says cheap is ugly?! Pfft! And who says Primark stuff are cheap quality? Pfft! Okay some of them are but you just have to choose the good quality ones which would eventually be reduced to the same price as the cheap quality ones. Hence, you would get good quality ones for a cheap price! This is called wise spending. LOL! Says a shopaholic. Bwhahahhaha!
Best of all, it didn't rain one bit when I was out the whole day! LOL! It was a little chilly because there was thunderstorms early in the morning but I only went out just before noon as the shops open at noon. Anyway, productive day =D Looking forward to start work tomorrow!