Friday, 29 February 2008

Food post!...and an accident!

Yesterday I made chicken curry (tikka masala) which is supposed to be spicy but...HAIH!!! When I was shopping for the bottled curry, there were two options: mild or medium spicy. I took the medium one...sadly, all I can taste is tomato and coconut-ish sauce =.=" I added in chicken, carrots, onions and potatoes.
The not-spicy-at-all curry.

Garlic and coriander naan.

Today I semangat sikit...I boiled rice and loads of it (cooking rice is a hassle-need to use rice pot =p). Plan to cook fried rice tomorrow night...LOL! Anyway, the night before I marinade sliced chicken thighs in char siew sauce and chuck it in the fridge. Today I baked it in the oven. OMG!!! Kesedapan!!! LOL! So gonna do it again!

Today's dinner: Char siew chicken, cold tofu, broccoli and white rice.

Boon Choo gave me a Chinese calendar!!! LOL! At last, something Chinesey in my room!

New nail design =p

I feel tired now. So does Ching Yee...she say it is probably because of the excitement we went through in the kitchen. Ching was slicing potatoes (thinly) with a super sharp knife. Suddenly she dropped the knife and jumped around shouting "Oooouch". I was like, "What happened?"...she cut her finger =.= It was a horrifying scene as the blood kept flowing out rapidly! I told her to wash it under the running water while I ran down to the accommodation office to get a plaster. The security guard had a HARD time looking for the plaster =.=" I came back to the kitchen and Ching's finger is still bleeding! It was a serious cut!
We were super horrified!!! When we dress the cut with the plaster, it was still bleeding and the blood was literally spilling out to the tip of her finger! We eeked and shrieked and I decided to consult Steve, our flatmate who's a rugby coach (I supposed he would have some first aid knowledge). He said, "Don't worry, this is not's not a deep cut". I was like WTF?!?! It is freaking deep! She hasn't stopped bleeding since like 10minutes ago! He took some kitchen towel and asked Ching to apply pressure on the wound till the blood stops. Two and a half hours had passed and her finger is still having period. We do not have any plaster so it is now wrapped in tissue secured with a rubber band. Poor Chinks! LOL! The funniest part is that when both of us were panicky, she said, "I don't know I should laugh or cry now!!!" LOL!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

What colour am I?

Grace asked me to take this test:
What colour are you?

The result:

Melissa, your true color is Black!

Your color is black. The color of night. Serene and mysterious, black conjures up images of elegant evening gowns, dashing tuxedos, and gleaming limousines. Traditionally a symbol of success, black also represents power and an uncompromising demand for perfection. Not surprisingly, you tend to set challenging goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve them — your strength of character is second to none. This unfaltering determination, along with your natural elegance, impresses people. But keep in mind that your personality might be intimidating to some. Try to temper your demanding side with a little softness — trust us, it won't kill you. Overall, though, black is the color of professionalism and achievement, which means it's clearly the color for you.

Sweet!!! LOL!

My new Flatmate~

Wahhhh!!! So many days didn't update =p It's been busy many things going on. I did not work on Friday so I was supposed to work full day on Saturday. On Friday night, I was awakened by a phone call at 4.11am in the morning! Guess who?! Not is Ching Yee =.= LOL! I was kinda surprised she rang me at that hour but I sort of predicted why she did. FIRE ALARM lorh! LoL! Anyway, I canceled her call and called her back (I have free minutes =p). She was mengamuk-ing about the people partying in her flat and she wasn't able to sleep at all! She then said, "I don't care! I'm not going back to my flat already. Can I sleep at your place?". I was imagining her face imitating the Puss in Boots' face from Shrek =p How can I say no? LOL! Anyway, I let her in and she slept over at my place for that night.

I went to work on Saturday and it was a tiring day but other than that it was alright. Sunday I had to work full day as well. Woke up and went to work as usual. I was stuck at the exchange till (every till girl's nightmare!!!)! We had to deal with mean and dumbass customers who doesn't understand that it is the company's policy to not give refunds! Sheesh! Anyway, I did not really have a difficult customer as it wasn't that busy as well. It so happens that there is a HUGE football match that day. Chelsea vs Tottenham (some final match thing) and Tottenham/Spurs won...LOL! The match was at afternoon so the shop was sooooo busy and we sold tons of Spurs merchandise especially the jerseys (31.49pounds for one =.=") before the match. During and after the match, the shop was so quiet! Mostly female customers and male customers that came to get golf and rugby merchandise. We left on time! For once!!! But we had to hover the shop =.= was my mum's Birthday on Sunday, 24th Feb!!! LOL! Happy Belated Birthday, mum!!! (I wished her on the day itself ok..didn't post bout it only =p)

Today (technically, yesterday =p) is someone's birthday! Happy 21st Birthday, Melissa Ong!!! I know this post is a little late la but still! The thoughts that count right?! Hehehe! Anyway we went out to celebrate with her at a restaurant called Oriental Fusion. We also had a surprise cake for her too! Thanks to Ching...LOL! Oh!!! Ching moved in to my flat! LOL! It was super fast! We went to accomodation office today. I wanted to complain about my damn sunken bed and Ching wanted to move flat because her flatmates are driving her crazy.

Ching: Hi! I want to move flat because bla bla bla...

Acc. staff: Ok. When do you want to move in?

Ching: As soon as possible.

Acc. staff: Let me check if there is a free room in that flat (my flat). Yes, there is. I can give you the keys now. Just return your old keys to the accomodation office within 24hours.

Ching and me: *Stunned* Oh..ok.

LOL! It was super fast. We expected a week or so but...yea...she is next to my room now. LOL! And we both can spy on Keshia! HAHAHAHA! We tolong her to move after the cake eating ceremony...LOL! Such a great form of exercise =p

*PS to Ching: You paid 30 friggin' pounds for the move! Don't regret it! LOL!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Ching's Bday cont.

More pictures...
Cutting the cake Joel (Ching's flat mate) baked for Ching's 20th.
Chocolate peppermint victorian sponge.

Those who attended Ching's 20th surprise!!!
Boon Choo, Danny, Ching, Me and FM.

Post surprise party.

hmm.... =p

Went to Enfield town today to do some stuff. Walked there and walked back. Before leaving town, I passed by the oh-so-tempting-McDonalds =p Came out with a cup of Mc Flurry! LOL! Humour of the day:

Me: He's kinda sombong arr...we said hi but he didn't say anything also.

Ching: Nola! He got move his kening bulu wat.

BWHAHAHAHAHAH! Kening bulu....LOL!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ching's surprise party.

Yesterday night I made:

Pat Chan soup =)
My flat mate (lelaki) came in and made a comment; "I just got back and I'm so hungry!". I smiled, indicating 'lol'. I would like to offer my cooking but it is only beneficial for women...if you know what I mean =)
Ching Yee's 20th Birthday was yesterday (19.02.08) but she was at her brother's place so we did not celebrate on that day. I managed to surprise her today thou =) Indeed a fun day! Her flat mate, Joel made her a chocolate peppermint, victorian sponge cake. We got her to cut it after lunch today. She thought that was it...her sad birthday celebration with other two humans =p Later then I invited her over for dinner today because 'I cooked extra dinner' LOL! Obviously it wasn't the case. I just needed her to come over. I invited Boon Choo, Danny and Foong Mei as well and they arrived at my flat with pizza, garlic bread, roast chicken and sesame baguette. Ching made me a bithday cake so I decided to make her one =) A special's called Summer delight!!! Yes, I know it is winter =p But it was really nice eaten chilled (my opinion). Anyway, the whole thing was a success. She literally flew to the other end of the corridor when we surprised her =p I have the video! LOL!

The base for the cake..basically a layer of thin sponge cake.

Ta Daa~

Used melted chocolate to write and draw..LOL!

This is what it looks like inside.
Strawberry jelly, peach slices and vanilla sponge cake.
Sorry if I'm bragging too much about the cake but I am just happy it turned out well!!! The first packet of jelly used was unsuccessful =p It's still in the frigde! LOL! This is also the first pretty cake I made since I got here and it is entirely original...I did not follow any recipe =p LOL! Anyway we took couple of pictures but it is in Ching's camera. Will upload tomorrow or something. OMG!!! Tomorrow!!! I have tutorials and workshop from 10am-6.30pm with only 30minutes break!!! Luckily it's only once!!! Better go to bed now...Selamat malam semua!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Mixed expressions~

The joy of experiencing something new. Went to work yesterday morning. Walked out from campus about 8.35am and got shock seeing the cars parked by the roadside...
Seriously frozen cars! Like Sorbet =p
Can't imagine if the car is me!
It was friggin' cold! Luckily I bumped into one my my colleague (she drives) and I got a lift from her. LOL! She was like;
Her: Hi! Do you want a lift?
Me: (I was thinking, like duh!!!) Yea!!! Thanks!
So I arrived at work warm and alive! LOL! Anyway, work sux! Don't want to go into details. Every job sux anyway! LOL! Had exam today and when I am almost done, I got gastric attack! GREAT TIMING! It was SERIOUSLY hurting! I guess the packet soup and a slice of bread and cheesecake wasn't filling enough for lunch =.= I was busy reading the very very boring textbook owh-kay! LOL! Anyway, I left the exam hall like 10minutes before time and went back to grab some food and medication. Don't worry (especially to mum)...I'm feeling better now =) No more pains and lesson learnt. EAT! LOL! I lay in bed for quite a bit to rest my tummy. Then I made dinner and for dessert:
Pomelo! LOL! Got it from Tesco...DAMN sour! Don't know if it is raw or it's the species...LOL! (No, I didn't finish the whole thing!)

Then I was too bored and feeling free after such stressful exam so my mouth got itchy (as usual). Eat again...ate some peanut candy and two Kit Kat fingers AND kuaci! LOL! These things are addictive! It is spiced and I'm loving it!
Kuaci shells and un-peel-ed ones =p
Coming here, away from home makes me think of things I have taken for granted. No, not only food (but that's one of the major ones) but also the people and the feeling of security. Back home, going out is like just stepping out of the house but here, it is like stepping into a war zone! LOL! Things might just happen anytime and anywhere and *touchwood* if something really turns out bad, it is too late to regret. Therefore, my philosophy of life is always to experience every thing (that don't cause fatal harm) at least once. This obviously doesn't include smoking and drugs!!! That is just plain dumb! LOL! I believe that "humans spend most of their life thinking and not doing" and I don't want to be that human =p I know it is random but I somehow have the feeling to express this.
Someone wrote: 'NEVER LOVE THE LOVE THAT HURT YOU, NEVER HURT THE LOVE THAT LOVE YOU' on his msn personal message. I hope it is not directed to me. Love is a two way thing...if it doesn't work out for one person, it won't work out. Vice versa. When you're in love, it is not easy to deny it. As much as I want it to not work out, things seems to go the right way. Damn! This is where I really miss my friends back home...talking to them is like experiencing sun during winter in the UK. Warm and cosy. Missing you guys loads!
*First ever emo post! LOL!* (it's got to be the sourness of the pomelo!)
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to CHING YEE!!! You're getting old! =p Best wishes to you, woman! XOXO!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

14.02.08 & 15.02.08

The Magners me and Ching shared at The Goat. It was really nice.Two pint Magners.

Chicken Curry Jalfrezi (my V-day meal)

The three of us in JD.

I missed this part in the previous post. Ching got high on her beer (actually she got high on Melissa Ong's pic...such a lesbo!) and she knock over half a pint of her beer over my lap!!! =.= She got the 'Damn you' stare from me for the balance of the night out =p LOL! I stunk like an alcoholic owh-kay! The beer went all over my bag, scarf, dress and a little on my tights and shoes! My skirt even got wrinkles from the chemical reaction of the beer =.=" I had to wash it in the!
Getting rid of the strong smell!

We cam-whored in the toilet again =p

It is hard to take a good picture =p

I know...posers =p
FYI: Don't like then don't look!
After such a tiring day out, I had work the next day...and today...and tomorrow! I finally managed to take a picture of my

Besar, kan?!
After work, I checked my mailbox and I got this:
The excitement was undescribable!!! But I know who sent it (I can recognize the hand writing =p)

Nice right?! Such a surprise!!! Love it!
Thanks MUM!!! XOXO!

Then...later in the evening, I got another surprise. Got a gift from a friend =) From which friend? Jangan sibuk! LOL! It's a Shiraz Rose red wine. It is not a Valentine gift owh-kay! (Shaddap Ching!) I got it on the 15th anyway! LOL!

It's a fake rose but velvet petals =p Nice!

On the bottle label it says: "this crisp Shiraz Rose has aromas and flavours of fresh cherry, strawberry and raspberry with a soft mouth feel and clean finish". Sounds sedap? LOL!

Going to study for exam on Monday. 6 CHAPTERS!!! Wish me luck!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Malaysian pot-luck and V-day!

It has been a busy week! Too many stuff going on! Yesterday night, we had a Malaysian pot-luck! First ever in UK for Middlesex University students! LOL! It was a blast! We all had loads of food (Msian style) and it was simply fun! It was held in Southgate, in one of the houses rented by three Malay girls =) They were really friendly. We had about 15people in total and it wasn't difficult to get there. Just a bus ride away and couple of minutes walk (something useful after such feast). I brought tuna pasta (I know it doesn't sound Malaysian but it was the easiest thing to make =p), Ching brought her oh-so-famous Victorian Sponge cake, some of the other people brought CNY cookies, cake, RED BEAN soup with sago, yogurt, karipap, fruit cocktail with jasmine jelly cubes and also mango milk with sago dessert.

From top: Nasi santan, ikan bilis and kacang, the VERY VERY VERY pedas sambal, tuna pasta, hard boiled eggs and cucumber, nasi kuning, roti jala and curry chicken, and red bean dessert (in the rice pot) LOL!

The delicious roti jala and curry chicken!!! (made by one of the host)

CNY cookies all the way from JB =p

Karipap! YUM!

Taken in the house...LOL!

Me, Ching and Veronica (Eurasian-Malaysian)
The first two to start feeding =p
Btw, I'm wearing...Kebaya-rock!!! LOL!
There are couple of group photos taken but it has not reach me yet so I guess I'll have to wait and see how horrible it turns out =p It was really fun although we went back at about 11pm and it was definately -ve degrees and it took ages for the bus to arrive! We reached Ponders End at about 11.30pm and 5 of us walked back to our flats in Ted Lewis and the other 3 back to Robbins Hall. Definately something to look forward to next month! The second pot-luck is on the 13th of March. LOL! Yes, we planned already =p
Today is another happening day. We had classes in the morning till noon. Then me and Ching had group meeting with our group members (all guys!). After the meeting, they were like:
Ed: Let's go to the pub to get a drink!
Mark: Yea I guess we can.
Ed: Yea! I really want to get a drink. Are you up for it, Dan?
Dan: Yea.
Ed: Mark?
Mark: Yea.
Ed: What about you girls?
Me & Ching: Yea, I guess. We don't have classes after this.
We head out. We thought it was just at the student's bar BUT we walked out the Uni area and me and Ching were looking at each other. We then arrived at The Goat, a pub. Just like 3meters away from Uni. LOL! We shared a cider beer, Magners. Ed had a Magners and a Coke (coz he had to drive), Dan had THREE Guiness and a Vodka, Mark had THREE Guiness and a Whiskey with coke. MAN! These people can seriously drink! I shared mine with Ching and I was already red half way through! I wasn't drunk! Just red! =) It was fun though, we got to know them better and we did discuss about our a pub...with drinks...alcohol...Interesting huh?! LOL!
Valentines Day-out!!! Being the single ones, we Chinese-Malaysian girls went out to JD Wetherspoon to have dinner together. Those present was: Ching Yee, FM, Ming Zi, Melissa Ong, Yong Tze and Me =) It is sometimes confusing to have two Melissa but we can still manage it for now =p It was curry day or something like tat so we all (except FM) had curry. I had Chicken Jalfrezi and a glass of single shot Smirnoff (original) with orange juice.

My meal =)
As usual, we took group photo but it is not with me yet so I can't put it up. After that, I went to Tesco to get Strawberry Cheesecake!!! Sinful! Urge for sweet stuff again! I haven't eat it yet though. Just ate an apple =)
That's the apple in my hand =p
Valentines Day-out dressing...LOL!
Have work tomorrow...ERGH! Better get to bed! Peace out~

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Under the weather~

I am officially sick! Bad flu and cough! The weather is really crazy. It can be hot and cooling one minute and the next, it is friggin' COLD! Yes, it's the UK weather =) My flat mate, Steve is sick too. LOL! I saw him in the kitchen and he was wearing a jumper (for once!!! he usually wears shorts and a thin tee).

Me: Are you alright?
Steve: I'm stuffed (nose).
Me: Owh...I'm sick too...I know, it sucks!
Steve: Yeah! I never get sick before!
Me: *smiles*
Steve: (walks out the kitchen)

I continued cooking my dinner. A late one. Had my scrumptious lou po peng for tea =p So for dinner, I made a simple stir-fry dish. Cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, onions, black fungus and chicken pieces. Had yogurt and peanut candy after that =p LOL!

My dinner for the day.
Owh yes. About my blog. Some of you might have got the invitation to read my blog yesterday as I privatized it. My previous blog skin wasn't suitable for public view. LOL! I've changed it now so that you guys and girls don't have to sign in (yes I know it is very troublesome). LOL!
Anyway, Valentines is coming!!! Wonder if I will get chocolates this year...I never get any before! So sad! LOL! This year I will celebrate Valentines with the UK (single) Malaysians...should be interesting...LOL!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Working in Chinatown

Went to Chinatown to help out my extended relatives to run a stall in Leicester Square. I was supposed to arrive at 9am but I reached 9.30am =p LOL! It was freezing cold outside in the wee hours of the morning when I took off. Look at the cars...
Ice-cream car =p
There is a layer of ice on the roof!

I do what I love in the tube =p
No, it wasn't embarassing because...

I have the whole carriage to myself! LOL!

Fireworks display No.1 at 2pm.
The fireworks display was right behind our stall. First class view, BABY! LOL! But it hurts my neck because I got to watch the front as well to make sure no one steals =p

Love this...very!

The display was no joke! Look at the smoke after that!~
(Of coz I was choking then!!!)

Manage to snap a picture behind the stall =p
Those jade dangling things are like 5pounds each! So expensive man!

Some of the other stuffs we sold =)

End of fireworks display No. 2 at 4.05pm.

Fireworks display No.3 at 5pm.

Fireworks diaplay No.4 at 6pm.

End of the day: 7.20pm.
My mum sent me this top =) Cute right?! LOL!
After work, our employer for the day bought us dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown: Green Dragon Restaurant. We had a very decent Chinese meal with my all time favourite, Sweet and Sour Chicken =p The job wasn't really that bad although it was very very busy like every minute but I really had fun. I meet a new friend too. My colleague for the day, Coco. LOL! Mr. Employer also bought us lunch (techically I bought it but he payed for it). We had a Burger King meal =) My first ever Burger King meal in the UK!!! LOL! Too busy to take a picture. I was munching and selling stuffs =.= I still had fun! LOL! I got paid 60pounds (more than Sports World!!!) for today and I didn't spend on meals =p
After dinner, I walked to the tube sation with Coco and Ying Che. We pass through Chinatown street and they were still selling pasteries!!! Me and Coco got tempted =p Ying Che was like, "Aiyo, sai mm sai hung tou pin, mai tou pin" (Translation: "Aiyo, don't need to buy something where ever you walk to"). LOL! She is a very cute lady =p She wanted to hurry back but we were too busy buying Chinese pasteries =p
Dragon Beard (4 mini pieces).
I called it Golden Dragon cost me 2.50pounds for just that!!!

I also bought these, from left top: Lou Po Peng, Ham Tan Soh and my LOVELY (and first) egg tart! They were a pound each! *Knife stabs through the heart*

Another biscuit for a pound. This was worth because it was HUGE! LOL! I can't remember what it is called =)
So in total, I spent 6.50pounds during the 8minutes walk to the tube station. LOL! I didn't feel the pain =(