Friday, 31 October 2008

It's Halloween, people!

Remember that piece of lemon I won?! I finally get the chance to cook it tonight. Some random dish that took me one and a half hour to cook! But it's the simplest dish ever!
Butter lemon chicken and pan-fried potatoes with mayo pasta tossed with carrot sticks and broccoli florets a.k.a. 'that 1 1/2hour lemon dish'
Happy Halloween!!!
Simple design to match the festival. LOL!
No plans yet.
Feel like drinking thou. Hmm.
Working on the first half day of Halloween. Should be interesting.

American Gangster (2007) movie is the bomb! Very the nice!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wednesday drinks.

It was cold today. Horrible weather. You can actually still see the snow build ups on the cars and road at this hour (ie 8.30pm) after yesterday's heavy snow. There was sun the whole day today but the weather is cold enough to not melt the snow. Interesting.

After class today, we went to the Students Bar to have a drink (yes, again) with Kyle. Vodka with orange juice this time and yes, I went RED after downing half. But it was a better progress than the beer last week. LOL! After alcohol, the stomach somehow gets empty...thus, food. Chinese again but a different restaurant. I ordered something and got something totally out of my mind.

I ordered Roast pork and roast duck in BARBECUE sauce with chow mein. Shock of my's SO red! Even more red than my face after that drink! They seriously have this thing for red food! The portion is HUGE (as usual) but I didn't taste any barbecue sauce...the food was rather bland but there was a bottle of chilly sauce on the table. That saved me! Amazingly, that was really spicy.
The kenyang-fying portion of red thing on chow mein.
We went back to the Forum (student bar) for a round of Malibu but sadly, it was closed. They were getting ready for an event (party) which cost 4pounds for entry. Thus, Malibu brought forward. LOL!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snowing Autumn

First day of work today. Not too bad. I was put on tills most of the time (which is good!) and I was only doing a 5hour shift. Not bad at all! =D Some of the staffs are real yea...we'll see how it goes. This shop is definitely more messy than the one in Enfield and there are more stuff on each level! Basically the products on one and a half floor of Enfield is on the 2nd floor in Brent Cross...that's where I'm put at. Hmm. Another thing that shocked me...I'm not in their system but I'm working! Wtf?! They better pay me! Well I was told I am still one of their staff and today, I couldn't sign in using my payroll number! So they called up and check with the head office. Apparently, Enfield took me off their system =.= wadafark! So I have to apply as a freshman! Damn! The whole process is just...haih!

This is the subway I have to pass by to go to uni and to the bus stop to get a bus to work.
Walk down there...
And through here.
The lights are not always on!
And you smell pee by the walls...nice!

Another interesting's SNOWING!!! Quite huge chunks as well. Autumn is only coming and it's already snowing...not that good huh?! COOOOOOOOLD!!! Okay and I hear people shouting outside, "SnooooW!". Bagus!
*PS: No picture because it's too cold to go in to the kitchen and take some shots! Stpd kitchen no heater!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


When someone says:
Phrase 1: "I will find someone to replace you"
Phrase 2: "You've replaced someone"
Which hurts more?

When you're in a relationship with someone and you get those, is that good or bad? Well it work both ways. It's how you want to see it. *Yin Yang* babeh! LOL!

Phrase 1: "I will find someone to replace you"
When you are in a relationship and you both have to part due to some unforeseen or foreseen circumstances, this phrase is often common. The question is, should I feel good about it or not?! You decide. The Yin bit: Someone could actually replace you?! You then wonder, how special you are to that person! How much have you influenced that person while you were together? The Yang bit: You are a big part of the person's life. He/She will have to find someone to replace you! Wow! It shows that you've influenced him/her in some way and that he/she needs to find someone to replace your absence.

Phrase 2: "You've replaced someone"
Most people find this phrase such a turn off. Being someone's replacement is never a good thing! Says who?! I think it's up to you to decide what to think and believe. Just often we fall in to the hands of norms and societal expectations. The Yin bit: As stated earlier, you replaced someone! Being a replacement?! Gosh! Devastating! He/She doesn't see you as an unique individual that he/she fell in love with. The ex is still in the picture and you resemble him/her! Urgh?! The Yang bit: You are as good as he/she expected. Don't think of yourself as a replacement. You are someone new and that you have qualities that match his/her previous expectations. Feel lucky that he/she doesn't compare you with his/her ex and feel that you're not good enough to even replace them. That will be ouch-ing!

Therefore, things are not always that bad. It's how you yourself feel you want to think. One tip, always aim for the positive and make choices that will make you feel on top of the world. Bring that self-esteem up! Don't think too much! We spend too much hours on thinking and not doing. Over thinking will make you neurotic and cast depression on yourself. Self-causing illness *shakes head*

Sekian Terima Kasih!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Another turning 20!

It's Nick's Birthday today!!! Another turned 20 =p OLD-nyer! Kidding =p

Hope you had a blast you have loads of cakes as well. Sigh! I saw his msn display picture and he had these cupcakes with 'Happy Birthday Nicholas', each letter on each cupcake. I never had that before =(

Anyway, I made a little video for him too...and I sent it to him. Again, I used old we have to start cam-whoring more to keep up! LOL! I know the song sounds depressing but it's a meaningful video owh-kay! LOL!

Many more years of friendship to come =) xx

Also, Day-light saving! One hour back. I sprung out of bed at 11.30am today but it was only 10.30am because I forgot to turn my clock back! LOL! So it's 8hours different now between Malaysia and London. Cheers!

Sunday, 26 October 2008


Grace tagged me =.=

1. What's the relationship of you and her/him?
Primary till high school friend =)

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
Cute, Tofu (that doesn't expire), Friendly, Smart, 'Little girl'

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you:
"I heart you, Mel!!!" I know it sound les but I feel the same for her too. Good friends are hard to come by.

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you:
Giving me handmade stuffs...very sentimental =p

5. If she/he became your lover, you will...
Scary thought? LOL! I believe it won't happen?

6. If she/he become your enemy, you will...
Be very disappointed. Doubt it will happen thou =p

7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on...
Can we stop talking about this?!

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is...
Couldn't find I guess we won't be? LOL!

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
Cast a black spell on her so that she could forget him.

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
A great friend that needs to stop her tofu-ness!

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Psycho?! Loud, DramaQueen, Mature, Pink-craze, Princessy (in a way)

12. The character of you for yourself is?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
I can't stay still...I need to go out or do something!

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
No one person...Have my mum's heart (not literally), Nicole Scherzinger's body, Kimora Lee's career and attitude.

15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
I care about you and like you too! So glad to have you in my life. Thank you!

16. Ten people to tag: (some is already tagged by Grace!)
1. Nick
2. Ching Yee
3. Foong Mei
4. Neeqa
5. JuYi
6. Hwei Ming
7. Melissa Ong
8. Ming Zi
9. May Jean
10. Anyone else who wants to do this...

17. Who is no.2 (Ching Yee) having a relationship with?
Jack?! LOL! Kidding...

18. Is no.3 (FM) a male or female?
No.3 is a she.

19. How will no.9 (May Jean) react if he/she found out that his/her cell phone is lost?
Freak out?! Like every other person would?! LOL!

20. If no.7 (MelOng) and no.10 (UNKNOWN) were together, would it be a good thing?
Nop. She's taken!

21. How about no.5 (JuYi) and no.8 (MingZi)?
They don't know each other...and I doubt they're interested in females.

22. What is no.1 (Nick) studying about?, right?! =p

23. Is no.4 (Neeqa) single?
No! LOL! Attached to my bro.

24. Say something about no.6 (Hwei Ming): minded individual.

Back to SW =.=

I forgot to mention...yesterday after the charity event, I went to Sports World in Brent Cross (bout 30minutes travel time from my flat) for their open day (where they interview people for recruitment). I actually gave them my CV on Thursday as I wasn't sure if I could make it in time for the 12pm-5pm open day. We finished early at the charity event so I went personally for the interview yesterday.

There was a guy who came earlier than me and he went in for like 15minutes. I was in and out in 5minutes! LOL! The manager, Larry, was a very nice guy (based on first impression). He called me...Pinky =.= because I was in my charity event dressing =p So yes, it was a quick one. That's because I wasn't terminated yet in their system. I'm still one of their staff. Cool! So yes, he said he'll call up Lucy (Asst. manager of Sports World Enfield) to confirm that I was working there before and that I went back to Malaysia during the summer and not because she fired me. Normal procedure...I know,! LOL!

I got a call from him 20minutes after my interview and he asked what days will I be available and I told him. He wanted me to work till 5pm but I told him I could only work till 4pm the latest (because it gets dark by 4.30pm during winter) and he said, "Okay, I'll get back to you later then". It sounded like I screwed up my chance? I thought I did but...

Nop! He called me today and told me I've got shifts next week! As in...Monday! Like OMG?! That was quick! LOL! He told me my shifts and I said okay as it ends by 4pm. Then I remembered I have to meet my lecturer on Monday! So I called him back and said I couldn't make it for this Monday. Guess what he said?! "That doesn't sound good, does it?! Alright, I guess you owe me a 4pm-8pm shift then. I'll let you know what day it is when you come to work on Tuesday." ERM...THAT IS LATE?! I certainly do hope he's just kidding! I can't sense jokingness from certain people's verbal conversations!

Spring cleaning for my room today...and I finally finished...
A Crazy Concoction of Chocolate Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with Fudge Brownies & Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!
In three portions of course! And someone gave me a helping hand! No idea who...I know because I didn't ate that much the first time but when I went back for the second portion, visible spoon marks that I didn't make!!! I should start sealing my freezer/fridge food with masking tape!!!

The weather is FREAKING crazy!!! SUPER COLD! 7 degrees during the day with bright shining sun!!! Muferchucker!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thanks, Mummy!!!

I don't usually post more than one entry a day but I just have to today.

I was getting a drink in the kitchen and I saw on the counter, "To Melissa Lim Lixuan...address..." basically a mail. LOL! I was so shocked it was there. One thing about my flatmates, they take your mail from the postbox and chuck it somewhere in the kitchen and not even tell u! Pfbt! It won't rot in the mailbox okay! Just leave it there?! Or slide it under respective doors if you want to clear the mailbox!

Anyway, I was expecting it from my mum but what I didn't expect was something sooooooo funny! I opened the mail and burst out in laughter! Every time I receive a mail from her, I'd expect something else from her and that really makes my day. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful mum. I HEART you, MUM! She sent me...

Yeap, it says..."Navel stickers" LOL!

Kinky, you say?! My mum sent me that! LOL! I don't know when I'll use it but it was really a surprise that planted a huge smile on my (not-so-congested) face =) Hmm...maybe she is trying to say, "Don't get belly piercing, nah...use this!" LOL! Mum, it's not working =p

Bring back the booze and Pink!

Had the first cup of Carling since...months! LOL! After class (on Wednesday), one of our classmate asked if we want to have a drink rather than going back to our boring rooms. The drink certainly sounded more tempting =p So Ching Yee and me head to the Forum (where the bar is) with Kyle (he's from HK). They both had a single JD with coke AND a double JD with coke. I only managed to finish a Carling (not even a pint!) and I stopped because I turned VERY red =p Then we went to a Chinese take-away for dinner. This is so weird...the eat in is WAY more expensive than delivery take-away. She said because they have to wash up =.= To be fair, they only had to wash a plate, a fork and a spoon! I could do that in their kitchen for them! LOL! Anyway the interesting thing which got Ching laughing (for a while) is the ratio of spoon fork.
The spoon is the normal sized spoon you eat rice with. The fork is like some serving fork size!
Come to think of it, we laughed too much that night. Partly because we were trying to Malaysianize him by teaching him to use Manglish (the la's, ma's, lo's, neh's, wan etc etc). It was hilarious! We also taught him..."Doosh-kau-kau". THAT was funny! He said, "Dush-caw-caw". I'll try to record and post it up one day. LOL!
Today was 'In-the-PINK' day!!! =D Ching Yee, Foong Mei and me volunteered to help the Breast Cancer Care organization with charity funds. Basically we had to ask for loose coins from them for charity and we had this little PINK bucket for them to put in and we'll give them a sticker for that. It was way harder than I thought. People are so the sombong and kedekut and ketakutan when they see us. LOL! Maybe they're not used to kuning people wearing PINK?! Nah...I think they must have thought that we were students from China living off loose change from them *Rolls eyes* But it was a nice experience.
The sticker
We had to wear some pink...Okay I MIGHT have dressed too pink =p
We went shopping for a little after the event and everyone was staring hard! Ops?! LOL!

Dinner tonight (and yesterday night):
Cold tofu *loves* with Tom Yam seafood on rice =)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Grace's Birthday!!!

I know it's past 22nd October in Malaysia now but I had class and so I couldn't do this 20th BIRTHDAY to my dear girlfriend, GRACE!!! I didn't know if my card reached on time so I made a very last minute looks a little more boring than last years because this is a VERY last minute project =p Hope you'll like it's too big to send through email so I'll put it up here =p

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Aliens on Shi Sha

*BING BING BANG BANG* the kitchen door and someone's room door keep slamming! Dinner time. Went into the kitchen. Saw three aliens. Suspected they're one of my flatmates' friends. I proceeded to make my pasta. Felt annoyed with the noise they're making. Worst is about to happen. One of the guy said, "Who has the lighter?!". One word in my mind...f*ck! He lighted something up and I could smell it. I did not look and was hoping my pasta cook a little faster! IT STINKS! Smells like weed but it's not as strong. Then I smell a fruity smell. Confirmed. Shi Sha. Took a quick glance and yes, it is. Hopefully they disperse before midnight! Don't understand why people waste their money and time doing things like that. Sheesh! Yea...people who smoke Shi Sha is Sheesh-able! =p

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

21st party dress =)

Okay I don't hate the postman anymore =p I got my redelivery and my book arrived in one piece. I plan to wake up 9am this morning and get ready to "greet" the postman that usually comes about 10-11am. My alarm clock rang and I laze around in bed till 9.30am and I still couldn't get out of bed =p "tuulut" the intercom rang...I sprang out of my bed, put on a hoodie and run to the intercom phone. "Postman here", he said. I was sooooo relieved! I looked like a crazy woman with my messy (xtra big) hair and PJs but I was too happy to even realize that until he's gone. LOL!My textbook!
Okay I know I'm only turning 21 next November but I am planning to have a formal party. Why?! Because I want to wear a nice formal dress =p LOL! So all this while I've wanted to 'create' a dress for my 21st...hopefully someone will be able to make my dress for me =D Here are some dresses I took from Tres Chic Boutique in Jalan Telawi, KL.
Like this design (RM339)
LOVE the back!
This is not bad too but don't like the skirt bit
Sexy! (RM329)
This is one elegant piece
LOVE the back!
See how it flaunts your assets?! Nice!
I like the side of this dress
It's so cutsie with the bow at the hip
So yea...I'll combine few parts of these dresses and design a new one-of-a-kind dress =) Excited!!!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Home-cook chinese meal

I cooked a huge pot of Chinese Style Fried Rice =D It lasted me for few meals...LOL!
Pork ham, green peas, onions, egg and of course rice.
I know it doesn't look appetizing...I forgot to put in red dates. Super bitter! But I drank it all =p Pak Chan soup with two chicken drumstick and an egg.

*Tomorrow morning: Stalk postman!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Quiz night =)

I managed to stalk (kinda) the postman!!! LOL! I woke up early and wanted to wait for the postman in the kitchen (where outside the window is actually the flat building entrance). Then I heard a one-second intercom buzz and I RAN to the kitchen to check if it was the postman. Spot on! He said I have a parcel. Great! I grab that ridiculous red card and went to ask him about it. He asked me to call up the number at the back for redelivery =.= Anyway, I got my shoes!!! =D Well I didn't really have a comfortable pair of pumps so I asked my mum to send me a new pair from Malaysia =p One word, Comfy!
Today we went to BC's church for an event. Quiz Night!!! LOL! Had loads of fun! We had a super huge portion of fish and chips (fantastica) and a lot of mind busting quizzes! Amazingly we won something. As the group which we named Danny's Angels (Danny was the only guy among us), we scored the LOWEST and won ourselves each an...
Aromatic lemon! LOL!
*Snif* I could smell it now while blogging =p
Finally something for my hair! Hope it works on controlling my zig-zags, taking away the dry frizzy look!
*Prays the redelivery of my textbook reaches to me on Monday!!!*

Friday, 17 October 2008


FEAR. Something I've never felt for a long time. Just two days back I had a very emotional dream. I dreamt that one of my friends died! We were in this huge shopping mall and we were in the lift. Then some technical problem came up and the lift was dropping real fast. Worst of all, the door somehow open and one of my friend flew out! The lift landed harshly and right in front of my eyes, I saw my friend laying on the floor with blood all over her face and body. Yes, it was a horrifying image! I cried in my dreams...and in reality too (no joke, I was in tears and I woke up to wipe it!). Sad. Don't ask who is that friend...doesn't matter =p

The form of FEAR I feel today is the worst! Fear of loosing something. I bought my textbook from Amazon last week and it arrived today. Sadly the stpd postman is not efficient enough to press the freaking intercom button to notify me. So he left me a 'Sorry you were out' card and DID NOT FILL IN THE ITEM NUMBER and the DETAILS of how I could collect it. One word, six letters...S.T.U.P.I.D. I really hate this because I've experienced something like this before last year. I asked them to redeliver the parcel and guess what? It got lost! So I'm hoping my textbook this time won't get lost as I have an assignment to do! *Fingers crossed* Pray for me, people!

There's an option at the back of the card that says I could collect it from the Royal Mail Delivery Office at South East London! I'm in North West London! wtf?! But then again, the stpd postman didn't tick in the box so I don't know if I could collect it. Worst of all, no item number! How the hell are they going to track the item?! I'm just going to call them tomorrow and hopefully it will be sorted out properly and my book will arrive in my hands VERY SOON with the least complications! Can't get the fu*kin' Deja Vu feeling out of me! *ROAR*

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sweets and heats

Internet connection was down yesterday and yes, it was annoying! I didn't know I depended on the Internet so much! Hence, I went to bed at 10pm (for the first time since I got here!) but only fell asleep at 12am. My Internet is's 2am and I am blogging...Hmm.
Just couldn't resist.
Diabetic-cookie (according to Ching and FM)
Because there was no Internet, I did my nails =)
My old heater...gone!
Hello, hottie!
That's the coolest bit! It's got a cover for the controls (like a child-lock function but not that I need it =p)
Need something for my's going straight! Not to mention super dry!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

RAF Museum

This morning I set my alarm for 8am but I woke up 9.15am =p I had an appointment with a lady in the RAF (Royal Air Force) museum. I enquired about a voluntary job in the museum weeks ago so she asked me to come in this morning. This museum is huge (like any other museums here)!
The area plan.
The artistic entrance.
Two of the battleships. Two of the crafts outside the museum.
Rocket launcher?!
The lady did a little tour with me and explain the aircraft and all. She talked about Hitler, the Germany+US+Britain war and the kinds of aircraft used to bomb their enemy etc etc. There was alot of information to digest but it was interesting. Now all I can remember is Lancaster, Spitfire, Mosquito, Helicopters, Hawker and Wings in water. LOL! There were so many aircrafts and helicopters there but I didn't manage to get pictures as I was in a hurry to go to the post office to pick up a parcel my mum sent me. I'll try to get some pictures on my next trip =)
Anyway, I went to the post office and I walked there as I thought it was not that far. It's about 30minutes walk with alot of annoying people (construction/roadside workers) going "Helo. Ni hau?" wtf?! That's not too bad. The most annoying ones are those that horn you suddenly and shout from their winded down window, "Chiang choung charng!". Those are the ones where I REALLY want to stick my middle finger up back at them! Seriously! *Breathe in, breathe out*
The park I passed by on the way to the post office.
Some kind of yellow apple looking fruit.
Inedible?! cherries...
The train from the park.
Colindale station.
Red/Green (So X'masy!)
I got bored =p

Monday, 13 October 2008

Dinner and Colours

Dinner tonight:
Herbal chicken soup noodle =D

I was so excited to take a taste of it and only realized I forgot to take picture until half of it is digesting in my stomach =p Hence, one of the chicken drumstick bone in the small bowl. LOL! I know it's not a pleasing picture but...oh well =p Hope you're not eating while reading this.
Story time...
In this new century, women are more outspoken than before. They strive harder in anyway, from career to personal achievement, even in romance. I remembered when I was still in high school, juniors in our high school really stepped up! Especially the girls. They were the ones doing the courting =S And the typical guys trying to look cool by acting like they don't care. Back then I thought, damn these girls are desperate! Now, I still thought of it that way. To be fair, I know it is a mutual thing but I wouldn't bother making the first move. If he makes the first move, I would know that he was the one who's interested in me more than I was in him.

Materialistic world. I don't know about other people but to me, having accessories, clothes and bags and shoes to match around makes me happy. I read a blog post from a successful millionaire businessman and he was saying that he spends wisely and all that and got to where he is today. He doesn't spend on materialistic things to make him happy. He said, people who needs to spend money to buy things to make themselves happy are living an unfulfilling life. Sorry, but BS?!

If you don't have a XX gene, you've never worn make-up, a dress, carry a Gucci, or strut in a pair of Jimmy Choo, and never had PMS before, do us sisters a it! Most women feel happy shopping and buying things for themselves but it doesn't mean that they are not living a fulfilling life without all those. That is what make us bust our ass to compete with the males to climb up to higher positions. We want to earn more so we could keep buying things. It's call motivation! The kind that you never thought of. Somehow, the society is gender bias in some countries!

I think a woman should be independent. I'm not saying we should extinguish the dudes (because we need them in some way) but we should take the initiative to build our own foundation rather than hanging on to some rich (or not) guy like a parasite. One day he's gonna call you and say, "Please vacate my 5 storey mansion within an hour with all your belongings excluding what I've bought for you because I'm having a guest over". Knowing that he bought everything for you, you will be leaving with just a 20x20 hand carry that's big enough to put all your personal belongings in. Sad. Tragic.

Now, wouldn't it be better if you've got our own career, your own house (just in case you don't feel like hearing his snores), definitely your own sports car (chicks drive hot cars =p), your own build-in wardrobe with endless pieces of apparel, your own bling box with all kinds of coloured accessories enough to match each apparel, watches, shoes, bags and so on? Totally! At least if things won't work out between you two, you always have your belongings to cheer you up =) How can you ever feel depressed in this:

Colours! Love them!

Although I rarely wear some of them but looking at them makes me happy =D Okay I know the picture doesn't look that nice but those looks real nice on a body...seriously! So yea, don't wait for your guy to buy things for you...get it yourself =) New century...guys don't get things for their gfs anymore. To them spending on their games and boy toys comes first. Or they simply lack romance =p Whatever the reason is, don't wait for them to get your might never come!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dinners and Where to draw the line?

Dinner last night:
I wanted to have something spicy =) Tom Yam soup!
With two chicken drumsticks, vege, and rice at the bottom =)
Dinner tonight:
Beef 'mun fan' again =p

I can't help but to write stories again. Bite me! =p
So yea...I was wondering, how much can you trust someone? What is actually trust? Where to draw the line? Well I'm talking about trust in relationships and not other types of trust but if you see the link with other types of trust, good for you! Lol! So yea, where to draw the line? It is so common for people to say 'All you need is to trust him/her', 'Love is about trust', etc. Sometimes you wonder, how much should I trust him?
As much as I would like to trust someone I love, it ain't easy. Definitely not my all! I do try =p but I wouldn't go there. Like I said before in the 'Doubts' post, doubts ARE necessary! Why? It's useful to protect your's like your insurance =) When shit happens you got all your good stuff taken away from you and you feel like you're the unluckiest person in the world, you can count your insurance to bring you back up (that's if you insured enough)! Imagine the devastation if you had trust him 100% and he fooled you in the end? Unimaginable! Something I would not want to go through. Then again, I am not saying you should not trust the one you love but know where to draw the line so you won't hurt yourself...emotionally.
I think another factor to consider is the culture. Asians are typically more reserved. They are somewhat avoidant towards taking pictures that are physically in-contact with another person of the opposite sex. Where else, the Westerners do not see it as a problem. It is considered as a friendly gesture. Again, where to draw the line? Facebook is a online community where anyone can post up pictures of them and their friends. So I did a little research =) Yes, generally Westerners are more comfortable with any kind of pictures taken with their friends compared to Asians (who still somewhat have that 'keep your hands with you and I'll keep mine with me' gesture). To me, neither is wrong!
It very much depends on the principles of the individual...if you think it is a 'friendly gesture' to hold someone by the waist and get your picture taken, that is fine. If you think you are brought up in a culture that doesn't promote that kind of gesture, then don't do it! Then again, if you are ATTACHED to someone...THINK TWICE! That is where the commitment issues of a relationship comes in. Remember? Being in a relationship is about TWO INDIVIDUALS collaborating and accommodating each other to make each other happy. It means you both have your own brains! What you think is fine doesn't mean your partner will think that's fine too! You must have the courtesy to 'investigate' if your partner is comfortable with that kind of thing. Troublesome you say? Too bad, you're committed!
In a way, there is one thing you can't control. Your partner cheating on you. If he wants to cheat, he will cheat. He can come up with all kinds of lame excuses to explain where he's been and all you can do is to trust. Where to draw the line? When he start smelling like he's got a girl's perfume all over him! LOL! I'm kidding =p Well I think you really can't control it. No matter how much you trust him, I'm sure another girl will easily turn him on. Human nature! Don't ask why! So if you're fixing yourself up from a breakup; have you passed by guys and said to yourself, 'Damn, he's hawt! Why am I attached?' when you were still attached? See, your EX is not your all! If he could dump you for another, so can you =)
Your friends and him. Where to draw the line? Some people like sharing their friends with their partner but some don't. Pros and Cons. Sharing is caring you say? If you share your friends, I'm sure you'll trust your girls with him. Wait, are you sure you can? LOL! The question is, in reality are they trust-able? For me, I do trust my girls and I know (not think) they won't do such cheap stuff (yea, that's being cheap!). Here's where culture comes in again. From what I've learnt, no matter how close you are with your BFF who's kinda hot (you are always the hottest, love yourself girl! =p), you just can't trust that b*tch! Honey, don't be naive! My friend has got no idea her bf was humping other girls (who are her friends) behind her back! I have my sources =) How sad! Look at all those trust washed away...wasted! Give those trust to your financial planner =p at the end of the day, you'll end up with Gucci and Prada (and BabyPhat/KLS!) instead of empty tubs of ice-cream on your coffee table!
*I am not putting an disadvantage towards the male community when I used 'him' only and not 'him/her'. It's too long. So, it works both ways but since I'm a female, I'm writing it from a female point of view. No offence!
*BFF=Best Friend Forever
*Managing your finance is very important. Get a financial planner asap! PS: I recommend my mum =p seriously, she's the best! If you're my age and think that talking to my mum is like talking to your mum, you can talk to my brother then =D