Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I'm a Malaysian Chinese!!!

OMFG! Work today was fine until this Indian customer came up to my till.

Man: U from China?
Me: No! I'm from Malaysia.
Man: Oh Malaysia. Malaysia. (I'm very sure he's got no idea where Malaysia is!)
Me: Yea. Malaysia.
Man: Tonight? Tonight?
Me: (Damn confused look on my face) Tonight...?
Man. Tonight. Tonight.
Me: Sorry? What was that?
Man: Ubi Kentang. ---->wtf does tat mean?! potatoes?
Me: *In my heart* WTFHRUTrying2SsayUPervert! (I looked away!)

I think he was asking if he could get laid tonight! F*cking pervert! I was sooooooo disgusted! He's old enough to be my dad! Ergh! Sicko! Thanks to my China-looking-face, he probably thinks I'm a prostitute! Yuck!!! Hating it!!! That is why I don't like it when people assume that I am from China!

Turkish again!

Last night we went to the Turkish shop again. This time it's for the farewell for Foong Mei as she is flying back to =.= LOL! One thing good, the food there is value for money. Every meal was served with Turkish bread and two dips and also Turkish salad. So it is a very satisfying meal with loads of protein. I ordered House Special Mixed Doner: sliced lamb and chicken served with rice. Huge! I even ta pau-ed half back for lunch later today. LOL!
Turkish salad and bread.
Mixed Doner
(under the meat no it's half rice, half meat! Protein!!!)
I am working 'later' and if you ask me why am I still up so late, I think it is the Turkish tea =.= It didn't have an effect on me the last time I drank it! Maybe because I took a damn long nap in the afternoon also...hmm. Damn! Hopefully it won't rain the whole day or I'll be soaking wet at work =(
The cute Turkish tea which I can't stop taking picture of! It's seriously mini, like shot glass but thinner. LOL!

Can't tidur larh!!!!!!! Sure damn zombie at work later today. Haih!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Funny customer.

Forgotten to post about something at work yesterday. It was the first time I ever laughed till I turn red AT the tills! It was busy (endless queues at the exchange till as always) and I was serving a customer and her daughter (about 10 years old). The mother then paid with her credit card. The thing is sometimes the card machine couldn't read the chip so it will say on the machine "Use mag (short for magnetic) strip".

Mother: Oh! It says 'use...magic strip'.

Daughter: Mum! Mag strip!

Ching over heard too and she looked at me and there goes the endless giggling for both of us which obviously made my face turn tomato RED!

Mother: (Looked at me) Oh, you've got the giggles too!

Me: Yea! (Laughing like a mad woman)

Ching: She's laughing at you!

Mother: That's okay. It's good to laugh!

That customer seriously is one good comedian. LOL! After they left, I had to fan myself with my hands! Was still feeling the heat then!

The weather had been bad. It was raining badly yesterday morning when me and Ching walked to work. We were just in our hooded jacket (not even water proof)! Today is a bank holiday and I took off from work, luckily. It's still raining badly with wind blowing. All my flatmates are not in (including Ching) and I am watching Supernatural. Bad choice! It's freaking me out!

Short one.

Tired after work! Short update. Mel Ong sent me the pictures she took from the Turkish shop and Tah Daa~

The damn huge meaty dish!

The complimentary Turkish tea. Very cute! LOL!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Turkish meal =)

Half day at work today was boooooooooooored! Time was passing by real slow as the shop wasn't busy. Anyway, I called MAS today to check if I can move my flight forward...but kena bayar =( and the worst thing was...I forgot to ask how much!!! =.=" if it's not mahal, I think I will pay! I miss hoooooome! LOL! Highlight of the day, food again! LOL! Damn I should stop eating like that! We finally got the chance to belanja BC and Danny a meal. We went to the Turkish shop and had the same thing but the meal was so nice that I can literally eat it everyday! LOL! So yea...I'm filled up! =p We ordered Vadi Special.
Turkish salad.
Turkish bread with dips: tomato and aubergine dip and minty yogurt dip.
The bread is oh-so-soft-and-crunchy!

The main meal...I forgot to take picture! LOL! We dig in as soon as the dish was served =p It was that good la...LOL! Chicken, lamb, beef and rice and roasted vegetable...Very flavourful! LOL! If I go there and eat again, I'll remember to take a picture =p I need to take a rest now!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Fun in two days.

21st May 2008.
I am really starting to get bored staying in my room so I decided to go out exploring =) It was a long day. Went to Thames Valley University, South Ealing campus (my friend's uni) to tour around...omfg! That Uni is way better than Mdx Enfield campus! They have a culinary department too and as I enter, the smell is just great! They even have a cabinet of figurines and creations made of dark and white chocolates! Not to mention the two huge cabinets of framed up trophies they won!!! Then I went to the Student Union bar to have a game of pool with my friend and I won =p
Chocs deco
Student Union bar
SU bar with pool table!
After that, my friend took me around the area and we went in couple of shopping complexes. Nice area...duh! It's in Zone 3. lol! After that we went to Wood Green to walk around. Even more shopping malls but my friend says, "I've no patience when it comes to shopping with girls" =.=" so we just walked around and went back to the not-so-pleasing Ponders End...
One of the shopping mall.
Then when I got back, I took a quick nap as I had to prepare to go out movie with the M'sian girls. We were 20minutes late but the trailers and ads go on for 30minutes so we did not miss the show =)
It's predictable but still nice =)
After movie, we got hungry (Duh!) and went to eat at a Turkish Restaurant. It's the first time I had a typical Turkish food (well second but the first was a looong time ago) and it was marvellous! We split the bill and each of us paid 2.60pounds and we could not even finish the food! The portion was huge!!! Very berbaloi! Will definitely go again.
Mini waterfall in the Turkish Restaurant
22nd May 2008.
Today was another interesting day. Lately I have been catching up and refreshing my memory of...
Indiana Jones and the: Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and Last Crusade.
Because today is the screening of...
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
Yea I watched it...LOL! And like every other Indy movies, it's heart-racing! Me likey!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Day out to Enfield Town

Today I walked to Enfield Town to do some destressing! Why? Because I woke up to a pissifying discovery that someone USED my butter! It's soooo obvious! Deep knife marks which I know I did not make and my butter wasn't even at the same place I left it! Want to curi makan also don't make it that obvious larh! Who is it? I don't know. Tony left today so it might be him as he might not want to buy a new one but he's a gentleman. Ramona have a loaf of bread so it might be her...but I think she has her own butter. Steve is MIA...didn't hear from him at all so I don't know if he's still here or not but if he is, it might be him because he eats only bread and butter for dinner! Aih! My mum ask me to not stress over such small matter...but imagine if the person licks the knife and sink it in my butter!!! Ewww!!!

Hence, I walked to Enfield Town to do some shopping =p I tried on a couple of baju and bought one. LOL! Sale is not on so some clothes are pretty pricey...came back real tired but great exercise =)

Me summer dress =D

Of coz' must camwhore a bit la =p

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dinner at Flat 42 last night

Walking back from work on Sunday, entering the Uni campus...
Yellow roses!!! Pretty!
One of my dinner meal: Sliced baguette with spicy vege pasta sauce with frankfurter slices and sliced cucumbers.

Yesterday BC and Danny came to our flat for dinner. As everyone was busy at work and I was the only 'free' person, I went to get the food. We had a blasting meal!
Creamy coleslaw
Sliced cucumber and flavoured chicken
11 hot and spicy wings
9 pieces flavoured chicken thighs
Dessert: Chocolate Roulade
Very Very Very nice!!!
To fill my time...Bwhahahha!

Friday, 16 May 2008


Lately I ate A LOT! Like A LOT!!! My cravings for food has increased!!! *ROAR* Spending time in my room with nothing to do makes me eat more! Seriously need to find something to do!!!

I made caramel popcorn today...
Approximately 10pm at night Keshia invited me to Krispy Kreme with Mel Ong, Ming Z and Yong Z...I was bored so it's no surprise I said...YES! We bought a dozen of mixed variety doughnuts for 8pounds+ and we got a FREE ORIGINAL GLAZED doughnuts each! Apparently, when the 'Krispy Kreme' sign board light turn on, they give out free doughnuts =D
Original Glazed hot and fresh!
Before glazed-After glazed
Our mixed dozen: (From left top, across) Strawberry filled (SF), SF, Maple glazed (MG), Chocolate Dream, Cinnamon apple filled, SF, MG, Lemon filled, SF, Chocolate iced custard filling, SF, Original glazed.
We sat and chat and went home about 12.30am. LOL! Reached home and had...sugar rush!!! Can't sleep! LOL! Anyway that was part 'farewell celebration' for Yong Tze too. She left for Malaysia today...syok!!! Can't wait to go back!!!
*I put on weight =s Had trouble pulling up and buttoning my jeans!!! I feel you, Ching! *Cries*

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

F to the R to the double EE =)

FREE!!! Last paper today!!! Super happy! LOL! It was mad because we had to write not one, not two and not three but FOUR essays in 3hours!!! Each essay was estimated to be 1500 words each, that's like 3 pages!!! Even if you plan out exactly what to write, you wont even have enough time to write 3 pages in 45minutes! Dah la this is not a seen or even part seen paper =.= Anyway, it's over!!! LOL! And I am that close to home =D This is the time I dedicate to shopping and...more shopping!!! LOL! Summer la...need to get more 'summer' clothes...LOL!

Since I was kinda lagging behind in blog posting;
1) Happy Belated Mother's Day to mummy and grandma and my aunties in Aussie and all mothers =)
2) and Man U won the Premier League Champion title!!! Hooray! LOL!

The heat is still horrible here...I know Malaysia is hot but seriously, summer here is no joke! Its dry, stinging heat makes you sweat even if you're just sitting there away from the sunshine! It's THAT hot! Anyway after the final paper today me and the girls (FM, Keshia, Mel Ong, Ming Z and Yong Z) went to 'celebrate' at JD Wetherspoon. Ching went to see her brother so she didn't join us. I had the meal of my life! Okay, I'm exaggerating but it's seriously nice. Mixed Grill- grilled beef, lamb, pork steak and a linconshire sausage with jacket potato and side salad. What is a celebration without alcohol?! I had Smirnoff (vodka) with orange juice =p

All for 6.09 pounds including drink...berbaloi...LOL!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Feeling the intense heat!

ONE more paper left!!! Super-duper-hyper-roper-maper-keeper Happy owh-kay!!! I know there's one more paper but STILL! LOL!

I am topless (I got my bra on!) in my room now but of course with the blinds down!!! Can't blame's REALLY REALLY HOT! Dah la no kipas don't even talk about air-cond!!! The worst thing is, my room window is facing the sun AND my freaking window can only open up to 2.5inches gap owh-kay!!! Not yet finish...the window is also designed in a way that when you open it, it blocks the wind from coming in!!! SERIOUSLY BARBIE DOLL!

But being part topless in the room is fine! Unlike some people, they go NAKED walking in the flat...not room but flat, Anwari's flat...LOL! A girl...completely topless (not even bra on) walking around in the flat...and a guy completely naked (yes, like Adam naked)!!! (Source: Ching Yee). Anwari must be traumatized. Poor guy. LOL!

I went to Tesco to get more juice, apples and grapes to store in the fridge! At least something cooling for my going-to-over-heat body! LOL! of my flat mate left today...Jeremy. Lucky him...LOL!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Popcorn and party?!

Handed in the final two assignments =D Super excited! I manage to take few hours of sleep, I mean nap...LOL! Then I went out enjoying the very-hot-weather...The sun is out and there's wind blowing but I was sweating =.= First time sweating in UK like in Malaysia! I was wearing a racer-back top and jeans...that's the last time I'm wearing jeans this season! The heat is just intense. Anyway, I went out to Argos and grocery shopping at Morrisons and Tesco. So I ended up with few more chocolate bars to bring back to Malaysia. Why else would I go Argos if not to get...
Yea, I got my pink-dustbin-looking popcorn maker =D

Currently, there's a party going on outside the courtyard. Today's the University's final closing date for all assignments. Which is why everyone is (partially) free now..especially first year psychology students! They don't have exams! seriously! Three more papers to go...can't wait! The amount of people at the courtyard just doubled up and Briana (first year psyc student), my colleague from SW just asked me to join her 'at the grass'...yea, and forget bout my exams?! sheesh! Kebisingan!!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

21.5hours(and still counting)without sleep...

What am I doing up so early?! Well, I didn't sleep =) Now I know how Keshia can tahan till 4am in the morning! I got hooked up with my assignments (two) which are due today...5pm. I slept at 3am yesterday and woke up at 9am to continue my work. The whole day today was spent in front of my laptop (keisan my BenQ) till now...And during the day...

The gila ang mohs went up the roof top to "hang out"! Damn noisy owh-kay!!! pfbtt!

Not forgetting to mention the mess they made at the court yard after having their little picnic!

And I'm blogging now coz' I can't sleep. I WAS tired but now totally awake already...sides, looking outside the window, seratus kali tidak boleh tidur!

Taken 5.13am

Taken 5.44am

I'm in my Pajama for nothing and I am eating oats with raisins...LOL! I don't think I'm going to fall asleep anytime soon. Damn! It's 6.20am and I think I should let my poor laptop rest...LOL! Btw, I wasn't the only one working on assignments throughout the night...there are some I-can't-stop-talking-for-a-minute-or-I-will-die anjing betinas laughing and making VERY annoying noises! They seriously can't shut their mouth! Seriously! Worst of all, they are at the same floor as mine and their windows are diagonally opposite mine =.= OMG! The sun is seriously out!!!

Saturday, 3 May 2008


You think Malaysia's weather is weird?! Think again! LOL! This picture was taken 4.58am...sungguh terang, kan?!

*Keshia, can see your room lights on?! LOL!*
Btw, for the record, I didn't set my alarm to wake me up just to take this picture!!! The friggin' fire alarm went off!!! Then I had to waste an hour turning around on my bed to fall asleep again (at 6am)!!! Hmph!My gedik face when I get a dose of my fav cookie =D Yea, it's half my face! Big right?! LOL!
Got my pay slip today and guess what?! I kena taxed!!! (Ching assumed it's coz' I worked over the limit) I didn't get taxed last few months but this month...74.12pounds!!! OMFG!!! So you people don't think I'm that rich owh-kay! The taxing here is mad! That's like two days of full day work pay!!! *ROAR* Oh, after work we went to check out the popcorn maker (UFO-looking ones) but they don't have it =.=" He said that they will only have stock approaching Christmas...I think I'll have to go for the 'pink dustbin' =p

I went to work 10am-3pm then did SOME assignment and then...went to watch Iron man at 8pm =p I know...I shouldn't be doing this but people belanja so it's not nice to tolak...hehe! Anyway the movie was great! I think it's showing in Malaysia it people! Hawt! =)

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Popcorn madness...

Two paper done!!! LOL! Two more papers next week...sounds like I have time to relax for now but NO! Why? Coz' I have two assignments due next week too! Yesh...very busy!
Anyway, I bought a packet of popping corn few weeks ago and I've been popping small amounts to munch on in a small porcelain bowl. Guess what...the bowl got hitam stains (which can't be washed out) already =.= I don't think the bowl can take the heat any longer...LOL! Therefore, I thought of getting...A popcorn maker =p

This is from Argos for 7.49pounds.
(No brand, Size:20x14.5x30cm, More 'me' =p)This is from Comet for 9.99pounds.

(Russell Hobbs brand, Size:*I think quite big*, Non-stick surface, Heat and mix setting to prevent overcooking, Cover=serving bowl)

Which one arh?! LOL! Mum...can I get one? HeHe!